For $30 You can get your version 4 reg code that is good for the current version of Planets 4 and all future updates of Planets 4.


Buy Planets 4 Reg Code


If you have any problems with the above PayPal link you can still buy a reg code by sending $30 to using PayPal.


When you place your order for a Planets Version 4 reg code you will be emailed a reg code. This might take a few
hours or 1 or 2 days if I am away from my computer. The code that I will send you will turn a copy of the shareware version into a registered version. This code is yours to use from now on. Be careful that you do not let other people see your reg code, because if you ever end up in a game with another person on another computer using your reg code your turn files will be rejected by host, so guard your reg code well.

To enter your reg code into planets4.exe:
Start the program, click the register icon on the toolbar, on the screen that pops up click the register button. You will see 6 boxes, place your reg code into the boxes. You have the option to enter your name email address and city on the lines under the reg code, this information will be sent to the host every turn and will be logged in a host side log file for the host to see. Other players will not see this information.

Watch this web site ( ) for the latest updates to Planets 4.

Tim Wisseman

You can also send your check or money order to Tim at:

Tim Wisseman
4844 E Santa Ana Ave
Fresno, CA 93726