Standard Races

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Solar Federation Race pack race101.rce
Requires ship packs: s101.spk and s102.spk

The Lizards Race pack race102.rce
Requires ship packs: s101.spk, s102.spk and s105.spk

The Birdmen Race pack race103.rce
Requires ship packs: s102.spk and s107.spk

The Stormers Race pack race104.rce
Requires ship packs: s102.spk and s104.spk

The Privateers Race pack race105.rce
Requires ship packs: s109.spk, s101.spk s101.spk and s107.spk

The Cyborg Race pack race106.rce
Requires ship packs: s102.spk and s103.spk

The Crystals Race pack race107.rce
Requires ship pack: s106.spk

The Evil Empire Race pack race108.rce
Requires ship pack: s108.spk

The Robotic Imperium Race pack race109.rce
Requires ship pack: s110.spk and s102.spk

The Rebels Race pack race110.rce
Requires ship pack: s112.spk

The Colonies Of Man Race pack race111.rce
Requires ship pack: s111.spk


Race Packs:

The Solar Federation
race101.rce Download race101.exe 105k
Oct 18th 2000 (Version 101c) (RACE101.RCE)
June 9th 2001 Download: The Freighter update (286k)
Ship Pack 102 Version 101a

The Lizards
race102b.rce Download race102b.exe 352k
Sept 10th 2000 (Version 101b) (RACE102.RCE)

The Birdmen
race103a.rce Download race103a.exe 598k
May 27th 2001 (Version 101a) (RACE103.RCE)
May 22nd 2000 (Version 101a) (S107.SPK)

The Stormers
race104.rce Download race104c.exe 425k
Oct 18th 2000 (Version 101c) (RACE104.RCE)

The Privateers
race105.rce Download race105.exe 485k
July 25th, 2001 (Version 101) (RACE105.RCE)
(Version 101) (S109.SPK)

The Cyborg
race106.rce Download race106d.exe 343k
Oct 17th 2000 (Version 101e) (RACE106.RCE)

The Crystals
race107a.rce Download race107a.exe 816k
May 28th, 2001 (Version 101a) (RACE107.RCE)
Sept 19th, 2000 (Version 101a) (S106.SPK)

The Evil Empire
race108.rce Download race108.exe 1267k
May 13th 2001 (Version 101a)

The Robotic Imperium
race109.rce Download race109.exe 895k

The Rebels
Download race110.exe 959k
Released June 20th 2002 (Version 101)

The Colonies Of Man
race111.rce Download race111a.exe 921k
Released March 28th 2002 (Version 101)

To install a new race file run the downloaded EXE file to extract the compressed RCE file and place the RCE file in your planets 4 \races\ directory.

To install a new ship pack file run the downloaded EXE file to extract the compressed SPK file and place the SPK file in your planets 4 \ships\ directory

HOST.EXE PLANETS4.EXE and MASTER.EXE all use both race and ship packs every time they run.