April 3rd, 2008


What is new in Planets 4.exe Version 4.000.065

Fixed: A Lizard player's captured prisoner count will not decrease while using the client.

Fixed: After podding Life Pods from a base, closing the Planets4 Client then reopening it, the population display would be
incorrect. That is now fixed and it will accurately display the adjusted population.

Fixed: An issue where a D or E appears in a planet name would cause a variable overflow when the string is converted into a numeric value since 256D11 denotes 256^11, which is a very large number and 10E1000 is large as well.

Fixed: Base / Parts: Display of names of wings/mechs changed to be more visible according to their length.

Fixed: Base Overview & Stats: King's Palace and Metal Exchange would display the cash adjustment even when these structures didn't exist at the base.

Fixed: Base Overview: Cleaned up the "Bad incoming planet DATA!" on some bases.

Fixed: Base Reserves screen Neutronium Ore slider bar wouldn't change when the numeric value entered would change.

Fixed: Centaur Marketplace income corrected.

Fixed: Centaur Racetrack shows correct cash gain. It was using natives for its calculation instead of colonists.

Fixed: Consistency established for "systems" / "control systems".

Fixed: Disable Gravs button on ship overview screen will disable Nova Barbitics.

Fixed: FIG toolbar button will bring up a window with the latest HConfig options listed.

Fixed: Generators of tech levels 6 through 10 will now show their power output on the Ship / Data / Weapons page.

Fixed: Groups / Ship & Wing - Nav - Relative XY fixed so that it doesn't create waypoints 2 through 6 if the selected ship/wing doesn't have those waypoints.

Fixed: Groups: "Remove" button will now appear regardless of what screen of objects you are listing for your group. Previously, the problem here was that you would have an object selected, but be on a different screen in the group and wouldn't have a Remove button.

Fixed: Groups: Misc - Match Fleet: This will no longer change the Fleet Leader/Escort Target settings unless you attempt to escort yourself.

Fixed: Groups: Misc - New Name: Previously if you didn't use the # or #r then a blank name was generated. This has been fixed.

Fixed: Hitting Display All on Map Filters page would not turn on the last 2 options.

Fixed: HQ: Spy - The amount of funds to put into spy spending corrected and the arrow buttons work properly now. The projected amount is correct now.

Fixed: Hyper ships disabling gravitonic minefields would sometimes cause the minefield to become unmanageable.

Fixed: In the data grid, viewing base resources, a heading for Repair was actually listing Food.

Fixed: Issue with Robotic Barbitics showing up as Nova.

Fixed: Labor Camps should show correct cash and supply gains.

Fixed: Med Units Transfer will no longer be enabled when launching a resupply pod.

Fixed: Metal Exchange output fixed to match new host code.

Fixed: Ministers / Bases - Building single-item buildings such as Pod Launch Pad, Base Shield, etc wasn't working correctly.

Fixed: Ministers: Base - The 2nd configurable option to build at least x of a given building was using the wrong configured values.

Using Edit to change them will now work properly.

Fixed: Ministers: Ship - "All ships with weapons attack" will change the attack status when there is any super, large, or small weapon on board. Previously, it would only change status when the first small weapon or first large weapon slot was filled.

Fixed: Ministers: Ship - Minesweeper on/off status bar will only reflect how many minesweepers actually changed status; not how many ships with minesweeper devices that you have.

Fixed: Ministers: Ship - New attack vector changes so that the status bar will reflect how many ships actually had to change status instead of how many ships you have total.

Fixed: Ministers: Ship - Super Weapon on/off status bar will only reflect how many super weapon ships actually changed status; not how many ships with super weapons that you have.

Fixed: Ministers / Base: Fixed the building of farms. It now takes everything into account properly and won't display the "Base Z save error!" message.

Fixed: On Base / Switches / Military Space Port screen, the tech level progress indicator bars were incorrect for Hull Tech and Large Weapon Tech.

Fixed: Overflow issue with some object logs.

Fixed: Plasma Stream Enhancer on Lotus Class Pursuit Ship and Aurora Class Flagship will now show proper energy and ordnance drain when building a ship and on the Ship / Data / Weapons screen.

Fixed: Pod Cost for launch changed from a fixed amount of 25 to the HConfig amount.

Fixed: Quick Build for Dry-docks building ships when not enough resources are on the ship and the ship is performing a transfer fixed.

Fixed: QuickBuild display fixed to better suit the player needs in several situations.

Fixed: Resolved a possible client crash due to an array issue in groups.

Fixed: Rouge colonists were changed to Rogue.

Fixed: Selling contraband is limited to 10k per type in the client, which it already is in the host.

Fixed: UEA Redistribution Center resource gains corrected.

Fixed: When putting cargo on a pod and then you hit the Cargo Load button, it would clear all values that you already changed.

Fixed: When you are deleting old data from the space command, it will no longer jump to the top of the list when you delete the 2nd old data entry.

New: Added all new combat buttons to ships and wings including their inter-dependencies.

New: Base / Switches: Insectoid Nest displays useful statistics.

New: Base Group Micromanagement Tool. This routine will examine all ground bases in the group for needed resources and available resources determined by the reserve levels set for the ground base. The "needed resources" and the "available resources" include those presently at the base, plus incoming pods & ships and adjusted by pending pod orders. Range between the bases is ignored and is up to the player to define by what bases are included in the group. The "available" resources includes ship transfers above the base. This can cause problems since ship transfers occur after pod launching. The current version does not use chaining; described here. To get resources to the destination faster, "chaining" can be done to launch resources from a base that will be replenished by another nearby base, and so on back to the source. For example: base A has the resources and Z needs them, but they are further away than 1 turn of pod travel, so you look for bases in between A and Z that have the needed resource and are within 1 turn of pod travel between each other. A chain of the same pod launch from A to Y will succeed in supplying Z with the resource and leave the rest nearly unchanged. To use these new features, configure your base reserve levels properly and then use the Forecast button to preview what will be done and Execute to perform the actions. These are in the groups feature with a base selected.

New: Base Overview & Military screen: New toggle to turn on/off the setting to Fire Ion Cannons at Disabled Ships. This feature to not fire at disabled can be enabled with a command code of DFD if you want.

New: Group / Nav: Match auto-intercept.

New: Groups - Bases are now able to be added to groups and some commands are in place to be able to execute against all of them.

Groups: Added "Remove All" button to remove all members of the selected group. Will pop-up an "Are you sure?" window.

New: Groups: Added "Remove Selection" button to remove any items in the Space Command list from the current group.

New: Groups: Added "Sort ID" button to sort the group by object ID.

New: Groups: Added "Sort Name" button to sort the group by object name.

New: Minister / Base: New button to "Clear all structure builds", which will clear any pending requests for cities, factories, etc.

New: Minister / Pod – Land empty pods at bases that they are at otherwise self destruct them.

New: Minister / Pods - Metal to Yards configurable for radius and mass.

New: Minister / Pods - Ore to Yards configurable for radius and mass.

New: Ministers / Pods - The highly configurable pod launching entry has more support for more items, but it is still not complete.

New: Ministers: Base - View on/off configurable through Edit to toggle the setting. Redundant item removed.

New: Ministers: Ship - Minesweep, View, and Super Weapon settings can be toggled on/off using the Edit button. Redundant

items removed. Super Weapons were only able to be turned off previously.

New: OPT: Map Options button added which will bring up another list of options to be able to turn on/off certain range displays of things like: Gun Zero!, Pirates Cove, Tachyon Emitter, etc. Settings are saved so that when you open the client again, they will be the same.

New: OPT: Option to turn off hotkeys so that you can't accidentally change a ship/wing speed while typing in its name or log. Defaults to off so that new players don't get a surprise. Setting is saved so that when you open the client again, it will be the same.

New: Players must now designate a "ship yard" instead of the code choosing any base with a military space port on it. A "Y" toggle is available on the Base Overview screen. This setting will be retained from turn to turn. The settings of the pods launched changed to use boost and dock instead of boost and drop so that you can set an ally's base as the anvil and get the expected results. The way that this command observes "reserve levels" was broken and is now fixed. Solorians can no longer attempt to pod neutronium ore.

New: Points In Space toolbar button changed to bring up a new window that will give you the ability to plot points in space using the following methods: mouse points (normal), x/y coordinates that you input, multiple points around the hammer at a given radius and specific distance between points, and multiple points from x1,y1 to x2,y2 in a grid pattern separated by a distance provided. You can also erase all points in space in the current space command selection from this window.

New: Quantity of ships+wings in the same location in space drawn on the map near the stack.

New: Resource Rings for Farmable planets. Under Misc.

New: Scan range put in text for Scanner building.

New: Ship support for Target Harmless Pods.

New: Space Command now has a little H and A that will launch separate Hammer and Anvil windows that will allow you to perform various functions against your objects. To use them, rubber band an area of space, then hit the H or A, what is within that area of space will appear in your new window. You can hit the other H or A to fill the list with the same items or rubber-band an area and hit the button to get new items. Both windows allow you to Add or Remove items from their windows separately. The Hammer window will allow you to create a new group from the entire list or from whatever you select within the list. You can also add to an existing group. The majority of the options work against the Anvil window: Intercept, Escort, Kill, Capture, Tow, Dock, Undock/Drop, and Transfer. You can select multiple Hammer units to perform these actions against 1 or more Anvil units. If you have multiple Anvil units then the Hammuer units will split up the command against them. For example, if you have 6 Hammer units set to escort 3 Anvil units, then the result will be that 3 sets of 2 Hammer units will escort each individual Anvil unit separately. I know that it's not beautiful, but the functionality is there. VB6 is a bit limited here without going crazy.

Changed: Anti-Aircraft Gun building text changed to "Fires at enemy fighters. Does not use ordnance. Requires energy to fire."

Changed: Flee changed to "Retreat".

Changed: Flee option removed from being able to be changed in the Ship Overview.

Changed: Groups will now accept players that you are not at war with.

Changed: Ion Cannon building text changed to "Breaks blockades. Fires at enemy starships. Costs 10 ordnance per shot. Requires energy to fire."

Changed: Minefield displays changed from simply "Minefield # xxxx" to "Minefield #xxxx (type)(status)(action)", such as "Minefield #1234 (G)(A)(D)" where minefield 1234 would be an (A)ctive (G)ravitonic, which you have set to (D)etonate. Types are: (B)arbitic, (G)ravitonic, (L)aser, and (W)eb. Status possibilities are: (A)ctive, (I)nactive, or (C)loaked. Action will only be displayed if one of these are chosen: (D)etonate or (SD)=Soft Destruct.

Changed: Ministers / Bases - When building factories, it won't allow you to automatically build more than your income will support.

Changed: Ministers: Pods - "Launch pods of metal to ship yard bases" changed to "Launch pods of 300+ kt metal to nearest ship yard bases", which more closely matches what it does. It will also only work on ship yards that are within 300 ly of the base with metals. The restriction that mineral mine buildings had to be present at the podding base removed. Players must now designate a "ship yard" instead of the code choosing any base with a military space port on it. A "Y" toggle is available on the Base Overview screen. This setting will be retained from turn to turn. The settings of the pods launched changed to use boost and dock instead of boost and drop so that you can set an ally's base as the anvil and get the expected results.

Changed: Ministers: Pods - "Launch pods of ore to ship yard bases" changed to "Launch pods of 300+ kt ore to nearest ship yard bases", which more closely matches what it does. It will also only work on ship yards that are within 300 ly of the base with metals. The restriction that mineral mine buildings had to be present at the podding base removed.

Changed: Ministers: Ship - "All scanners off" changed to "All ship scanners & running lights off" as that is what it really does.

Changed: Ministers: Ship - "All warships attack enemy" changed to "All warships attack enemy and disable flee" as that is what it really does.

Changed: Multiple Pending Orders can be selected (ctrl-click, shift-click, etc) and deleted.

Changed: Pod launches now have a Clone x1, Clone x5, and Clone x10 set of buttons to allow cloning of more than just 1 at a time.

Changed: Resupply Pod controls: Transfer Fuel, Transfer Ord, Transfer Sup., Transfer Repair, Transfer Med, Transfer Food, and Transfer Cash will always appear on the controls screen regardless if you have any on the pod so that you can pre-program the controls just in case something gets transported onto the pod.

Changed: Robot-owned barbitic minefields will be listed as N instead of B.

Changed: Space Command: Minefield Display in list will show a ? when the minefield is an enemy instead of always I(nactive).

Changed: The Map Bull's-eye (keypad '0') will no longer shut off whenever you move the map. On/off setting is available through the new map options page or by pressing keypad '0' to toggle it on/off.

Changed: When ally limits are active, you will not be able to turn attack off on a player unless you first enable the attack setting for another player.

Changed: When you click on the Base toolbar button when first opening your client, it will jump to the base with the highest population and lowest ID instead of just the highest ID.

Changed: When you click on the N (Planet Names) button, it will turn on planet names, but if you click it again then it will turn on Base Names and a third click will turn it off. Either Planet Names or Base Names will be displayed; not both. Like the planets, the base names will be in the color that pertains to the alliance level of that base, so that your own are in green, allies are in blue, and enemies are in red.

Changed: Wording for "Attack All Enemies" to "Aggressive". When not in Aggressive mode, you are in Defensive mode. "Normal" attack mode changed to "Defensive".


April 1st, 2008

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.213

New: 20k loops have been controlled a bit by maintaining a pointer to the highest object ID in existence. This makes hosts runs with few objects run very fast. Simulations and small games will process much faster by the host.

New: Alchemy Forge will observe reserve levels of the base when taking supplies.

Bases can be the initiator of combat if they have Ion Cannons or Fighters and the target is a ship. Also, they can be the initiator if they have Anti-Aircraft Guns or fighters and the target is a Wing.

New: Boarding laser ship logs.

New: Object ID # added to pod capture player message.

New: Player message when a minefield runs out of energy.

New: Ship and Wings that have Target Harmless Pods disabled (client 64) or Target Soft disabled (client -63) will not use pods as a target when attempting to initiate combat.

New: Ship command code "CTx", where x is from 0 to 9. This code will cause troops to be transferred to the base below and colonists transferred up. The x value is the percentage (x 10) of troops that you want to keep on the ship. For example, when x = 1 then 10% of the troops on board will be kept on board.

New: Ships and Wings set to Avoid Base will not use them as a target when attempting to initiate combat.

New: Support to initiate a transport from an assault pod using a ship.

New: Support to land construction and gold pods on planets. If you lose a hull plan in the process (since they cannot exist on planets) then you'll get a player message.

New: Support to land resupply pods on planets. This may effect how colonizing new planets with a life pod and resupply pod functions. Please report back any issues/concerns.

New: Support to land wreckage on planets. If you lose ship parts in the process (since they cannot exist on planets) then you'll get a player message.

New: When a wing or ship is set to guard base and there is a base owned by that same player in range of the combat initiation, it will be pulled into combat if it has fighters, ion cannons or AAGs to add support to the combat. This will happen for ships even if they are hidden from other players. It will also happen if ships/wings have their aggressive mode disabled.

New: You have a 40% chance to receive the last transmission from a destroyed unit (ship, wing, base) via player messages. If the message is too long then you'll only receive the last portion of the unit's log. There is a 20% chance that the transmission will be fragmented and you'll only get a portion of the unit's log.

New: Your forces will only attack enemy Anti-aircraft Guns in ground combat if you have fighters in your forces to protect.

Fixed: 2nd Crew Report displays correct prisoner count now.

Fixed: A combat initiator could find a pod docked to a ship and use that as an object to start a fight with, even though the ship it was docked to had attack off or was fully cloaked. Undocked pods can be targets now with Target Harmless Pods enabled (client 64) or Target Soft (client -63) for ships and wings as the initiator.

Fixed: A target of incoming fire will start to return fire if it was previously not configured to do so, as will all of the units from the same player.

Fixed: After the first combat with a base or pod, their next combat will be on movement pulse 199. Assault Pods are exempted from this.

Fixed: Fighters in an assault pod can form a new base on a planet.

Fixed: Fixed an issue where an ally with matching friendly codes of an ally's ship could not transport to/from the other ship.

Fixed: Fuel burn rate is recalculated after engine damage is incurred.

Fixed: GBA and GSA were doing some weird stuff, including destroying race structures that couldn't be given away.

Fixed: Gravwell not working sometimes. Most noticibly with a Coalition A. Odin Class Carrier.

Fixed: Ground combat kills forced to be non-negative to avoid weirdness.

Fixed: If a base is filtered from combat because it's planet isn't in the combat zone then the home guards of that filtered base will not be in the combat.

Fixed: If a Spindizzy incurs 20%+ system damage during movement then it will stop and the Spindizzy will fail.

Fixed: If a unit is not moving in a minefield (and isn't escorting or intercepting) then it's vector length will no longer cause it to hit a mine.

Fixed: If multiple Spindizzies violated the 5 ly planet radius in the same tick then only one would stop.

Fixed: If you try to create a new base from a ship and the game is out of object IDs then you will no longer lose your personnel from the transport.

Fixed: Improved the speed of ally checks in combat.

Fixed: Labor Camps owned by the EE producing too much money. (Host 212f error)

Fixed: Labor Mines were allowed to be overpopulated and thus produce more mining & money. (Host 212f error)

Fixed: Mobile Fighter Factories wouldn't build new wings if they didn't have the cost + 1 mc. Now you can have the exact cost.

Fixed: Native growth "Amorphouss" typo.

Fixed: New buoys come with garbled text. You will have to reapply the proper text to current/active buoys. (Host 212f error)

Fixed: New wreckage appears with garbled text. You will have to reapply the proper text to current/active wreckage. (Host 212f error)

Fixed: Outfit pod launches that have a 0 engine count but a valid engine type are cleaned up so that weirdness doesn't happen.

Fixed: Outfit pods may have an engine type, but a zero engine count in the "old" section, which would cause an Upgrade/Swap to fail.

Fixed: PD used against a Base Ion Cannon would not use ordnance where appropriate.

Fixed: Possible (rare) situation where a worm hole could be mistaken for a jump gate.

Fixed: Privateer Spy "Universal" typo.

Fixed: Problems transporting resources from a resupply pod.

Fixed: Problems with some actions finding all of the objects within a given radius to perform the actions upon.

Fixed: RCS type-3 fighters were still taking 1 fighter hit sometimes while moving through laser minefields. Also, their HG had a chance of dying. No longer.

Fixed: Robot prisoners won't die from starvation.

Fixed: Rounded partial mechs and fighters used in Deep Ground Patrols down.

Fixed: Scavenger wreckage gathering after combat would sometimes grab wreckage outside of its gathering radius.

Fixed: Ship fuel wasn't being exported from combat correctly. This only really mattered for Solorian ship captures.

Fixed: Ships with 100% hull damage were allowed to enter combat. Previously, only ships with 101%+ hull damage could not.

Fixed: The ship boarding combat report will show the proper amounts of passengers remaining on the enemy ship instead of lumping them together as "crew".

Fixed: The trimming of VCR files should work better now.

Fixed: There were issues with ships being able to transfer to/from a pod you own or that you are allied with unless it was docked to you and belonged to you.

Fixed: Virgo Light Speed requires less than 50% control systems damage and crew to be on board to be able to use it now like all other movement mechanisms.

Fixed: When a ship would get into combat, it's fuel would reset to the level at which it started movement at. Wreckage would have this incorrect amount as well. Anti-matter Maul would get this from a destroyed ship.

Fixed: When life pod is landing that you own and you have prisoners from another race in it that you are now allies with, the code would look for a base of that prisoner player within 150 ly of the base where you are landing it to put the contents of the pod. When this would fail the prisoners would vanish from the game. This has been changed to find the nearest base and upon failure, use the local planet (if you can; asteroid check) and if not look for another suitable planet within 150 ly. If none is found then the landing orders are canceled and the pod and prisoners remain intact in orbit.

Fixed: When wings refueled, the log message stated the incorrect object ID that it got refuled from.

Fixed: Wings & Pods will undock from their prior ship before docking to a new ship mid-turn, so that they won't appear as undocked when the player opens their RST.

Fixed: Wings would always initiate a combat; regardless of whether or not they were docked or had attack settings enabled.

Fixed: You can no longer transport to a pod and overload a pod with cash so that it exceeds its 1000 kt limit. 1000mc = 1kt.

Fixed: You gain 10 happiness (max 200) for a ship performing a transport to a base. Now it will make sure that something actually moved from one object to another before giving you the bonus.

Fixed: You will only get a transport log message when some resource actually moves from one object to another.

Changed: A ship cannot tow anything if its hull or engine damage is over 25%.

Changed: Assault Pods docked to a ship must have their Board Enemy Ship option enabled if they want to be able to be a target for combat initiation.

Changed: Checks put in to make sure that new pod launches don't exceed capacity. It won't affect anything, but in the future when/if other clients are available then this limitation will hold true.

Changed: Coalition Trade Triad requires that 50k colonists be present to quality as member of a triad.

Changed: Combat initiation still chooses an initiator and a victim, but a line is drawn between them and everything within 6 ly of the line is pulled into combat.

Changed: Exotic Techs for increasing scanning range is no longer applied to alien hulls except for Privateer-owned ships.

Changed: If a ship is fully cloaked, but the combat initiator has detected them somehow, they can enter combat with them.

Changed: IMT conversion of chupanoids to troops will start at a maximum of 5000 and then increase by 350 per turn thereafter.

Changed: Instead of a worm hole exiting situation leaving everything that enters it at coordinates (x+7,y+7), it can be in any direction from x-4 to x-7 and y-4 to y-7.

Changed: Mine Sweeper Array cannot function with hull damage over 80% or control systems damage over 50%.

Changed: New ships will launch with 2 fuel with the NOO base command code or 30 if the base/ship has the available fuel on hand. The ships will also observe base reserve levels.

Changed: Public Space Ports will cost 10 mc each to operate even though the effective number of operating space ports may be less.

Changed: Removed some slow routines that would recalculate the mass of all objects every movement pulse. Instead, whenever a change to an object occurs, the mass is recalculated at that point. The fuel burn rate is recalculated after the mass is adjusted.

Changed: Ships/wings set for guard base will bring in an allied base into combat if it can provide support as well as its own.

Changed: Ships/wings that are set for Defensive Mode ("Normal" in client -63) or Retreat ("Flee" in client -63) will begin the combat without any enemies and will only return fire once fired upon. When fired upon, they will inform all of their units to open fire as well and any allies that are in the combat will open fire.

Changed: Siren HAARP affects friend and foe alike. It is an area of effect weapon that attacks and affects the minds in the area. It isn't selective.

Changed: The coordinates of a combat will be the point in space in between both combat initiator and the first valid target found. It was previously located at the initiator's coordinates.

Changed: Transports will not cancel unless there is nothing left to do or you performed a boarding action against another ship. The target ship no longer has its transport cleared, so it can reciprocate a boarding assault.

Changed: Victory Point Scoring for the following values are now configurable between 0 and 500 instead of just being an on/off switch: VictoryPop1Million, VictoryPop5Million, VictoryPop10Million, VictoryNativeVote, VictoryNotAtWarVotes, VictoryAtWarMinusOne. In other words, you'll get the value set for these as victory points instead of just 1 VP.

Changed: When a wing that is docked to a carrier auto-intercepts a unit then it will automatically be set to escort and dock with the carrier so that when the auto-intercept is destroyed, that it will return to the carrier unless it finds another auto-intercept target.

Changed: Wing base value for hitting a minefield increased from 15 to 25.

Changed: You no longer get a full scan of all participants in a combat unless you include at least a ship, wing, base or an assault pod.


Dec 7th, 2007

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.212

Fixed: Alchemy auto-unload could target an incorrect base. Details of what was transferred and where to has been placed in the ship and base logs.

Fixed: Extra message when an Outfit Pod would replace or Add parts removed.

Fixed: Gravity Wells will now function at their max range as configured in HConfig. Previously the checks were looking for objects less than the range; not less than or equal to the range.

Fixed: Message regarding the number of farms destroyed from chunneling a base to a planet that doesn't have enough remaining soil for the chunneled base's farms.

Fixed: Mivorari ships needed to have the full amount of fuel to hyperjump when their actual cost is 10% normal. They can now hyperjump with their true fuel cost.

Fixed: New Combat Code calculations for weapon ranges changed.

Fixed: Possible fix for Cyborg base problem from enemy transfers to planets without their base.

Fixed: Removed code that was undocking wings after combat.

Fixed: Some incorrect variables were used in Jumppoint Generator hyperjumping, so it may have caused unexpected results.

Fixed: The "Object is not moving" message when hitting a web mine may not always be correct due to large mass hulls being able to penetrate a web mine 90% of the time. The message is now accurate.

Fixed: When a Privateer is using GBA command code, hull plans will be deleted.

New: BDM, BDF/G, BDA, BDP, and BDN command codes will provide details of what was beamed down and to which base in the ship and base logs.

New: The Hostile Boarding Party player message will have the coordinates of the occurance in the message now.

New: New HConfig values have been added.

Entry Default Range Description
57 400 1 - 5000 Wing Charge Divisor
58 100 1 - 5000 PBC Power Boost Divisor
59 10 1 - 5000 BC Power Boost Divisor
60 5 1 - 5000 Normal PB Multiplier
61 25 1 - 100 King of the Hill VP Start Turn
62 1 1 - 0 Allow GBx Command Codes
63 80 1 - 5000 Eye of Magadon Base Shield Penetration Range

Changed: Base sabotage spy attack message will include the base ID. Only when prisoners are at the base will you get a message about them dying. For the message about the base that you own, you should have a hammer button now to be able to jump to the base.

Changed: Checking for Virgo minefield immunity was slowing down the host processing, so I put in some code to speed it up again by eliminating some unnecessary checks when a Virgo or the Virgo's escorts are within multiple minefields.

Changed: Hyperjumping code sped up a little by eliminating unnecessary routines.

Changed: Rebel Ally Report will now show the allies instead of the enemies. Hopefully it will fit in one message now. Newline has been put in to make it readable.

Changed: Scanning is causing the host processing to slow down, so I've reinstated the scan every 5 movement pulses again. It was every 20 movement pulses for fighters, but it'll be every 5 movement pulses now.

Changed: Sensor profile of wings increase due to speed has been reduced by a factor of 10, but the size (mass) of the wing will increase its profile prior to the speed adjustment. The size divided by 5 will be added to the profile.

Nov 3rd, 2007

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.211

Changed: When the number of public space ports exceeds 10 then the number of active public space ports is now 10 plus the square root of the number of PSPs minus 10.  In math talk that’s: 10 + SQRT(PSPs – 10).  It was 10 plus the square root of the number of PSPs or: 10 + SQRT(PSPs).


Changed: IMT Chupanoid to troop conversion limited to 5000 new troops.


Removed: Code that may be undocking wings from carriers.


Rules around Spindizzy:

1. Will "tow" a planet that you target with then Nav/Tow target and Spindizzy is enabled. If a base is targeted, it shifts the target to the planet that the base is on.

2. Will "tow" all ships, wings, pods with the Spindizzy ship when enabled. Will not move minefields, jump gates, or worm holes. Bases will move if the planet is targeted and moved.

3. When under the effects of a Spindizzy, pods and wings cannot undock from a ship. They will just continue to be swept along with the Spindizzy effect.

4. A pod/wing cannot dock with a ship/base unless it is under the effect of the same Spindizzy ship effect.

5. All objects under the effect of a Spindizzy device have 0 scan range (like standard tow).

6. The Spindizzy cannot tow a planet within 5 ly of another planet. If this is attempted, then the Spindizzy device will shut down and all tow targets are dropped.

7. It cannot activate a Spindizzy effect around a planet that is already within 5 ly of another planet.

8. A jumppoint cannot be generated from within a Spindizzy effect.

9. A planet will not move with the Spindizzy effect if the Spindizzy ship is jumppoint jumped or warp chunneled.

10. A Spindizzy ship cannot affect another ship with the Spindizzy enabled.

11. Spindizzy ignores normal tow restrictions of engines and mass.

12. Spindizzy will break all other active tows if those tows are under the effect of the Spindizzy.

13. Two Spindizzy ships competing for the ability to tow something will compete using a random value between 0 to 10 + the ship experience.

14. If the result of a Spindizzy contest results in 1 of the Spindizzy ships not having any targets then it will shut down the Spindizzy effect to save fuel.

15. Ships/wings under the Spindizzy effect will not auto-intercept.

16. 500 fuel is required to use the Spindizzy effect in addition to the normal cost to move the Spindizzy ship itself.

17. The Spindizzy device will fail if 20% or more control system damage is present.

18. Spindizzy effect cannot work on ships with gravitional stabilizers (Solorian Ragnarok, etc.).

19. Ships/wings that want to avoid all Spindizzy effects can use the NSD command code.

20. A Spindizzy effect will not take a planet through a jumpgate or wormhole with the Spindizzy ship.

21. Gravity Rift interferes with the Spindizzy effect within 150 ly.

22. The Gravitonic Accelerator cannot be enabled at the same time as the Spindizzy.  The Spindizzy will win.

23. Spindizzy will not affect the King of the Hill planet.

24. When a Spindizzy effect encounters another planet while towing a planet, it will stop the Spindizzy ship.

25. If a Spindizzy effect encounters a Grafity Rift, it should shut it down and stop the ship. That happens when either: moving normally, escorting, or intercepting.

26. The Spindizzy effect is able to be activated if at range 5 with another planet. Range 4 or less is not allowed. The idea here is to allow the planet to be moved away so that you cannot box planets in and make it so that a rival IMT player cannot move it again.

27. If you attempt to move a planet within 5 ly of another planet then the planet will stay at its prior coordinates.


Fixed: After a jumppoint jump, only the Centaurs can continue moving.

Fixed: Alchemy A## command code fixed.

Fixed: An ally with a matching friendly code on the source and destination ship can now transfer to/from another ship.

Fixed: Boarding Laser could send the target ship’s troop count to a negative number.  No longer.

Fixed: Deep Space Message for Protomatter Cannon fire displays the proper graphic now.

Fixed: Fixed a problem with CoM and IMT crew going above their capacity and filling up completely when the crew is low (the rest of the crew came from nowhere).

Fixed: Gravity Rift and Gravwell interaction could cause confusion.

Fixed: Happiness message for Robot emotion chips fixed.

Fixed: Ill Wind bonus “precharge” of large weapons only included the first 10.

Fixed: IMT Driller mechs actually deplete the planet of minerals now.

Fixed: In hostile boarding actions, high guard were easily killed off by lesser combatants.

Fixed: Insectoid Nest converting prisoners base log message corrected.

Fixed: Intercept target was being cleared when it shouldn't have.

Fixed: Laser special ability to short out pulsed laser now works on more than the first 10 pulsed lasers.

Fixed: Pods/wings were showing up on the map even when they were docked.  Evil Empire are the only race that can scan for and see a docked pod/wing.

Fixed: Previously, Gravitonic Accelerator couldn't be active within a 150 ly grid of a Gravity Rift, which allowed the Rift to function out to a maximum of 150*SQRT(2) ~= 212 ly. I changed it to be calculated more precisely to 150 ly.

Fixed: Problem displaying the graphic of the ship that used its glory device in the message fixed.

Fixed: Rebel Ally Report should fit in a single message now.

Fixed: Removed the code that moved an object that you are towing to your position when you end the turn within a 5 ly grid of it. It

turned out to be a bad idea.


Fixed: Reticulian Beam puts log messages in the proper place now. More details provided also.


Fixed: Ship log "Our Gravity Stabilizer prevents us from entering the jump gate." cleaned up for proper object and jump gate changed to jumppoint.


Fixed: Ships and wings getting a full scan of planets that they are near fixed.


Fixed: Solorian TOT message for Exotic Techs fixed.


Fixed: The calculations around how close you are to a target during movement have been reviewed to make sure that they are kept accurate. Towing and Jumppoint use would sometimes result in an unexpected displacement of the tower and a missed jump.


Fixed: Tow target was being cleared when it shouldn't have.


Fixed: When small weapons hit organic armor, their special features no longer have any effect.


Fixed: When wreckage is created after combat, only the first 10 small weapons would appear in the wreckage.


Fixed: Wings docking with wings that are in turn docked to a ship fixed so that they cannot overload the carrier.


New: Added an extra check to make sure that auto-intercept doesn't go after bases, minefields or jumpgates/wormholes.


New: Added more information to the hostile boarding action results message.


New: BUK command code: Beam Up Krew


New: IMT Spindizzy device support (see below).


New: Messages for failure to chunnel due to lack of crew or system damage.


New: Minefield hit messages (from moving through them) will now include the minefield graphic.


New: Put in ship log messages when a Warp Chunnel doesn't have a valid target and when the chunnel target is within 10 ly.


New: Recharging a minefield doesn't require a minefield type to be selected. It will choose the appropriate type for you. So ships with

multiple dropper types can recharge any appropriate target.


New: Recovering minefields allows a kill target to specify the minefield to recover. You must still be within the radius of the minefield to recover.


New: Ship log for Maelstorm Class Light Cruiser notifying ship that it is minefield immune.


New: Ship log for Warrior Shuttle notifying ship that it is minefield immune.


New: Spy Scanner ship log message cleaned up.


New: When set to recharge, you can set a kill target to specify the minefield to recharge. It must still be within a 200 ly grid.


New: When sweeping a minefield, you can set a kill target to specify the minefield you want to sweep. You must still be within the radius of the minefield.


Changed: After a jumppoint jump, only the Centaurs can continue moving.  Previously all ships could continue moving, which breaks the laws of hyperjumping.  Wings couldn’t move after a jump already.


Changed: Allies and your own units will always get the message from Tachyon Emitter flooding the area with Tachyon particles.


Changed: Colonies of Man growth on ships allows partial growth if partial food is available. The way it works is that you need to have enough food to feed the babies. a) Take the sum of the colonists and crew, b) multiply (a) by .06 on a Sagittarius, c) divide (b) by 100,000, (c) is the amount of food required to feed the babies. Previously if you didn't have (c) then you would have 0 babies. Now, if you have a fraction of the food then you make a fraction of the babies. If you have 0 food then you have 0 babies. After this type of growth is backbreeding (if you have at least 1 food), where troops become crew and HG become troops. If you overload the crew then the excess are colonists.  IMT ships do the same thing, but their growth multiplier is .015 on all ships.


Changed: CoM Warrior Shuttle is only minefield immune when owned by a CoM player and a high guard is on board. Previously any race could own it and put a HG on it to be minefield immune.


Changed: High Guard will escape from ships that are destroyed from minefields, Gun Zero, Stellar Matter Launcher, etc.


Changed: Host Report turn number is in the message text instead of the Subject line now.


Changed: Newly launched pods and laid minefields will not count down their power timer.


Changed: Previously there was a 70% chance for each ship part type being in wreckage when destroyed. Now it is 70% change per part per type. In other words previously it was all or nothing. Now you can have a chance to get some of a given part type.


Changed: Prison break of prisoners will no longer create 20% of the colonist prisoners as troops.  The new maximum is 2% or100, whichever is less.  The happiness drop from a prison break on the original base limited to a maximum of 30 point drop.


Changed: Privateer training on ships requires 50 experience instead of 51.


Changed: Robot Q Tanker now affects its own units once where it decreases the sensor profile by 80%.  The other restrictions are the same as before.  Look at the ship log message; not the profile given in the client.


Changed: Ships and Wings cannot move after a warp chunnel.  The code for this was already in place, but wasn’t working correctly.


Changed: Tachyon Emitter changing sensor profile moved to take effect after Q Tanker cloaking.


Changed: Terraformers will now start turned on after construction.


Changed: The host will not process invalid tow targets for ships (e.g. towing a planet) except in special circumstances, such as Spindizzy.


Changed: The pod type is given in the glory device shockwave message instead of just "pod".


Changed: Tow score will be 0 when there is only 1 or less crew or 1 or less fuel on a ship.


Changed: Virgo Minefield immunity requirements are now: 1 HG on the Virgo, owned by a CoM player, same player wing docked to ship or within 10 ly of the Virgo. Virgo immunity will be checked during movement instead of only before movement.  Virgo immunity extends to those that are not at war with the CoM player that owns the Virgo and are escorting the Virgo and are within 10 ly of the Virgo.


Changed: When capturing an abandoned ship, the Kill Target and Attack Enemy status will not change.  Prior, the Kill Target was cleared and the Attack Enemies was turned off.


Changed: Wings docking to wings has the role reversed from prior version. In prior version if you dock Wing A to Wing B then the resulting wing will be Wing A. Now Wing B will be the resulting wing.


Changed: Wings now have an increased sensor profile based on the speed that they are traveling like ships do. Birdman wings start at a low profile and only half of their speed is counted when increasing their profile.


Changed: Wings will not auto-intercept when their Attack Enemies setting is off.


Aug 30th, 2007

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.210


Fixed: Plasma Stream Enhancer using 3x ordnance instead of the intended 2x ordnance.

Fixed: Dark Wing G small weapons now penetrate Borg hull shields as intended.

Fixed: Base chunnel to a planet with bases on it no longer causes a host crash.

Fixed: A combat with over 30 Scavenger combatants no longer causes a host crash.

Fixed: Pods move again!

Fixed: Resource Report no longer shows stats from another player (and possible host crash).

Fixed: Ships and Wings can fully detect planets again.

Fixed: Quick Build works again!

Fixed: Wings redock to the carrier after combat again.

Fixed: Colonies of Man can no longer grow on ships when there is no food present.

Fixed: IMT no longer gets a growth bonus while on Colonies of Man ships. IMT no longer trains high guard on a Virgo Class like the Colonies of Man.

New: A## command code for Alchemy to only transfer ##% of its cargo hold in supplies to the ship. If the Alchemy ship has a cargo capacity of 1000 and A10 is used, then 100 supplies will be gathered before processing the supplies.

Aug 27th, 2007

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.209

Changed: Eye of Madagon will not work on bases with an active base shield (Solorian bases with 10 million+ colonists are not included in this) when over 80 ly away from the base. The Eye will not destroy more than 350 or 30% of the total food (whichever is lower) from bases and 250 (or 30%) from ships.

Fixed: Enforcer troops were not being killed by Insectoids.

New: Ship log message when scanners are affected by laser minefields.

Fixed: Evil Empire wing sandcaster immunity fixed. A maximum of 1 fighter in a wing will be destroyed from a sandcaster hit and there is a 60% chance that no fighter is destroyed. This has been in the code for a while, but wasn't working properly.

Fixed: When an object's sensor profile is being determined, the reduction of a planet’s atmosphere and cloaking field (Robot Q-Tanker) wouldn't be considered when becoming laser tagged.

Fixed: "Out of fuel" logs for wings no longer states "Eng: Ship is out of fuel".

Fixed: "Privateer Spies" message will only be sent once.

Fixed: Amorphous no longer lose an additional 50% of their number against the Eye of Madagon when a resupply pod is around.

Fixed: Assault pods not docking to ships sometimes.

Fixed: Can no longer tow a Solar Ragnarock Device. This was a bug, not a race change.

Fixed: Centaur Marketplace produces 30 mc per 100k colonists (was 15 mc for others and 30 mc for your own base).

Fixed: Crystal Prisoners can no longer be assimilated by Cyborg.

Fixed: Cyborg Assimliators cannot assimilate enemy Robot mechs.

Fixed: Delete Hull Plans button on Construction Pod now works.

Fixed: Fleet fuel sharing will now skip sharing fuel with itself.

Fixed: GBA, GFA, GSA, GB$, GBS, GBM, GBF, GBN, GBP, GBC, GBT will no longer target itself as a base to give away to and thus destroy what it was giving away.

Fixed: Glory Device will increase the HD stress of a planet even if there are no amorphs present.

Fixed: Gold Pods selling contraband to a base will not be able to sell to them if they are under blockade or there is an Enforcer contraband lockdown in place.

Fixed: If you have auto-intercept on and encounter a target while escort is enabled then you won't get double movement rate.

Fixed: Incite Disorder Spy attack will no longer have a chance of increasing happiness on enemy bases.

Fixed: Insectoid Nest colonist stealing range would sometimes be miscalculated.

Fixed: Intercept and Escort movement is based on seeing the target on the map. At the start of every turn, all contact data is lost. So you would not move until you regained contact. Now contact data from last turn is retained and if you don't have an up-to-date contact then you'll intercept/escort to the last known position until you get an accurate contact where you will move towards that contact.

Fixed: It is no longer possible to escort or intercept yourself.

Fixed: Labor Camp log numbers rounded.

Fixed: Light Speed can now use the last 1000 fuel to function.

Fixed: LSD command code not working sometimes.

Fixed: Merging bases (bases on the same planet of the same player) will observe building quantity limits. Previously this just held a vague limit of 10,000.

Fixed: No more Red Alert logs when combating a minefield.

Fixed: Plasmatron & Mole Mobile Drilling Rig log won't display mining 0 resources.

Fixed: Possible division by 0 for calculating fuel consumption.

Fixed: Rebels can now auto-intercept.

Fixed: Replenish Armor from Base works on ally bases, but wasn't observing the armor limit of the hull.

Fixed: Resource points were consumed by wreckage of the player of a destroyed ship (via combat) even when a Scavenger became the owner of it until the end of the turn. Resource points are always recalculated at the start of a turn.

Fixed: Ships can no longer go faster than their engines will allow. Exceptions are still Light Speed and Gravitonic Accelerator.

Fixed: Ships with no crew or over 50% system damage have a tow score of 0 in a tow contest.

Fixed: Solorians get a bonus for having their Military Stance of bases set to Peaceful.

Fixed: Tax Report message will show accurate taxes to bank for special races like Scavengers and Coalition. Taxes collected on all ships has been added.

Fixed: The amount of extra movement that escort and intercept orders gave is decreased.

Fixed: The friendly code of wings can now prevent combat if it matches the enemy UFC.

Fixed: The minefield type is now properly displayed in the logs when laying and sweeping minefields.

Fixed: The target of a warp chunnel could sometimes be incorrect and thus skipped.

Fixed: Virgo log messages for "too damaged for light speed" will only appear once.

Fixed: Warp chunnel requires less than 50% system damage to function. Previously only Base Chunnel had this restriction.

Fixed: When chunneling a base, the chunneled base will not be able to break the soil rating limit when other base(s) already are farming it.

Fixed: When you lose your escort target and you have auto-intercept enabled then you'll start looking for another target within range. After losing an escort target (it was destroyed), you will resume movement to your first waypoint. Wings didn't have the ability to move at all after losing an escort target, but now they act like ships do.

Fixed: When you lose your intercept target and you have auto-intercept enabled then you'll start looking for another target within range. After losing an intercept target, if you have an escort target set then you will resume movement to that target. After losing an intercept target, if you have no escort target then you will resume movement to your first waypoint. Wings didn't have the ability to move at all after losing an intercept target, but now they act like ships do.

Fixed: Wings & pods will immediately undock from a ship that is captured or destroyed in combat.

Fixed: Wings may have auto-intercepted when programmed not to.

Fixed: Wings will no longer auto-intercept when their Attack Enemies button is turned off.

Fixed: Wings will not sit still in combat.

Fixed: You can now use the last 25 fuel on your ship for a Gravity Rift.

New: Anything caught in a glory device explosion can be seen across the galaxy. New base log and message to owner and message to those that lose minefields.

New: AOO Ship Command Code: "Alchemy Onboard Only" which means that Alchemy Forge will only process the supplies that are on the ship. It will not gather it from nearby sources first.

New: Assimilation Beam ship logs. Taking over an enemy base once fully assimilated checks resource points first. Assimilating an enemy Cyborg base will retain King's Palaces, mechs and fighters.

New: Base log when chupanoids join a base as a result of Eye of Madagon.

New: Birdman are able to control the sensor noise produced by alien hulls; eliminating it.

New: Centaur "Astronavigation". Centaur ships and bases can see stars up to 5000 ly away.

New: Centaurs "Steeple Jump". Centaur owned ships with hyperdrive capabilities can move, jump, move. No change to fast hyp ships if they own one.

New: Clone Lab will clone 20% of the crew if there is space available for new crew to be generated.

New: Contact data from the prior turn is kept into the new turn for use with intercept & escort.

New: Enemy players must have 3 plus half the square root of the base's ion cannons to blockade the planet.

New: Exotic Tech Institute report stating new exotic techs that have been activated and those that have become deactivated due to lack of funds.

New: Log message stating that a ship cannot initiate a hyperjump from within a gravitonic minefield.

New: Log messages for each base showing taxes collected and transferred to central bank. New log showing happiness change of colonists and natives due to taxes.

New: Log messages for natives' reaction to Scavengers and Draconians.

New: Minefield Explosion message from detonations of Gravitonic, Laser, and Web minefields.

New: Minefields and Pods within a chain reacting Nova Barbitic minefield will be affected. It will not cause a new chain reaction (until further testing is done).

New: Prisoners will die from starvation if the base they are at doesn't have any food to feed them.

New: Racetrack base log message.

New: Resource Report now shows the number of Bases, Ships, Wings, Pods, and Minefields owned by you.

New: Ship log for ships under tow.

New: Ship log message for new scan range and profile after a hyperjump. Ships can now become "laser tagged" after a hyperjump if their profile exceeds 400.

New: Ship log message for those ships with Gravity Stabilizers attempting to jumppoint.

New: Ship log message when the Virgo Burn has stopped.

New: When a new scan is obtained, you will share that scan with allies immediately if set to do so. This helps in various situations, such as escort, intercept, and attacks. Previously scan data was only shared at the beginning and end of the turn.

New: When auto-intercept has multiple targets, it will choose a ship first, wing second, and pod last, depending on the auto-intercept settings.

New: When high guard are returning home and there is not base for them to return to, they will find a ship.

New: Wings can now use WPP and WPF.

Changed: Bases, ships and wings have 1 scan prior to fast hyperjump ships jumping.

Changed: Centaurs now produce 1 free type-1 F101 Sabik Fighter for every 50k colonists (was every 200k colonists).

Changed: Colonies of Man tax collection on ships moved to beginning of host run along with bases.

Changed: Rebel Ally Report is now 1 message instead of 1 message per player.

Changed: Scavenger Wreckage Gathering after combat: 1) If there are multiple Scavengers in a combat then it'll pick a random player that owns a surviving ship or base. 2) If #1 results in nothing, then find the closest Scavenger base within 500 ly. 3) If #2 results in nothing, then find the closest Scavenger ship within 500 ly.

Changed: Sharing data with allies will now be turned off after 10 missed turns (was 5).

Changed: Ship and base scans had a 2.5% chance of happening every 5th movement pulse. It is now a 2.5% chance of happening every pulse. This does not mean that there is a 2.5% chance for a successful scan. It's a 2.5% chance to attempt to scan a target. Success/failure is separate.

Changed: The object being towed will be fudged a little at the end of the turn to be in the same place as the ship doing the towing.

Changed: When activating the Exotic Tech "Omega Pulse", it will automatically turn itself off since it pays for 5 turns.

Changed: When the Evil Empire's Omega Shuttle arrives, it will now appear over the base with the highest colonist population instead of the newest base. If there are no bases, then it will appear with the ship of the highest hull tech level.

Changed: Wing scans had a 10% chance of happening every 20th movement pulse. It is now a 2.5% chance of happening every pulse. This does not mean that there is a 2.5% chance for a successful scan. It's a 2.5% chance to attempt to scan a target. Success/failure is separate.

Changed: A friendly ship used to prevent a blockade must have crew and less than 100% system damage.

Fixed: Light Speed LSD command not working properly at the beginning of the turn.

Fixed: Unicom will only work when turned on and when the Virgo is owned by Colonials.

Changed: TNT command code on a base requires that the ship in orbit have crew, less than 100% system damage and less than 100% weapon damage.


July 10th, 2007

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.063


New: Added "Map" Minister and options to act upon map objects, including remove old contact data.

New: Base Miniter option to change Military Stance for all bases added.

New: CSV data now includes "Things.csv", which are wormholes and jump gates. Included data: Name, Flavor, ID, Serial Num, Mass, Energy, Speed, X, Y, Waypoint X, Waypoint Y, Marker, Info1, Info2, Hardness, Stealth, Edge, Parent, Data. Flavor: 1 = Jump Gate, 2 = Worm Hole. Data: Twin wormhole ID.

New: HQ / Tech Upgrade screen now shows taxes from bases that will be transferred to the galactic bank.

New: In group management, Attack control for matching attack options between ships and wings don't exactly map directly. Here are the mappings: Stay at Standoff Range = ships only, Stand at All Costs = ships only, Target soft = Soft first, Target Dangerous = Deadly first, Strike Through = Quick Strike and Run, RAM! = Close to Point Blank, Delay Ship (2nd Wave) = ships only, Fire At Ground Targets = Ground Strike, Avoid Base = ships only, Anti-fighter = wings only, Closest First = wings only, Do Not Launch = wings only.

New: Ministers - Central Bank: Added action to transfer a % of the projected income instead of the base's megacredits.

New: Ore pod data pad now shows neutronium ore.

New: Ship data pad will display the number of weapon slots possible in selected ship and its hull name.

New: There is a new button on the ship overview screen that will disable all of your own gravitonic minefields between your ship and WP1.

New: When a ship or wing is the hammer a set of button will be displayed in the groups window: "Load Hull" or "Load Wings" as well as "Remove Hull" or "Remove Wings". Load Hull/Wings will add all ships of yours of the same selected hull type to the group or all wings altogether. Remove Hull/Wings will remove all hulls of the selected hull type from the group or all wings altogether. Note that for these to appear, you must have a group selected in the groups window.

New: When the Space Command has a list of objects due to a selection of an area of space, a "Load Selection" button will appear in the groups window. This will add all ships & wings from the space command list into the selected group. It is not limited to only the 8 displayed items. Note that for these to appear, you must have a group selected in the groups window.

Fixed: CSV file output of player data fixed. In games where multiple players were using the same race, the output would be incorrect.

Fixed: Data pad for planets now displays the proper numbers for duranium ore, tritanium ore, and molybdenum ore.

Fixed: Hidden button on Base | Stats page no longer clickable.

Fixed: HUD display had extra values displayed erroneously for entries of: Following ID, Tow ID, Int ID.

Fixed: Hyperjump distance corrected on Base / Build screen.

Fixed: Hyperjump distance corrected on Ship / Overview screen.

Fixed: If ship system damage is over 24 then cloak doesn't function. The sensor profile was displayed at the reduced value even though the cloak really wasn't functioning. Other sensor profile modifiers that the host uses are displayed in the client now.

Fixed: In group management, blank entries in groups are no longer displayed.

Fixed: In group management, Mines control for matching minefield options is fixed so that minefield type, ordnance level, lay cloaked mines, recover mines, repeat mine laying, recharge minefield, and minesweeper array are matched properly. If the REC command code is used then the recharge option on the Mines screen will be enabled.

Fixed: In group management, paging between items within a group no longer displays the same item repeatedly.

Fixed: In group management, Trans control for "base under" and "planet under" were not choosing the correct ID. You can use the Match Trans then Base/Planet Under to allow multiple ships to make the same transports even though they are at different points on the map.

Fixed: In group management, when removing an item from a group while viewing a page of items other than the first, the remove button would remove an item from the first page.

Fixed: Minister Central Bank transfer will have an upper bound of 10k.

Fixed: Minister Pods will make decisions and deduct money based on the HConfig pod cost instead of a set value of 25.

Fixed: Ship / Trans screen will sometimes display some button text in a different font size.

Fixed: Taxes for bases and galactic bank corrected to match what the host calculates. Taxes from Bovoinoids, Enforcers from natives, and Colonists from natives was incorrect. Cyborg King and Coalition Xelovi Hive were added.

Fixed: When clicking "Stay At Standoff Range" when "Flee" is already active, then the button display was incorrectly drawn on the page.

Fixed: When exporting CSV data, if a file is locked/open then the Planets4 client would terminate with a Permissions Error.

Fixed: When exporting CSV data, many characters (including numbers) would be changed into a "?".

Added: "Misc" button for group management that will allow matching Fleet options and Damage Repair options for ships as well as matching names or generating a new name to match for ships/wings. The new name feature will allow you to enter a # or #r where # will be replaced by the object ID and #r will be replaced by a random object ID.

Added: Data pad for planets now displays any megacredits or ordnance on the planet.

Added: In group management, the number of ships, wings, and the total number are displayed for each group.

Added: In group management, when an action is selected, the status bar in the upper right of the client will display a message stating the affected items and the change.

Added: Minister Pods for Ore now includes Neutronium Ore (Solorians excluded).

Added: Point Defense quantity added to Base / Overview screen.

Added: Resource Rings for displaying Soil rating and HD Delta added to Misc menu.

Added: Ship / Overview screen will show projected taxes from colonists on board.

Changed: "Contraband" Minister now accepts configurable values, e.g. crime level and contraband type. Use the Edit button.

Changed: "Group of Ships" now changed to "Groups" that allows management of ships and/or wings. Number of manageable groups increased from 12 to 90.

Changed: Base / Overview and Stats / Industry now displays information for projected cash, food, ordnance, supplies, and med units. Cash projection now takes into account: Hyperlathes, Undercities, Cities, Terraformers, Government Center, GC Transfer, PSP, Med Lab, Ship Repair Shop, Factories, Training Center (including Enforcers tuituion), Farms (including Fed Aggrovators), Ordnance Plant, Labor Camps, Labor Mines, King's Palace, Redistribution Center, Lizard Selling Prisoners, Party Skiffs, Insectoid Nest, Race Track, Marketplace, and Metal Exchange. It does not include cash from Privateer profit from crime. Med Unit projection now takes into account: Med Lab, Coalition Farms, Hawkins Institute, and Scavengers Crawlers. Food projection now takes into account: Undercities, Cities, Med Lab, Resort, Hyperlathes, Farms (including Fed Aggrovators and Coalition race buildings), Colonists, Hawkins Institute, Redistribution Center, and Scavengers Crawlers. Supplies projection now takes into account: Hyperlathes, Terraformers, Ordnance Plant, Factories (including Bovinoids), Labor Camps (was incorrect), Hawkins Institute, Redistribution Center, and Scavenger Crawlers. Ordnance projection now takes into account: Ordnance Plant (including Siliconids & Robots race bonus), Hyperlathes, Redistribution Center, Scavenger Crawlers, Siliconoids for Crystals, and Insectoid Nest.

Changed: Base Minister for building Factories has been changed to accept a configurable number of buildings and a configurable building type, e.g. you can choose to build 5 training centers at every base. Situations like building farms will check for climate, colonist population, and other bases on the same planet.

Changed: Data Pad for ships will display the true combat/VCR shield strength instead of simply shield max + exotic techs.

Changed: Data Pad for ships will now only show engine and shield damage if the ship has engines or shields.

Changed: HQ / Tech Upgrade screen "Transfer Total" will now show transfers based on money available at the base's bank and it's projected income instead of just the base's bank.

Changed: HUD display now shows combat/VCR shield strength instead of just max shields + exotic tech.

Changed: In group management, Nav control for matching speed will limit the speed to the max speed of the hull or engines, whichever is lower.

Changed: In group management, Sensor control of Passive will turn off scanners on wings. All other options (planetary, short, mid, long) will turn on wing scanners. Lights On/Off will turn wing ID Transmitter on/off. For ships, the sensor for short, mid, and long would also turn on the planetary scanners, but since only 1 of the 4 options is actually used in the host, only 1 option will be turned on at a time now.

Changed: Ministers - Central Bank: Make each action configurable with the Edit button.

Changed: Moved Launch Pods of Contraband from Contraband Minister to Pods Minister.

Changed: QuickBuild allows you to design any hull with any tech level parts. Parts that you don't have tech level for will be displayed in grey. Once designed, if you have the available parts in the base, but not the proper tech level then you will now be able to build it. When queuing a ship build, if you have parts in the base then they will be deducted from your base and not from your cash/metals. Known Issues: 1) When you delete the pending order, the cost in metals and money is put back into the base; not the parts or a mix of parts & metals and money as you started with. 2) The display of the Quick Build plan shows the total cost if parts had to be purchased. The actual cost to build will be different if parts are available. Only the money and metals requires to build the ship upon request will be deducted.

Changed: Ship / Mines will now show all possible ordnance levels base on the hull. If the ship doesn't have enough ordnance to drop that size of minefield then the numbers will appear in red. When the minefield type and ordnance to drop is selected then a resulting Radius value will be displayed. For Birdman, the note about 50 Sensor Noise has been removed.

Changed: Ship / Mission screen shows true current sensor value and then the maximum possible. The Planetary Scanner shows a scan power now.

Changed: The Ship / Data screen will always have the Weapons and Generators buttons displayed and clickable so that you can see the amount of slots and power generated on those screens.

Changed: Updated some display features on the spy window so that you can see the real amount of spy mana and max funds that you can apply to your spy spending. The spy rating of your chosen enemy and your own are displayed, along with the % chance of success against your selected enemy for the various attack types. This is only taking into consideration spy rating vs spy rating and other stats, such as light powers. It does not consider high guard and other factors since that is something that isn't always known and can change.

Changed: When the software loads hull data then it will not load the same data twice to increase application speed.

Changed: When viewing other player's ships, bases, etc as much as possible, the view will display things in their perspective instead of your own.

July 10th, 2007

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.208


Fixed: Possible division by zero in Training Centers.

Changed: Multiple Scanner buildings in a base will increase the chance to scan objects within the standard scan range.

Fixed: Bases with 0 personnel gathering surface items from the planet. Crew, Troops and High Guard will now gather surface items from the planet.

New: Base Log message for failed ship builds is more descriptive in what resources were missing.

Fixed: Quick Build ships not loading with ordnance, repair and not having skilled crew based on training centers.

Fixed: Coalition type-3 assault mechs will no longer affect ally prisoners and labor facilities.

New: Base command codes -

* GFA: Give Farms Away

* GSA: Give Structures Away

* GB$: Give Base Cash ($)

* GBS: Give Base Supplies

* GBM: Give Base Metals

* GBF: Give Base Food

* GBN: Give Base Natives

* GBP: Give Base Prisoners

* GBC: Give Base Contraband

* GBT: Give Base ship parTs

Fixed: Insectoid Nest mining log message displayed incorrect values.

Fixed: Azcanny Security Device attempting to function in the hands of non-Azcanny.

Fixed: Log message for high guard joining a wing appearing in the base log instead.

Fixed: Wings with excess high guard not returning to a base.

July 10th, 2007

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.207


Fixed: IMT Killer Drillers will no longer produce endless metals. The planet that they would drill metals out of would not be saved, so they could drill the same metals endlessly.

Fixed: A ship captured through boarding action will have its 'recycle at base' turned off.

Fixed: Base shield must be turned on to function. (Didn't make it into last host.)

Fixed: Holojammer will not displace objects for a player when you have share ship data enabled for that player.

Fixed: Possible division by zero when building race structures.

Fixed: Ships captured in combat will clear the kill target, turn off 'recycle at base', and leave the ship devices turned on. Previously all devices were turned off (including self destruct; defeating the purpose).

Fixed: Ships have negative repair units after repairing.

Fixed: Solorian Stellar Matter Launcher can only be fired from a planet and not an asteroid.

Fixed: Super Weapon data taken out of the RST files for other players unless you have Allow Commands on for that player or that player is playing the Evil Empire or Rebels.

Fixed: Terraformer setting changing when host processes turn 1.

Fixed: Training centers still training troops and high guard (not crew) when there is insufficient funds available to activate the training centers. Base log message for amount of food required to train high guard made more accurate.

Fixed: When 2 or more players are using the same race, only the first player would be able to build their special race buildings.

Fixed: When transferring to a resupply pod, you can no longer put endless repair, ordnance, fuel and cash on them. Duplicate ordnance transfer message removed.

New: Base log message stating if you generated less supplies from factories due to lack of cash.

New: Base log message when your base has been chunneled.

New: Large wings get bonuses to hit ships as well as wings. Previously this was only a bonus to hit other wings.

New: Red Alert log message for combatants will give the location and movement phase for the combat.

New: Spy Mana report now shows total mana as well as the new increase.

New: The score file generated by the host will now include: Cash, Pods, Minefields, Mechs, Prisoners, Natives, Metals, Contraband, Food, and Parts in addition to what was already there so that you can populate your scoreboards with new information.

New: When a spy attack hits the ordnance depot to cause an explosion, prisoners in the base can now get vaporized as well.

June 21st, 2007

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.206


Fixed: Error in combat code that caused host to crash

Fixed: Ships aren’t destroyed as they should be and create endless wreckage.

Fixed: Centaur free buildings not appearing as expected.

Fixed: Log display error with Public Space Port, Tech Institute, Mineral Mine, Wings (and planets), Cyborg King assimilating Humanoids & Ghipsoldals.

Fixed: RCS native growth rate.

Fixed: Loading repair and ordnance on newly built ships.

Fixed: Ships with excessive hull damage living for several turns.

Fixed: Base Shield now needs to be turned on to work in combat. Previously it could be off and still function in combat.

Fixed: Cyborg recovering fallen Cyborg in ground combat.

Fixed: Fighters changing races when captured in ground combat (however unlikely that would be).

Fixed: Combat causing HOST CRASH when it involves a lot of wings or a Draconian Rostov.

June 15th, 2007

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.205


Fixed: Error in combat code that caused host to crash

Fixed (For real this time): Pods not docking with their ships and being left behind

June 12th, 2007

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.204


Fixed: Solorians using "BUN" code wen they are NOT suppose to be able to do that

Fixed: Pods not docking with their ships and being left behind

Fixed: Ship repairs not working

June 11th, 2007

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.203

Note to all players: If you try to simulate sweeping cloaked minefields or any other "random event" using the same copy back up copies of your YIG and TRN files over and over again you will always get the same results every time. The same YIG and TRN files will always produce the exact same results over and over again.

Fixed: "USA" code only destroying labor camps and not labor mines

Fixed: Base merging causing ord and supplies to double in amounts

Fixed: 100 turns of food required for growth now works as expected. Prior, 101 turns of food were required.

Fixed: Aczanny can gain the minor happiness adjustment from Cantinas now, as other cantina races do.

Fixed: Aczanny were not getting many happiness bonuses that other races gained/loss.

Fixed: Allies now qualify as a ship that will allow a base to TNT.

Fixed: Anti-matter Maul will no longer overload the cargo of its ship with the 1000 molybdenum gained. Any excess is lost.

Fixed: Assimilating enemy assault mechs now works on all 3 mech types.

Fixed: Avians remain happy for Aczanny instead of Insectoids, which they never had in their bases anyways.

Fixed: Base merging causing ord and supplies to double in amounts.

Fixed: Bases now correctly scan for objects instead of having an equal chance of scanning for anything.

Fixed: Bioscanner results of scans of planets from turn 1 will no longer be removed.

Fixed: Centaurs had to pay for the maintenance cost of the Plasma Manifold A exotic tech.

Fixed: Cities sometimes may have used the population from another base.

Fixed: Colonies of Man taxes from colonists on ships is now available even while the Shokazol Pulse is active.

Fixed: Colonists can now assimilate the enemy again.

Fixed: Contruction and Gold pods were not considering the weight of megacredits.

Fixed: Convincing Humanoids to join your base now gains any racial bonuses.

Fixed: Crystal Inferno Device no longer requires 11 fuel to be on the ship to activate.

Fixed: Cyborg King will now assimilate all Ghipsoldals on a planet even when there isn't over 100k of them.

Fixed: Cyborg King won't have clones at a base or ship.

Fixed: Dry dock can no longer build alien hulls from Robot, Crystal, or Solorian unless you are that race.

Fixed: EE labor camp weirdness.

Fixed: Enforcers and Cyborg cannot sell contraband via gold pods. Cyborg cannot be the target of a gold pod sale.

Fixed: Forgotten Class Junk was always a valid chunnel target. Now it will only be when the device is present.

Fixed: Free troops will not be created by freeing prisoners.

Fixed: Gambling Deck and Show Lounge will now take into consideration all bases within range instead of just 1 base. Gambling Decks and Show Lounges from different players cannot be within 15 ly of each other or it will affect the profits.

Fixed: Global Warmer and Icer only require a minimum of 5 fuel to be on the ship instead of 6.

Fixed: Ground Chunneling an ally will now only happen when the friendly codes match.

Fixed: Growth rate decreases as the population of a base approaches 50 million. 30 million for shareware players.

Fixed: Hard limit of 50 million for number of troops, crew, etc during backbreeding has been set.

Fixed: Hawking Institute never charging for its retraining.

Fixed: Hull plans from races that you can't have hull plans for (Solorians, Robots, Crystals) will be removed from ships.

Fixed: IMT don't get a happiness drop from excessive mineral mines and smelters.

Fixed: Incite Disorder spy attack no longer affects you instead of the target.

Fixed: Insectoids will no longer join Aczanny bases.

Fixed: Labor Camps and Labor Mines were not both destroyed from the USA command code.

Fixed: Labor Mines will now only generate money based on how much ore was extracted.

Fixed: Log messages of merging bases will now merge as well.

Fixed: Long Range Minefield Detector will no longer make the ship visible to all players. It will send the contact data to the correct player.

Fixed: Minefield recharging now based on the minefield lifetime in HConfig. Minefields must have some energy left in them to be able to be recharged. A minefield will not be targetted if you don't have enough ordnance to recharge it. The amount of ordnance required to recharge a web minefield is: radius^2.222 and all other types is: radius^2.5.

Fixed: Outfit pods were not considering the weight of "old" parts.

Fixed: Particle Fountain will now change the HD Stress as expected.

Fixed: Peaceful setting working to provide bonus to growth. Prior, roaming defense supplied this bonus.

Fixed: Pod launch pending order is cancelled when under blockade instead of pending forever.

Fixed: Prisoner bonus for EE resource points working properly now.

Fixed: Public Space Ports now work on the planet that you are on also.

Fixed: Quick Build ships now observe reserve levels for repair and ordnance. Ship skill will be based on the training centers of the base it is built at as the standard Base / Build Ship method does. Cyborg will properly pull convert colonists into crew for new ships when needed.

Fixed: Rebels now have a hard time finding Gravitonics rather than Barbitics.

Fixed: Resource point limit now kicks in when building multiple ships from dry dock instead of only checking the limit for the first ship built.

Fixed: Resupply pods were not considering the weight of repair units or megacredits.

Fixed: Robot minefield scanning will no longer send the minefield contact data to the wrong player.

Fixed: Robot Q Tanker cloaking Robot-owned ships.

Fixed: Robots won't get a happiness drop from lack of food and can now gain happiness from other factors.

Fixed: Sharing contact data will now include full planet details if either player has a full scan.

Fixed: Ships now correctly scan for objects instead of having an equal chance of scanning for anything.

Fixed: Ships will no longer get 2 repair attempts.

Fixed: Ships will not waste repair on systems that they don't have (engines, shield generator, hyperdrive).

Fixed: Some log messages cleaned up and new messages added.

Fixed: Tech Institutes producing double the amount of stim bright pills.

Fixed: The Aczanny Security Device will properly deduct the fuel cost.

Fixed: The chance to find a base to sabotage or gather intelligence on in a spy attack is corrected.

Fixed: The cost involved in spending money to stop a crime wave is now based on your race's law rating instead of a flat rate of 1000 mc.

Fixed: The lowest amount of taxes based on colonist happiness is 5% instead of 0.

Fixed: The target of a World Crusher would sometimes not get their message when a base was destroyed.

Fixed: Training Centers now cost 1 mc each to operate as documented. Insufficient funds will only allow the number of centers that you can pay for to operate. Aczanny can train crew at training centers, but their colonists to crew rate is 1.

Transporting to a planet or wreckage would not increase sensor profile.

Fixed: Troops and HG stopping crime would cause unexpected results.

Fixed: UEA combating Insectoids no longer kills off all type-1 fighters and all type-2 mechs.

Fixed: UEA gets its native tax bonus when tax policy is complex.

Fixed: Various resource point calculation problems fixed.

Fixed: Warp Bubble only requires a minimum of 100 fuel to be on the ship instead of 101.

Fixed: Web minefield detonations will now stop wings from moving.

Fixed: When a waypoint or escort/intercept was set while at a planet, the planet wouldn't reduce your sensor profile or scan range if your speed was 0. Now it will only work if your speed is 0 and you won't have a waypoing/escort/intercept set.

Fixed: When an X-Field interacts with a Mobile Ord Factory, it will turn it off instead of turning off the Mobile Parts Plant.

Fixed: When life pods are set to land on a planet, they would always attempt to dock to a base that belong to the player whose people were in the pod, but this wouldn't work well for prisoners. Now, if the pod owner differs from the pod's people, it will default to the pod owner's base.

Fixed: When planets explode from high stress, the bases on them will be destroyed and messages will be sent. Cash, metals, ore, etc will no longer be present on the remaining asteroid.

Fixed: When the Solorians start on at a star better than a green binary then it won't be replaced.

Fixed: When you recycle a ship, the base will now get any cash, food, med units, and hull plans. Hull plans will only be transferred if the player race isn't Privateer, Solorian, Robot, or Crystal.

Fixed: Wings now correctly scan for objects instead of having an equal chance of scanning for anything.

Fixed: Wreckage will now get removed from the map when the power runs out.

Fixed: You can no longer freely transfer to/from an enemy's pod.

Fixed: You can now build engineless ships from the Base / Build Ship screen. Building a ship this way will now observe reserve levels for repair and ordnance. Cyborg will properly pull convert colonists into crew for new ships when needed.

Fixed: You no longer double your money at a base whenever Amorphous Worms eat it.

Fixed: You will get a log message when you sweep a cloaked minefield. The minefield owner will get a message.

New: Any players with bases on a planet that is destroyed by a super laser will be notified.

New: Centaurs gain 5% bonus to gather contraband from the planet per Racetrack.

New: Contraband Dust Off will no longer be blocked by allied bases.

New: Cyborg assimilate using Colonists, Crew, and Troops instead of only Colonists.

New: Message sent to attacker when sabotage ship spy attack fails completely.

New: Native Dust Off will no longer be blocked by allied bases.

New: Oberth Class Assaultship has a Dust Off (in the code; not in the race pack).

New: Protomatter Cannon now requires a kill target of an asteroid to reform it into a planet. A super weapon message is broadcast when used. Any players with bases on the asteroid will be notified.

New: Ship experience is used to see if a ship hit with a tachyon emitter will get a log message.

New: Ship Logs spy attack made more useful by providing full contact info on the target ships.

New: Solar Gamma Ray previously would increase Crystal population by 20%. A new limit has been placed on this so that up to 100k colonists maximum will be created.

New: Spy spending report shows investment made and mana increase.

New: Tech Institute can now be turned on/off.

New: The target of chunnel must have less than 50% control system damage to function.

New: When an asteroid becomes a planet by genesis, base owners will get a message.

New: When the Centaurs have no PSP and have 250k colonists then they have a 20% chance of their colonists building them a free PSP. When there is no racetrack and there are at least 400k colonists, then there is a 20% chance that the colonists will build them a free racetrack. When there is no marketplace and there are at least 1 million colonists then there is a 25% chance that the colonists will build them one for free.

New: Wings over a base will observe reserve levels for high guard. If a wing ends up with more than 1 high guard then other wings in the area are looked at to see if they need a high guard. If there are no wings in need of high guard then any excess are placed into a base if available.

New: You will automatically get a scan of bases on the same planet where you have a base.

Changed: Bases with a Scanner building will have a longer range than 10 when looking for other bases.

Changed: Insectoid Nest will not convert natives or prisoners into Insectoids if it will put the number of Insectoids over 50 million.

Changed: Steal ship plans spy attack requires that a ship be within 45 ly of an enemy ship. The attacker's ship must not have any hull plans in it already. The attacker will receive the hull plan on the attacking ship; not any available ship in the fleet.



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