Third Party Races

Standard Races


To install a new race file run the downloaded EXE file to extract the compressed RCE file and place the RCE file in your planets 4 \races\ directory.

To install a new ship pack file run the downloaded EXE file to extract the compressed SPK file and place the SPK file in your planets 4 \ships\ directory

HOST.EXE PLANETS4.EXE and MASTER.EXE all use both race and ship packs every time they run.


3rd Party races

The People's Army
Designed By: Martin Alan Pedersen

Download: The People's Army (1.7meg)
Race Pack 801 Version 101 / Ship Pack 801 Version 101
Release Date: March 18th, 2000

The University Alliance

Designed By Scott O

Download: The University Alliance Release 2e (512k)
Race Pack 802 Version 102e / Ship Pack 802 Version 102e

If you see a file named RC802v2.RCE in your races folder DELETE it

Ship Hulls 434 to 441

The Scavenger Tribes

Designed By Christian Jadot

The Scavenger Home Page

Download: The scavenger tribes (901k)
Race Pack 803 Version 101c / Ship Pack 803 Version 101c
Updated: May 28th 2001

The Holy Draconian Empire

Draconians project members are:
Darcy Barroby (graphics)
Ralph G Hart (graphics)
Ryo Nakamura (concept, design and storyline)
Anthony Thane (graphics).

The Den Of The Draconian (Home Page)

Download: The Draconians (1108 K)
Race Pack 804 Version 101 / Ship Pack 804 Version 101 / Revision 1b
Release Date: Nov 19th 2008

The United Enforcement Authority

Greg Bahr (Stats)
Christian Jabot (graphics)

The Enforcer Home Page

Download: The Enforcers (635 K)
Race Pack 805 Version 101a / Ship Pack 805 Version 101 / revision 1
Release Date: Nov 14th 2003

The Reunited Coalition of Systems

Christian M Jadot

Download: The Coalition (981 K)
Race Pack 806 Version 101e / Ship Pack 806 Version 101e

Ship Hulls 516 to 525

June 15th 2004


The Commonwealth of Mivorari

Chris Doolaege

Mivorari Home Page

Race Pack 807 Revision 1 / Ship Pack 807 Revision 1

Ship Hulls 536 to 551
Never released, race on hold

Power Rating ???

Aczanny Pyramids

Sergey Ivanov

Aczanny Pyramids Home Page

Download: The Aczanny (865 K)
Race Pack 808d Revison 2 / Ship Pack 808d Revision 2

Ship hulls 600 to 620

The Centaurs

Rudolph Doyer

The Centaurs homepage

Download: The Centaurs (626 K)
Race Pack 810 Version 102 / Ship Pack 810 Version 102
Revision 1

Aug 27th, 2007

Ship Hulls 501 to 515

The Solorian Unity

Scott Oetke
Christian Jadot
David Ouimet
Greg Bahr

The Solorian homepage

Download: The Solorian (735 K)
Race Pack 811 Version 101 / Revision 2 / Ship Pack 811 Version 101

Ship Hulls 526 to 535
Nov 14th, 2003

Still in progress:
Arborian Assembly
HIS Divine Protectorate
Wolf Radiers
The Venshad Superiority
The Independent Scientists Alliance (ISA)
Childern of the Apocalypse