3rd Party Version 4 files

Diplomat combat simulation utility for VGA Planets version 4
Diplomat is basically a script generator. The scripts can be used to Master a new universe with all units in the same location, whereupon they fight. Since the combat is resolved by the real Host.exe program, and viewed with the normal VCR program, the results should be true to life.


VidiVici uses the CSV files exported by Planets4 in order to present the user with a customizable viewing interface.

VGAP4 Mapper Display, Edit and print maps

MapCheck A simple command line program that tests your map files for errors

ScriptZ0r ScriptZ0r is a tool for VGA Planets 4, that allows you to create your own scenarios in the form of script files. Edit almost any aspect of a game right down to the smallest detail with this tool. Create ships, bases, planets, pods, fighter wings, minefields, and more. Start as many games of Planets as you would like using your generated scenarios, and see how your universe plays out with real players.

Star View Java based map view tool.

Rick's World
Rick Hawkes web site. Rick has programmed a Map Editor, Script Creator, Race/Ship Viewer and a Game Data Viewer

PHCC Host Control Center/32 Hosting Program

Ship Calculator
for VGA-Planets 4

  • Calculate the whole cost of your fleet
  • export ships to planets using qsp-files (Quick Ship Builder)
  • ship, race, ground units and fighter viewer
  • colonist tax calculator
  • native join rate calculator
  • map viewer (comming in next release)

Replacement Mail Grab tool. Grabs TRN from pop3 mail servers.