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What Is
 Planets 4?

Planets 4 (VGAP4) is a competitive, multiplayer Email game of Space Warfare. Each player controls one empire in a galaxy. As in other Space war games, players explore the area around them, gather or develop resources, research technologies, build infrastructure and create space and ground combat units to defeat their neighbors. Learn More


March 19th, 2010
Shareware Package  24
(All the files in one install file)

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March Nov 19th, 2008
Draconians Update Revision 1b

April 3rd, 2008
New Planets4.exe (Version 4.000.065)

April 1st, 2008
New Host (Version 4.000.213)   

Shareware Package  23
(All the files in one install file)


Who Wrote
 Planets 4

Tim Wisseman
4844 E Santa Ana Ave
Fresno, CA 93726

For questions or comments about Planets 4 or this web site send email to:
(Tim Wisseman)

Most Artwork was done by
Kenneth Wisseman
using Lightwave


Basic Rules Of The Universe
If you are new to planets 4 it is best to read about the basic rules of the universe to find out how most things generally work.


A yahoo newsgroup for all things VGA Planets


VGA Planets 4 WIKI

A place where the players of Planets 4 document what is going on

A Beginner's guide to playing VGAP4
The battle manual that will quickly get you up to speed as to what it takes to win the game.

VGAP4 International
A great site for game information.

Links To Other Planets 4 Places
There are many Planets 4 sites on the web that host games and       provide more information on the game

News Group    
The UseNet news group is a great source of information on how to play the game and news about new games starting.

The Planets 4 Internet Museum contains many wonderful works of art depicting many of the space craft, ground units and creatures in the Planets 4 universe. These pictures where made by Kenneth Wisseman. People running Planets 4 web sites are welcome to use these pictures, or parts of the pictures on their own web site.

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