Quick Build

  • I understand that Quick Build allows you to configure a hull with its parts according to only the technology levels that you are at.  After the loadout is complete then it will tell you which planets can produce the ship configuration.  That is fantastic!  Perhaps there can be a Quick Build option that first allows you to choose the base at which you want to configure the ship so that it can include the parts from the base or modify the Quick Build in general to collect the parts inventory of all bases and include them as part of the ship configuration so that the end-user will be responsible for configuring a ship that will include parts of a specific base.  You’ll then have to have the program check if the base has not only the MC and metals, but also the parts before displaying it on the build screen.  As it is now, we cannot use the high-tech parts that we start with at the beginning of the game using Quick Build, so it takes an extra turn to build a ship with those parts and turns are extremely valuable.
  • I discovered that the starting ship for the Azcanny Pyramids named “Gander” has a weapon loadout that breaks its own rules.  It is allowed to have 2 @ 40 KT large weapons, but it starts equipped with 6 @ PTT (50 KT).  People on the newsgroup said that they can import the ship using Quick Build, modify it and still have 6 weapons.  I think that you may want to fix the starting ship then either put in some anti-cheat code so that people that have cheated like this get nuked or put in some code to “fix” their ships for them.  Also, people believe that they can create their own QSP file that breaks the ship’s rules, import it then fly around with it.  I’d hate to think that it is possible to have freighters with 30 tachyon guns flying around.

New Distance Tool:

            Would it be possible to create a new tool that will allow you to select a first point, then a second point on the map and it will display the distance between the two?  I can use ships to do this currently, but I don’t always have a ship in the spot where I want to measure from or to.  When you drag a box on the map, the distance is displayed, but this isn’t as precise.  I can grab the coordinates and find the distance through math, but I’m not sure how the game rounds decimals, so I want to make sure that when I want to detonate a minefield that the ship is actually inside the radius.

Laser Mining Drill:

            Does it make sense that if you use a LMD on a planet and there is no ore that there is no shift in HD Stress?  I would think that just by performing the drilling even though there isn’t any ore that you could cause a shift in HD Stress since you are still breaking apart the planet.  If this makes sense to you, could you adjust the device?

Contraband Pending Orders:

            When you choose to buy or sell contraband then click Clear Everything, there is still a pending order for your base for the contraband transaction.  Its details are 0 sold or bought, but it is still there.


            When you have a lot of MC at a base and chose the minister to use Government Centers to transfer 75% of the MC to the central bank, it may show at the base Switches | Government Center screen that it is > 10,000 MC being transferred.  The actual amount that host allows is only 10,000 MC, but the screen shows more and shouldn’t.

Pre-make TRN file check:

            It would be handy to have something to check to see if any ships don't have movement orders, bases that have > x MC and > y supplies that haven't been looked at, bases that have factories set to produce less than the maximum supplies than it can create, no technology levels are being increased, spending more money on government center transfers and technology increments than you have money for, etc. and warn the player when creating a TRN file.

Training Centers:

            I think that the Base | Switches screen should have a slide bar for Training Centers so that you can 'close' a number of them so that you don't have to turn the whole lot off.  I found that I was training more troops than I was growing, so I had to turn all training centers off instead of just trimming back like you can do with Factories.

Base | Stats:

            A line item for taxes from natives and special sources (race specials) on the Base | Stats screen would be helpful on this screen.  I take a look at this to see if I'm making money from my Insectoids, but find that only the colonist taxes are included.

OPT | Make CSV File:

            Can you have this produce a CSV file for pods like you do for ships?

1) Could you see if you can dump the information from the log files (base, ship, wing, etc.) and game messages to a log file or log files?  There is a lot of good information there that I would like to keep around or parse through to get information from.  It would be nice to be able to keep track of Cyborg distress call locations; Insectoid Nest captured colonist base names, etc.

2) I noticed that the OPT | Make CSV File doesn’t have all of the base structures in there.  Would it be possible to put the rest of them in there as well as the status of technology levels?  I’d like to write a script that will parse through them and help offer up decisions on what do to, such as:

1. If you have excess colonists & MC but no Pod Launcher, recommend building one and sending them somewhere.

2If repair units in the base are low and the planet has plenty of duranium and MC and no Ship Repair Shop exists, then recommend building it.

3   If the base has plenty of supply units and MC and no ordnance plant, then recommend building one.

4      If the base has plenty of MC and no government center then recommend building one.

5      If the base has fighters not in a wing and no air attack base then recommend building one.

6   If the base has no base shield and enough neutronium to power one then recommend building one.

With the current output of the CSV I can generate a lot of information, but could do a lot more with all of the information.  I see that Smelters, Factories, Mines, AAA, Training Centers, Cities, Terraformers, Farms, Laser Cannons, Ion Cannons, Raid Shelters, Public Space Ports, Undercities, Scanners, and Race Structures 1 – 4 are in the CSV files and are missing Pod Launch Pad, Military Space Port, Med Lab (is this used at all?), Engine Plant, Fighter Plant, Ship Repair Shop, Weapons Factory, Ordnance Plant, Government Center, Air Attack Base, Base Shield, and Assault Plant.

I'd like it if Wings of mixed fighter types showed their range and max
I'm subbing for someone and it is very confusing trying to figure out
how their Wings work.

1) CSV export for all objects

2) txt export of all logs:

BEGIN log data
BEGIN base log
END base log
BEGIN ship log
END ship log
END log data


Llist the HULL names first, then click them and then you might see
the plans for THAT hull in a little drop down menu, just like you
have it in the win-explorer with directories.

I still hope someday we will be able
to build ships of yet unreached tech levels via quickbuild using in stock
parts (i.e. from Ghips/Amphibs or traded parts)

===========   All Windows in General
----------------------   1.  Commas seperating numbers into hundreds, thousands, millians should be added and all numbers in columns should be right justified so we can get a quicker feel for the values without having to count all the digits.  This is particularly annoying in number heavy windows such as the Planets-Life, and Ship-Transporter.   Quick Build
-----------   1.  The "Quick Build" window needs to allow access to the parts and hull "specs" so I can get the equipment details while I am designing the ship plans.   2.  As it is right now, I can select a ship and it will show me all the bases where that ship can be built.  I would like to be able to "drive" the quick build window on a per-base option rather than a per-ship option.  That is, I would like to click on a base and find out what ships I can build there.  Having a switch to allow both options would be nice.   Data Grid
---------   1.  The Data Grid should retain it's setting so that if you close it, then re-open it, you will not have lost your settings data.   2.  There should be a "refresh" button on the Data Grid which will bring in newely collected data.  This will allow you to rename ships with the grid up and then "refresh" to get the new ship names (or logs entries or whatever) onto the grid.   Flags
-----   1.  I would like to see more flag colors.  Three is just not enough for me.   2.  I would like to see more power given to setting the flags.  It would be nice to have some programmed type of command that can be selected to automatically flag all items.  For example, a button to flag; all planets with climate in farming range with the green flag;  all planets with contraban in yellow;  all bases of race 12 in red (exactly which bases belong to the assimilating Borg?); all ships with damage in red (Where are those ships which were damaged by spy attacks?)...;   Even better, only flag those objects that have been "selected" with a mouse drag.  Then I can drag a box around a group of planets and flag all the farmable planets in green, and the contraban planets in yellow, etc.   3.  A feature to remove all of a color flag from a particular object.  (Now that those damaged ships are repaired, remove the red flags...)   Coordinate Locator
------------------   1.  We need a way to position a "point in space" or at least position the cursor onto a coordinate.  Many times I get messages about a coordinate without any other reference and I have to navigate around the map to learn where that point is.  For example, "POW Riots because prisoners are being held at xxxx, yyyy" and "Ship hit a Minefield at xxxx, yyyy".  I want to be able to get to that location without hunting.  Give me a way to type in xxxx, yyyy and navigate to that location without the hunt and peck method.   ---------
HQ Window
---------   Tech Development
----------------   1. The HQ "Tech" window should have the math showing the GC spent on tech, spy and exotic tech just like the HQ "Exotic Tech" window does.  And it if it is going to show "amount spent" and "amount in bank", is should show "amount remaining"   2*.  Money moved to/from the Galactic Bank via the ship devices Galactic Bank and Galactic Draw or plant structures such as Tech Institute are not reflected on the Tech "Total Transfer" number.   Exotic Tech
----------------   1.  A new exotic tech "High Tech Spy Gadgets" to increase the accumulation rate of Spy Mana.   2.  A new exotic tech "Commando Training" to increase the strength of Troop and Highguard units.   Spy vs Spy
----------   1.  A new Spy operation "Infultrate Science Labs" should be able to gather information about what exotic tech is currently being used by the target enemy (not steel the tech itself - but at least inform as to what tech is being used).  Find out if your enemy has improved sand caster before you go in with your carriers.  Find out if you need to put up more lazer mines because your enemy has stealth fighters...   2.  A new Spy operation "Homeland Security" to block incoming spy attempts.  These are operations to route out double agents, remove bugging devices and extinguish sleeper cells.  The results will be to drain the spy mana from another race; maybe double the cost of spy attacks against you.   3.  A new Spy operation to "Rescue Prisoners".  This would perhaps destroy Labor Camps, start prisoner riots, and produce more of the bad things that prisoners sometimes do to their captors.  If you add this feature then I would recommend that the general occurance of naturally occuring prison problems be lessened and only made worse if this spy operation is being used.   Ministers
------------------   1.  A minister function to "Launch Pod of Fuel to Shipyard Base" is needed.  I know that there is a function to "Launch Pod of Fuel to Anvil" but I don't want to have to select all my shipyard bases as Anvil one at a time to get this done.   2.  Central Bank ministers should be able to edit the numbers in the same way that some of the Pod ministers do.  Rather then "Send 25% of all money to central bank" the 25% should be editable.  Rather then "If more than 1000 mc send 50% to central bank", it should be editable.  In fact, this would recduce the Bank Ministers down to ONE command "If more than <EditNumber1> mc send <EditNumber2> to central bank>"   3.  Minister of History:   We need a way to delete "old" contact data.  Make this based on item types (such as Unknown, minefields, ships, bases) and age of data.  This will allow me to delete all old unknown contacts over 3 turns old or all old minefields that are over 10 turns old.   4*.  When I am deleting "old contacts" using the space command window, I am only allowed to delete two of them before the Space Command Screen list flips back to the "first page" (the first 8 items shown).  So If I have 80 items in my Space Command Screen, and the last 10 items are Old Data which I want to delete.  I have to "down arrow" ten times, then select an old item and delete it, select a second old item and delete it - then the Space Command Screen flips back to the first 8 items and I have to "down arrow" ten times again.  
Planets - Overview
------------------   1*. Labor Camps show future production of supplies even when turned off.   2*. When you turn the Government Center on and off from the Overveiw screen, the message on the left side of the screen "Transfer $###" does not change.  You have to flip to another window and then back again to get the Transfer message to update.   3*.  On the planet overview screen, the Stormer's Undercity button does not have the "forbidden" red lined circle next to it.   4*.  The new farming limit is not reflected in the future income and future food production.  If there are 100 Farms but only enough colonist to run 50, the income still shows +100 and the food still shows +100.   Planets - Life Window
---------------------   1.  I want to see the CHANGE in population and happyness since last turn.  That way I spot trends better, I can shut off my smelters, stop selling contraban, get my Hisser unit hissing or other actions if I see the happyness start a falling trend or turn off my space ports if natives begin leaving.   Planets - Pod Window
---------------------   1*.  The Cloning Pod button does not count correctly.  It reads "Launch 1" when in fact I have set up the original pod (count 1) and cloned an additional pod (count 2) so there are 2 launches.   Planets - Structure Window
--------------------------   1. The max number of cities that can be filled with the current population should be shown on the planet "Structures" window (just like the way the Farms show the max based on the soil).  The same for factories, undercity, mines and tech institutes and anything that has a max use based on population.   2.  The max number of Farms that can be run based on the population should also be showing as a limit.   3. We need a button on this window which brings up the specific structures switch details.  By this I mean that it should do what the "Switches" window does.  I don't want to have to move over to the Switches window to set the production level of my factories or build fighter wings.  Add a button to the Structures window called "Set Levels".  Then you can control all the structure stuff from the Structure window.  At this point you could even remove the Switches window completely.   Ship - Devices
--------------   1.  The ship devices window needs to have a link to the Help info on the devices.  I want to be able to click on a device and get the description of how the device works.  There are lots of devices and I shouldn't be required to memorize all the detail of their functions.  What was the range for the Contraban Lockdown again?  What is the range for the Gravity Well?  How much fuel does the Transport Inhibitor consume?  Stuff like that.   2.  Also, some calculation data could be provided.  For example, if I turn on the "Fighter 1 Factory", then a simple calculation can be done and it will tell me how many fighters will be made next turn based on the credits currently loaded, Alchamy can let me know about how much minerals to expect produced, etc.   3.  The Alchamy Controls which will cause the ship to build only one type of material should be moved to the Device screen.   4.  If you want to go the distance with devices, then add some switches that will add some control to the devices.  I know that each device would need different controls but it would be a great help.  It would be nice if I could turn on Figher 1 Factory and Fighter 2 Factory at the same time and then be able to set how many of each I want to build (hence configuring a wing the way I want it).  This will reduce the need for command codes.  Alchamy can have a switch for "Beam Down Metals Produced" or "Produce only this mineral" and such.   Ship - Transporter Window
-------------------------   1.  The transporter window should have a button for beaming up or down "all" of the item selected in one press.   2.  Add a "Persistent" button next to each item that can be transported.  Then you can set your ship to beam up and down anything you want each turn without those silly command codes.  This will allow much more flexibility such as beam up Duranium and beam down Fuel for a fuel processor ship or beam up Food and down Supplies for a food-to-supply converting ship each turn.   3.  If we need to keep the Beam Up and Beam Down command codes - at least get the codes consistant.  Why does BUF mean "Beam Up Neutronium"?  Shouldn't it be BUN!  Maybe it is supposed to mean "Beam Up Fuel" or "Beam Up Fluid" but why isn't it the same as all the other metals and stuff.  Shouldn't "Beam Up Food" be BUF and not BUG!  What is BUG?  Beam up Grub?  Beam Up Groceries?  What's up with that? F is for Food, N is for Neutronium, there is no G.   Note:  It seems as if this is fixed in the game but not in the documentation.  The web site still claims the BDG code is for Beam Down Groceries but in the games I am currently playing if I use BDF is beams down food.  I still say that a Persistent button should be added and all the BU and BD codes retired.   Ships - Data
-------------   1*.  The Power Output number on the Weapon's Data window only shows the output of the engines.  It does not take into account the Generator power.   Ships - Logs/Battles
--------------------   1.  I would like to see more information regarding combat provided.  When I watch a VCR, I want a source that I can go to in order to find out WHY my ship did not fire.  Was my ship out of ords?  Did the enemy have exotic tech jammers?  Did the ship have system damage?  Were the crew killed by a boarding attempt?  As it is now, my ship becomes wreckage and the only way for me to tell if I forgot to load enough ords is to reload the previous turn.   2.  After a battle, I should be able to tell what exotic tech the enemy was using against me.   3.  I also want the battle report to tell me if or when my Energy Mines start destroying the enemy's repair units or how many Ord units were destroyed by the Force Beam.   4.  One way to fix this would be to have a Log on wreckage.  The log can be in the form of a distress call:  "We are out of ords; our boarding party failed; we are being hit by a boarding lazer." etc.  If the ship was destroyed enough so that there was not even any wreckage, then we can say that the ship was unable to get an emergency subspace message out before it blew.   5.  Need more information when a ship hits a minefield.  What were the coordinates of the hit?  All i get is a message that says "Red Alert! Shields Up!"   Ships - Pod Window
------------------   1.  No pod should not have an INFINATE capacity.  Ok - so you want to pack lots of battle-bots into the dust off pod.  No problem.  Battle-bots fold up and hang on a rack like so many suits in a closet (you all have seen the movie - right?).  So allow them to pack into a dust-off pod at x10 just like carbon freezing allows colonists to get into a life pod at x4.  Only allow this ratio if there is a Dust-off device, not just with any assault pod loadup.   Space Command Screen/Data Logs
------------------------------   1*.  If I press one of the filter buttons (such as "wing") then only object of that type appear.  Now how do I get ALL the objects to appear again?  There is no "reset" or "all" button.   2*.  Select a base in the Command Window and then press the Log button.  I can't read all the log data.  It is too much and it overflows off the bottom of the log window.  The last item I can read is the "Fighter Plant" count.  I can't read the Ship Repair Plant, Weapons Factory and Ordinance Plant because they are down off of the window.  Then the Government Center is back up at the top in the second column.  This might be a function of the font size I am using - but the game should accomodate this.   3*.  The font in the Log window buttons is too big.  I can't read the words.  "Structures", "Contraban" and such do not fit on the buttons.  This might be a function of the font size I am using - but the game should accomodate this.   4*.  Right mouse around a point in space does not bring it up as a anvil in the space control window.   Fleet Window
------------------------------   1.  I would like to be able to set the fleet speed to match the slowest ship in the fleet.  Currently the "Match Speed" button sets all ships to the speed of the flag ship.  I want a "Max Fleet Speed" button to set ships to the fastest they can go and still be in a fleet without leaving any ship behind (the fastest speed of the slowest ship).   Resource Rings
------------------------------   1.  I would like to see a selection for DELTA Stress - A handy items for Crystals to use.   2.  The resource ring for climate should be based on the races favorite climate.  If the planet is within the race's farming range, the ring should be green - the closer to the favorite climate, the bigger the ring.  If the plant is outside the race's farming, the ring should be red - the further out - the bigger the ring.   3.  A ring selection for "All Native", "All Contraban" or "All Minerals" would be nice.  Right now, if I am looking for Contraban rich planets, I have to peck at each and every contraban button.   ==========
==========   1.  When I select a custom map, show me what it looks like on that window. Or if you can't do that, then at least place the "Select a Map" window directly before the "Select Locations" window which does show me what the map looks like.  That way I can go back and forth until I find the map I like.   2.  Place all the Exit, Back and Next buttons on the same location on each window so that I can select Back, Back, Back with the mouse without having to hunt around.   3.  Allow scripting abilities from a user interface in master.  Give the user the ability to set up the universe placing ships, minefields, planets, bases and all their properties as desired.   ==========
==========   1.  There should be an option for making an automatic backup of the trn files (or whatever needs to be saved) before running.  That way when host crashes (not that it ever would) the turn can be recalled.

1) Training centers (not sure if this is old or not):  An on off switch for colos to crew and a on/off for crew to troops. Also an estimator tool in the display that says or indicates that you will train such and such troops crew and etc based on the current numbers youve got in the base and govt center...

2) A bombardment mission or pod to destroy a planet. An assault pod filled with ord and ship must spend the turn at the world (no fly bys). Maybe a command code like BOM on the dropping ship.  Instead of a pod, a fleet with share ord set and at least 100k ord and the command code.  Drop 100k and presto asteroid belt. Cost is 20,000 MC (supply and ord cost).  In this way every race could destroy a planet or two without a superweapon, just more time consuming, expensive and risky.

Would you please consider adding buttons on the Ministers | Contraband to sell each type individually?  As a Robot, I found that I would want to sell everything but Kerria Crystals and couldn’t use this function since only “sell all” was available.

Perhaps also a function to pod all contraband to hammer if within xxx LY would be nice

More important than auto pilot is a way to build  and manage big fleets of
very similar ships.

Problem is:

To fight fighters without energized Sand Casters (which are too expensive in
most games) you need lots of cheap ships with good attack/evase boni and a
decent number of point defense weapons.

This number can easily reach several hundrets of them.

These hundrets of Lokis/Inamoratas etc all need 2 HG to be immune to ship
sabotage missions. Additionally they usually need more fuel that the
starting 31kt.

We do have the groups function in the client right now and that was a great
improvement - thanks Tim!

The groups function is buggy and not complete:
Problems are:
a) No way to delete ships from a big group (remove button not working)
b) Sometimes groups delte themselves. ..
c) Groups always delete themselves when you use the mine sweeping buttons.
d) When you order the group to all set transfer target to the base below the
ships set their transfertargets to a lot of different bases.
e) No way to delete a group, except to delete the file in windows.
f) .... I probably missed some...

Further improvements would be:
a) More than 12 groups.
b) Possibility to only have the group displayed in the hammer/anvil
window. - Simply add a button: 'Show ships in groups' or something like
that. By 'editiing' a group (just like you 'Edit' ships) you would get the
screen for one ship and then somewhere the possibility to copy these
settings to all ships in the group.
c) Possibility to automatically put newly build ships into groups. In QB
have a button: put into group X. Where X is the number of the group.
Hopefully more than 12 is possible.

Other things:
a) Remove ship ship building at bases - only use QB.
Make QB allow to build any ship (no matter the tech levels). Ships are not
built, if the tech level is not reach OR some items are not alvailable at
the base. (And, of course, if there are not enough ressources).
b) Items that are available do not 'cost' in QB. Means: The cost that QB
uses is also determined by the number of available items.
c) Bug with minister 'sell all contraband' button. It does not always work
if a base has less than 1M colonists.

Allow a switch to be set on the Minelaying screen to lay a mine at a certain waypoint (1 through 6).  For example, set minelay at waypoint 3, so waypoint 1 picks up ordnance, waypoint 2 avoids a fleet of ships at waypoint 3 a minefield is laid and then it travels to waypoint 4 were it is back in friendly territory.

Allow a switch to be set on the Nav screen for ships that will cause the ship to immediate begin its trek to the next waypoint after a transport or intercept has occurred.  For example a ship is trying to transport with another ship, so it intercepts it, performs the transport then immediately begins moving to the next waypoint instead of having to continue traveling to its set waypoint that was used to attempt to get close enough to the transport target.

Allow bases to transport items to other bases (allies) on the same planet and ships.  Consider allowing bases to transport parts onto outfit pods that are in orbit.

Concerning  the Client (mainly just suggestions - except the first):

a) Have the impending orders of a base, which did not get executed that
turn, displayed in the impending orders menue of that base. Currently
that is not the case. - AS it is host remembers unfulfilled  (most)
pending orders, the client does not and therefore you can also not
delete these orders.

b) Make group menues for fighter wings and bases.
The group wings command:
1) escort base they are over.
2) clone commands of group leader. Well you do not really need such a
leader, only a wing whos attack ettings you can clone.
3) autointercept xx lys - do not change or delete escort target if
4) clear all commands for wings

group commands for bases:
Well most can be done through the right minister options, if they are
Basically these groups are only there to categorize the bases into, ie.
farming bases, military bases, shipyard bases, mining bases,
annoying-pirates-cove-bases - I guess everybody got the idea. Maybe
with a caption for each group, so that you always know which category
of bases you have now selected.

1) Import function for data grid. (rest is not so important)

The numbers of these groups should be variable, meaning no real upper
limit, eventhough one hundred should be sufficient. For bases probably
even less.

c) Make it possible to assign Minister commands to just one group of

d) Very often many bases have the same layout of structures present,
except for the number of farms present.
Add a Minister button, that gives orders to all bases of that
given group, so that the layout matches the anvil/hammer

e)  Make a clone button for fighter wings - so that it can  either
clone an existing wing, ie. the wing, which is currently set as
anvil/hammer, and/or clones like pods are cloned.
This button should be only present when an Airbase is present.

Central Command.
Click on the word brings up the Tech progression like F5, but relative
to that tech (a tech summary)
Beside the ON/OFF buttons, put a percentage of potential success rate
for that mission.
Put a projection of potential happiness change based on tax rate vs
Their should be an undo button for Sell all contra like "Undo Contra
Sell All"
Build Farms (if climate supports AND if sufficient workers present).
Ensure [x] factories are present on all planets
Ensure [x] mines are present on all planets (if sufficient workers present)
Ensure [x] [y] structures are built on all planets (if requisites are met)
  where [x] is the amount and [y] is a drop down selectable structure
Change "All ship scanners on long range" to
"Set [z] Scanners to [y] range"
(where [y] is a drop down box listing Long to Passive
[z] = Define ship hull type as Warship/Non-Warship or All)
Then remove obsolete All ship scanners off
Change "All ships with weapons attack" to more global statement
"Set [z] to [attack mode]"
([z] = Define ship hull type as Warship/Non-Warship or All)
Include new Global Command Code Button
"Set [CC#] to [z]"
(where CC# is command code 1/2/3
[z] = Define ship hull type as Warship/Non-Warship or All)
Remove "All minesweepers on" & "All minesweepers off" to
"All minesweepers [toggle "on/off"]
reduces the amount of buttons...
Remove "set all ships as view on" & "set all ships as view off" (ignore) to
"Set [z] ships as View [toggle "on/off"]"
[z] = Define ship hull type as Warship/Non-Warship or All)
Include new button
"Set [z] to intercept [y] to a range of [x] light years and set engine
speed to same."
[z] = Define ship hull type as Warship/Non-Warship or All
[y] = Define Auto Intercept as Pods/Wings or Ships or Both
[x] = is a numerical value
more variables needed.
Change "Send 25% of all money to central bank" to
"Send [x]% of all money to central bank"
where [x] is a numerical value
Remove "Send 50% of all money to central bank"
Remove "Send 75% of all money to central bank"
Remove "Send 100% of all money to central bank"
Change "If more than 1000mc send 50% to central bank" to
"If more than [x]mc send [x]% to central bank"
where [x] is a numerical value
Remove  "If more than 500mc send 75% to central bank"
Remove  "If more than 3000mc send 25% to central bank"
New button "Undock all wings from carriers"
New button
"Set [z] to intercept to a range of [x] light years and set engine speed
to same."
[z] = Define fighter type [1,2 or 3]
[x] = is a numerical value
In fleet orders there is a need to have
"Match command codes" included...

Would it be possible (or is it already available) to add an option to
assign a color to each player within the Planets client?  So that, at a
glance, you can see which objects belong to which players?

I am not sure if it is possible but could you allow Minefields to be selected in the 'Groups of Ships' Screen so you can issue commands to set groups of minefields. This way we can set a group of minefields to turn off selectivly without going to each minefield seperatly or turning them all on/off.. If we could group them into groups then we could set up groups that we could turn off/on/cloak/destruct all at once rather than going through what might be hundreds of individual minefields.

Tim, could you please do the following tweak:
When replacing weapons, replace the lowest tech ones first.

New: Would be great to have groups (or fleets) displayed as single
object in space command.

Would you consider putting in a function for the entire empire’s pending orders instead of just on a per-base basis?  If you could also add in any Minister actions into this list it would be helpful to see and modify if necessary.  I imagine it look have something like Base Name, Base ID, Pending Order and possibly an M next to it for Minister actions.  You should be able to sort the list by base ID or by Pending Order name.  You should be able to select an order, jump to the base (with a hammer possibly) to make adjustments or delete the order entirely.

Can you put in a message when a minefield loses its power?  This can either happen over the course of time or from enemy ships passing through it.

It is not obvious when a ship or base has a note on it when working from the ship or base screens.  Would you please consider adding a simple color splash on the ship and base screens to show that a note exists on it and possibly allow that splash to launch the note window?  Thanks!

Exotic Techs

Increase the power generated by engines.

Increase the power generated by power generators.

Add an additional full weapon recharge in combat

Some ideas for new exotic techs:

  • Increase wing range & speed
  • Increase base ship speed
  • Increase combat ratings for colonists, crew, troops, and high guard
  • Enlarge farmable climate range.
  • Increase food production of farms.
  • Increase supply production of factories.
  • Increase crew, troop and high guard training rate.
  • Allow the first x repair to be produced for free.

Some ideas for bases:

  • Allow mineral mines to be set to mine only a specific mineral or set of minerals.  You may get a little of the others, but you are focused on certain type(s).
  • Allow the Base | Ship building area to build parts at the same time like Quick Build does.
  • Allow the recycling of parts like there is for ships to recoup the metals, not the money.
  • On the Switches tab with Insectoid Nest selected, show the number of Insectoids at the base, the amount of tritanium at the base, the number of robots that will be produced, the amount of unmined neutronium in the planet, and the amount of yield (like on the Mineral Mines screen).
  • On the Switches tab with the Gun Zero! selected, show the amount of ordnance at the base, the amount that will be used per shot, and the number of colonists required to run the Gun Zero!.
  • On the Switches tab with the Hyper Lathe selected, show the amount of HD Stress of the planet, the number of hyper lathes, number of supplies, food, cash, and metals that will be produced from the available stress.

Some ideas for pods:

  • Allow them to intercept a target.
  • Allow races with cloaking devices to have cloaked pods, but the pods move slower or have a shorter life span.

Some ideas for starting homeworlds:

  • Set the starting factory production amount to 10,000 instead of 100 like it is now.

Some ideas for enterprise management:

  • Allow bases and ships to be assigned to “regions”.  There should be from 10 to 30 different regions possible.
  • Allow each region to have a different tax setting.
  • Allow ministers to function only on a specific region.
  • Have an option to draw different color borders around each region on the galactic map.
  • Have “auto pilot” only affect the region that it is assigned.
  • Add a map object display filter for regions.
  • Add the ability to sort by region in the Data Grid.

C Shortcut Key for Pods also

How about uniformity issues in the interface? (such as clicking on the button or "LED" to toggle items in some screens and only on the button in others).

As I opened a new RST and clicked around - lots of mousework - it
occurred to me:

Wouldn't it be simpler if the Datapads (for planets etc you've just
scanned) and Pod overview screens were the same format as the Ship, Wing
and Base ones? That way you wouldn't need the extra mouseclick to
re-maximise Base Overview screens etc when youhave clicked onto
something else and back to a base.

Also, you'd be able to show much more data than in the tiny datapad
screens - which you need to do more clicking on because minerals,
natives etc are on separate sub-screens.

Also, it would give a more uniform feel to the GUI.