May 13th, 2007

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.202

Fixed: POW POD bug, all life forms in a life pod are treated as prisoners, by mistake

Fixed: Bug, all type 2 mechs act as Plasmatons for all races (Should be only Birdmen type 2 mechs)

Fixed: Robot Q Tanker bug

Fixed: Cyborg King vanishing from ship bug

New: PD weapons slightly weaker against fighters

New: Fighters slightly stronger against other fighters

New: Sandcasters slightly weaker against wings that are over 200 fighters in size

New:: For every 10000 prisoners held by anyone anywhere all Evil Empire players get a 1% increase in resource points with a limit of 200% normal.

April 29th, 2007

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.201

Fixed: Evil Empire Crawlers build up to a maximum of 50 million
Battlebots and Battle Tanks.

Fixed: Building fighters or mechs will limit to 50 million and won't
over spend if you attempt to queue up more to be purchased. A log
message will only be sent if at least 1 is built.

Fixed: A base would have to have less than 1 million duranium to be
able to build new armor. A new way of protection against exceeding
the variable's limit was put in so this restriction wasn't in place.
A log message will only be sent if at least 1 armor is built. Armor
in a base is limited to 1 billion.

Fixed: Small weapons, point defense weapons, large weapons, super
weapons, engines, hyperdrives, shields, and generators are limited to
1 billion per type in a base. A log message will only be sent if at
least 1 is built.

Fixed: Cities, undercities, farms, smelters, mineral mines, training
centers, public space ports, med lab, ship repair shop, ordnance
plant, government center, scanner, anti-aircraft guns, laser cannons,
base shield, ion cannons, and race structures are now switched on
when first built. The only exceptions are Insectoid Nest, Ground
Sweeper, and Terraformers which will remain off when first built.
Terraformers will start with a setting to match the favored climate
of the race. Med lab setting = 0, Repair Shop setting = 1, Ordnance
Plant setting = 1, and Government Center setting = 0.

Fixed: When bases merge, the maximum number of natives of each type
is limited to 50 million. The happiness of natives will merge based
on the population of natives and their respective happiness level.
Solorians will have their natives limited to 100 happiness. Colonist
happiness and crime will merge based on the population and their
respective happiness/crime levels. Crime will not exceed 1000. Ore,
metals, fuel, food, med, contra, repair, and megacredits are limited
to 1 billion. Repair units weren't merging previously. Base
structures are limited to 10k. Personnel and prisoners are limited to
50 million. Queued builds will be merged. On/off status of buildings
will be merge. Slider-bar settings of government center, ordnance
plant, etc will be merged. Reserve levels will be set to the higher
of the two bases.

Fixed: Cloaked ships no longer break a blockade.

Fixed: Resource points are recovered as your objects are destroyed.

Fixed: Labor Camp: Evil Empire bonus really wasn't taking full

Fixed: IMT government center transfer to own bank now deducts the
money transferred from the base's bank.

Fixed: Base Shield can now use 10 neutronium to power itself when
there is only 10 neutronium available. Previously, 11 neutronium had
to be available.

Fixed: Allies are no longer able to buy/sell contraband for you.

Fixed: Previously any Tachyon Emitter ship in the hands of the Feds
would receive the "Loki" ability to find the Darkwing, Darkwing G,
and Resolute. Now it is truly only a Loki in the hands of the Feds

Fixed: When a Tachyon Emitter increases the sensor profile of an
object above 400 it is now "laser tagged" for Stellar Matter
Launchers and Gun Zeros as it should have been.

Fixed: A Q Tanker in the hands of a Robot with less than 25% control
system damage will reduce the sensor profile of Robot hulls 89
through 96 to a profile of 5.

Fixed: Exotic Tech to decrease the sensor profile of fighters now
works as expected.

Fixed: A ship with a cloaking device will now cloak if it has exactly
enough fuel to cloak. Previously it needed 1 extra.

Fixed: If a ship has 100% or more control system damage then it will
have a scan range of 0.

Fixed: Exotic Tech to decrease the sensor profile of minefields now
works as expected.

Fixed: An error when ships are scanning for minefields and bases has
been fixed.

Fixed: Contact data of wormholes, jumpgates, planets, and unowned
wreckage is now being shared. Full data as if you were "on the
planet" is not yet shared.

Fixed: Holo Jammer will now work with only 10 fuel instead of
requiring at least 11 fuel to be on the ship.

Fixed: When you change your tax policy, it will take effect before
collecting taxes. There is no longer a 1 turn delay.

Fixed: Cloakers will be able to have their cloaking devices turned
off prior to the blockade check.

Fixed: Contraband lockdown can be turned on/off prior to someone
making a transaction.

Fixed: Base command codes are applied prior to ship launch (useful
for NOO command).

Fixed: Contraband is now sold prior to ship launch so that that money
will be available for ship launch.

Fixed: Ships, bases, and wings can now get one last scan after all
wormholes have moved, space objects have moved through
wormholes/jumpgates, bases have channeled, etc.

Fixed: Ship repair now occurs after anything that can damage ships
has happened, such as Gun Zero, Stellar Matter Launcher, etc.

New: ATF, USA, A51, CIA, KGB command codes produces log message and
resets command code to AAA.

New: Base Chunnel requires that the channeling ship have control
system damage less than 50%. You can chunnel a base that is not at
war with you if you match the friendly code of your ship to the base.
A base command code of NCH will prevent base chunnel. An enemy player
will receive a base log message when a base has channeled to the
planet that they are on.

New: When there are no Cyborg bases and no King, then a King will
appear on a ship.

New: Training Centers: Aczanny no longer train any crew whatsoever in
Training Centers. Training will no longer exceed 50 million personnel
of any single type.

New: Smelter: Will no longer smelt odd amounts of ore. Double penalty
for excessive smelters removed. The only penalty now is when there
are over 5 smelters while there are over 400k colonists present in a

New: Mineral Mines: Double penalty for excessive mineral mines
removed. The only penalty now is when there are over 20 while there
are over 600k colonists in a base.

New: Public Space Port: Cyborg spaceports will no longer attract new
natives except for Amorphous Worms, Siliconoids, and Chupanoids.
Aczanny no longer attract Insectoids.

New: Resort: The number of resorts active is rounded down if proper
food and supplies cost is not available.

New: Government Center: The maximum amount of megacredits able to be
transferred to the galactic bank is forced to 10k.

New: Several new base log messages added to detail effects of
buildings, devices, etc.

New: When the Ground Sweeper destroys your minefields, you will
receive a message.

New: Since only 1 Infernorator will work at a base, if you purchase
excess of 1 then your money is refunded.

New: Planets will mask the sensor profile of jumpgates, wormholes,
and pods if they are at a planet (within 2 ly).

New: The income generated from Gold Pods selling contraband to a base
is limited to the number of "rogue colonists" at the base. The number
of rogue colonists increases when colonist happiness is less than 80.
They will increase by (colonists / 1000) * ((100 - happiness) / 100)
every turn up to a maximum of 1 million. This can range from an
increase of 210 rogues at 79 happiness to 4000 at -300 happiness.

Fixed: Systems that don't exist in a ship cannot be damaged (engines,
shield generator, hyperdrive).

Fixed: Targetting of bases during combat was increased when your own
base was present.

Fixed: Combatants will become aggressive with the race that fired
upon them if one side of the combatants have their Attack setting off.

Fixed: RCS firing their PBC without the ordnance requirement.

Fixed: Destroyed pods no longer linger around the map for 20 ticks.

Fixed: ECM Jammer not working on enemy wings.

Fixed: Some missile shots from wings weren't drawn the proper color
in the VCR.

Fixed: A ship crippled by the Enforcers super laser is removed from
the VCR screen.

Fixed: Refresh of updated fighter statistics increased in VCR.

Changed: Chance to hit Ion Cannons using super weapons increased by

New: Ships that are set for the same attack vector won't enter combat
in exactly the same position any longer.  They'll be spread out a
little across that vector.

New: Each high guard pilot in a wing has a 30% chance to escape back
to a base when destroyed.

New: Each high guard in a base has a 10% chance to escape to another
base when destroyed.

New: Draconian Rostov has 60% of hitting an incoming PTT after all
other options have failed.

New: Base AA Guns can be destroyed by small, large, and super weapons.

New: Draconian Rostov destroys 3 fighters per PD shot instead of just
  Turbo lasers from the Rostov destroy 9 per shot.

New: Small fighter wings no longer have an advatange over larger fighter wings when it comes to weapon energy production

Fixed: Low levels of supplies causes terraformers to do insane things, like cooling a base by a negative amount (heating it)

New: Limits on how much money you can make selling contraband to enemy bases added

New: Planets hide pods

New: Added a little randomness to the position of ships with an attack vector set so they don’t all appear right on top of each other. 

New: Damage to a base can cause AAA guns to be destroyed

New: Draconian Rostov x3 wing kill with PD by newsgroup request.

New: Gave HG a chance to escape from wings and bases upon destruction

New: If Cyborg have no bases and no king, a king will appear on a ship if they still have ships

Fixed: Robot Q tanker failing to cloak nearby objects

Fixed: Stealth fighter exotic tech not working

Fixed: Prison camp death rate used twice by mistake on enemy colonists

Fixed: Stealth minefield exotic tech not working

Fixed: Sensors mistakingly work with system damage of over 100%

Fixed: During base merges happiness and crime were summed together. I changed happiness and crime to adjust according to the ratio of population x happiness over total population. So a small base of 1 guy that has a happiness of -300 wont affect a base of 1 million with a better happiness. When capturing bases, the colonists will be 0, so that will cancel out its happiness, which we want.

Fixed: Repair wasn’t merging. I set up a little bit of code to move the old log files for the other base(s) to the new base.

Feb 7th, 2007

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.062

New: Updated CVS output, more data included

Planet.csv: Added HD Inertia and any planets that you have a poor
scan of.  Those that you have a poor scan of show up as "systems" on
your galactic map.  In the export, the "state" entry will be -1
(unknown state), since 0 is normal planet and 1 is asteroid belt.

Ship.csv: Added crew, fuel & ordnance settings for fleet, repair
switch settings, transport mode (1 = jettison), and autopilot mode.

Base.csv & Base4.csv: Added native happines, crime.

Buoy.csv: Name, Message, ID, Serial, X, Y, Owner, Power (time
remaining in play).  You will only get a list of those that you have
scanned or have access to.

Contact.csv: ID, Serial, Flavor (2 = High Energy contact, 5 = Low
Energy contact, 4 = Unknown), X, Y, Waypoint, Speed, Name
(always "Unknown")

Minefield.csv: Owner, ID, Serial, Flavor (bitfield where 1 = Grav, 2
= Barb, 4 = Laser, 8 = Web), Command (bitfield where bit 0 = Active,
bit 1 = Cloaked), Radius, X, Y, Power (time remaining in play)

Player.csv: Name, Number, Race.  And for yourself: Attack Switches,
Share Contact Switch, Share Ship Contact Switch, Share Base Info
Switch, Share Drawing Switch, Allow Commands Switch, UFC, UFC Timer,
Tech Levels, Exotic Techs, Galactic Bank Money, Tax Policy, Spy
Target, Spy Mana, Spy Switches (bitfield where bit 0 = Sabotage
Bases, bit 1 = Gather Intelligence, bit 2 = Ship Movements, bit 3 =
Incite Disorder, bit 4 = Ship Intercept Logs, bit 5 = Sabotage Ships,
bit 6 = Steal Ship Plans), Spy Funding, Current Contraband Prices. 
Most of these switches are bitfields with player numbers that you are
affecting with the switch.

Pod.csv: Lots of information here.  Basically all of the different
pod data is put into one sheet where any common data is put into the
same column.  Special entries: command (bitfield where bit 0 =
orbital thrusters, bit 1 = self destruct, bit 4 = transfer to ship),
control switches (bitfield, which is different for each pod type). 
Construction Pod bitfield: bit 0 = Transfer Dur, bit 1 = Xfer Trit,
bit 2 = Xfer Mol, bit 3 = Xfer cash, bit 4 = Xfer plans, bit 5 =
Delete plans.  Ore: none.  Life Pod bitfield: bit 0 = Xfer crew, bit
1 = Xfer troops, bit 2 = Xfer colonists, bit 3 = Xfer guard, bit 4 =
carbon freeze.  Assault Pod bitfield: bit 2 = Board enemy ship. 
Outfit Pod bitfield: bit 8 = Move old to new, bit 9 = upgrade ship,
bit 10 = push/add parts.  Native: none.  Resupply Pod bitfield: bit 0
= Xfer fuel, bit 1 = Xfer ord, bit 2 = Xfer sup, bit 3 = Xfer
repair.  Gold Pod bitfield: bit 0 = Cloak.  Wreckage bitfield: bit 0
= Salvage.

Wing.csv: Owner, ID, Name, Log, Serial, Number of each type, Mass,
Speed, HG, Fuel, X, Y, Mission (apparently unused), Waypoints,
Intercept Range, Attack Switch (bitfield where bit 0 = Quick Strike,
bit 1 = Anti-fighter, bit 2 = Ground Strike, bit 3 = Close to Point
Blank, bit 4 = Deadly First, bit 5 = Soft First, bit 6 = Closest
First, bit 7 = Do Not Launch, bit 9 = Do not fire at disabled),
Ordnance, Kill Target, Friendly Code, Dock Target, Intercept Target,
Docked To, Command (bitfield where bit 0 = Attack Enemies, bit 1 =
Auto Intercept, bit 2 = Scanners, bit 3 = ID Transmitter), Command


Fixed: Start Planets --> Files --> Select Slot --> Rst Path --> Mouse-Wheel-Down --> "Run Time Error '68' Device unavailable --> Crash (Sometimes with Mouse-Wheel-Up, too) (C0003: Crash when using Mousewheel)

Fixed: Help button links player to help web page ( C0035: Help Button )


Fixed: When you first open the Ship Groups screen, it doesn't activate the 1st ship group, so when you exit the ship group after adding ships to the 1st ship group, you lose your group. The code only saves ship groups that are active. ( C0036: Saving Ship Groups )

Nov 5th, 2006

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.200

New: Nothing new, this revision number was skipped

Nov 5th, 2006

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.199

Fixed: IMT gets free money using money transfer powers

New: Draconians get better starting ships (Master 4.000.199)

New: A sand caster shot can only take out a maxium of 30 fighters with a single shot

New: Large ships are better able to resist the fire power of small fighter wings, large ships are able to take a hits one their shields from small wings and loose very little if any shield power. Large fighter wings can blast right through shields because of their concentrated firepower. Armor and ship hulls are also resistant to the limited firepower of small wings.

New: Large fighter wings retarget more quickly than small wings, after blasting a target to bits they are better able to find a new target to hit.

New: Wings that outnumber enemy wings by better than 2 to 1 are able to overwhim the smaller wings, the worse the outnumbeing the worst thing get for the smaller wing.

New: Cyborg assimulate enemy mechs at a rate of 10% of the number of assimulator units owned. The newly assimulated units are transformed into assimulators

Oct 31st, 2006

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.198

Fixed: Large groups of Ion cannons firing when ord is all used up

Fixed: Point defense bonus based on ship mass instead of hull mass

Fixed: Damaged small weapons still firing


Fixed: High Guard not getting any spacial powers in combat


Fixed: Alien hulls owned by the crystals incorrectly getting the zero ord bonus for the alien hull's super weapon


Fixed: Base ion cannons continue to fire after the ord has run out


Fixed: Anti matter mauls yielding fuel when used on solorian ships


Fixed: Anti matter maul overloading the cargo holds of the firing ship's holds and fuel tank


Fixed: Ord levels for wings during combat


Fixed: Glory devices on ships not owned by the stormers are able to avoid combat (Only the Stormers should be able to do that)


Fixed: Probe Launcher scanning your own bases


New: The IMT race can transfer money from their government centers to another player's central bank account using the desired race number as the base command code. For example 007 would transfer money to player 7.


New: Home guard fighter wings attack mode is automatically on


New: Wings are allowed to turn off combat settings and refuse to fight back when fired on


New: Captured Solorian ships have no fuel


New: Lowest odds of small weapons hitting its target limited to 1%


New: Lowest odds of a large weapons hitting its target limited to 1%


New: Combat code, check target order ramdized


New: Enemy assault units block the Cyborg from assimulating a base.


New: Sandcasters 3 times better at killing wings that consist of less than a total of 50 fighters (mixed)


New: Sandcasters 3 times worse at killing wings that consist of more then 100 fighters (mixed)


New: Groups of 200 or more fighters (of the same type) get a 20 point boost to the beam hit odds against ships


New: Groups of 400 or more fighters (of the same type) get a 30 point boost to the beam hit odds against ships


New: Groups of 500 or more fighters (of the same type) get a 35 point boost to the beam hit odds against ships


New: Groups of 200 or more fighters (of the same type) get a 30 point boost to the beam hit odds against enemy fighters


New: Groups of 400 or more fighters (of the same type) get a 50 point boost to the beam hit odds against enemy fighters


New: Groups of 500 or more fighters (of the same type) get a 65 point boost to the beam hit odds against enemy fighters


New: Ships with a hull mass of over 500kt can crash through web mines and only have a 10% chance that a web mine hit will stop the ship


New: Ships with a hull mass of over 400kt take less damage from Barbitic mine hits, maximum damage is now ((100 / Mass) * 80 * Rnd


Aug 19th, 2006

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.197

Fixed: Virgo's Unicom never turns on.

Fixed: Ships not becoming fearful when shields are low as designed

New: You get planet stress messages at least one turn before the planet explodes in the event that an astroid turns into a planet.

New: Death rate from crime cut in half

New: Crime fighting powers of troops doubled

New: Crime fighting powers of high guard increased by a factor of 10

New: The amount of money gained when you sell contraband from a gold pod to an enemy base depends on the contraband likes of the target. If they have a 0 contraband like you will get 50% market value for the item, if they have a 100 contraband like rating you will get 250% market value.

New: Contraband gold pod sell range increased to 120 LY.

New: If you land a prison pod on a planet that you do not have a base a prison base will form, the prisoners are no longer simply set free.

What is new in Master.exe Version 4.000.189

New: Race 818 starting ships added

May 21st, 2006

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.196

New: Ships that enter a jump point may not hyper jump again in the same turn using its own engines

New: You must reduce the colonist population to under 2000 before you can give the base away.

New: Spy scanners no longer scan your own bases

New: You can not GBA to a friend ( Give base away ) if an enemy has a base on the same planet, you can not
give a base to an enemy.

New: Bases with a Peaceful setting get a 50% troop attack bonus

New: Bases with a Roaming Defense setting get a 40% troop attack bonus

New: Bases with a Deep Ground Patrol setting get a 30% troop attack bonus

New: Bases with an Attack and Run setting get a 20% troop attack bonus

New: Bases with a Peaceful setting loose 25% more colonists than normal when attacked

New: Bases with a Roaming Defense setting loose 10% more colonists than normal when attacked

Fixed: Math error in VCR that caused ships to go ONE direction most of the time fixed

Fixed: Math error in PD weapons firing at fighters, the first PD fires can uncharged the higher slotted PD weapons

Update: Bases with an attack mode of peaceful get a 5 point growth rate bonus, reduces crime by 1 and increases happiness by 1 point.

Update: Only Birds, Stormers, and  Aczanny can use Transphased World Crusher Exotic Tech

New: Limit on how many engines Ghipsoldals can build you raised to 5000 (from 50)


New: Limit on how many weapons Amphibians can build you raised to 5000 (from 50)


New: Fighters only fire at one of three enemy fighters types, instead of the old way where the fighters would fire at all three of the enemy fighters. This removed the DISADVATAGE of mixing fighters types in a wing. There is a 60% type-1, 25% type-2, and 15% type-3 will be fired at. If there are no type 1’s left type 2’s will be fired at.


Changed: The power of bad contraband (the stuff the enemy sells your bases using gold pods) to raise your crime rate has been reduced to a limit of around 10 crime points a turn.


Jan 4th, 2006

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.060

Fixed: File not found error 53 when VCR starts (due to a new way that windows is locking files)


Dec 20th, 2005

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.195

New: When a planet explodes due to stress all natives die

New: Only Birds can use Transphased World Crusher Exotic Tech

New: Option to turn off Hacker Droids using HCONFIG

New: Small weapon power against shields increased from 50% to 75% effective

New: Heavy orbital bombardment will kill at least 1 crew on the base.

New: Heavy orbital bombardment will kill at least 1 troop on the base.

New: Bases with an attack mode of peaceful get a 20 point growth rate bonus, reduces crime by 1 and increases happiness by 1 point.

New: Attack mode 4 ( Crush Kill Destroy ) and mode 5 (Capture ) case a 2 point drop in happiness

New: New ships are loaded with ORD, if the base has enough ord to fill the ship, to stop the base from loading ord set the command code to NOO

New: New ships are loaded with repair units, if the base has enough repair units to fill the ship, to stop the base from loading repair units ( and ord ) set the command code to NOO

New: The amount of happiness lost due to an enemy holding prisoners is based on the percentage of population that the enemy is holding. If they are holding more than 20% of your population you can loose 50 happy points on 30% of your bases.

New: If you send lots of unhappy colonists into space the happiness of landing colonists will over time decrease if you send lots of happy colonists into space the happiness of landing colonists will increase.

New: If a base holding prisoners is the victim of an enemy blockade the prisoners will escape and form a new attack base on the planet.

New: Ships start out with their sand casters, ion weapons and super weapons on by default

New: You will no longer receive a message that tells you where your prisoners are being held

Fixed: A.I. has the power to transfer too much money from a base to the central bank

Fixed: A.I. overloading life pods with more than 400000 colonists

Fixed: A.I. building mostly speed 13 ships

Fixed: A.I. turning all the Duranium into repair units

Fixed: A.I. setting the factory supply build orders to 100 when it has more than 100 factories.

Fixed: A.I building a second repair plant

Fixed: A.I. only increasing 1 tech level at a time when it has the money to do many at once

Fixed: A.I. using worst parts first instead of best parts first

Fixed: A.I. building training centers on home world and hurting growth rate.

Fixed: A.I. only building 1 city per turn, even when the base has the supplies and money to build more

Fixed: A.I. sending pods of colonists on very long and dangerous pod boost trips.


Sept 5th, 2005

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.194

New: Cyborg can not assimilate Cyborg

New: An enemy base on a planet can block a native dust off

New: Undercities protect colonists in bases that get hit with an orbital bombardment

New: Docking pods get one extra chance to dock before Quick Hyp Jump ships leave or any ships move, this should fix the problem with ships leaving without their pods.

New: Emotion chips stored on a robot base will cause Robot happiness to improve and crime to drop. Fifty units if Emotion chips per 100,000 colonists will cause a 1 unit drop in crime and a 1 unit increase in happiness.

New: Solorians can not turn on Tank-O-Tronic cloning exotic tech

New: When two bases merge, the new base will have the command code and the friendly code of the base that had the most colonists at the time of the merge.

New: Ships are not loaded up with ord or repair units when they are first built, you will have to load those items yourself.

Fixed: Holo decoys interfering with your own Torpedoes

Fixed:  Dark wing G not getting bonus for attacking birdmen hulls owned by another player

Fixed: Robot data leak that causes ships to show up as unknown contacts

Fixed: Fighter wings hitting targeting bonus when the target has high guard aboard (WRONG!)

Fixed: Your own holo decoys cause your weapons to mess their targets.

Fixed: Wings with low combat quickness not moving!

Changed: Bad blood removed from Gold pods selling contraband to enemy bases, you are allowed
 to sell 1 contraband unit per 1000 colonists on the target base.

Changed:  Erase plans function moved to the beginning of the host run, it should work better

Changed: Bad Blood factor removed from the game

Changed: Labor mine and labor camp math changed, (Reduced to make up for the removal of bad blood and riots)



April 15th, 2005

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.193

Fixed: Bug in ground combat that was causing less colonists, crew and troops to be lost then should be.

Fixed: Bad transporter bug that produced large numbers of high guard.

New: Robot Q Tanker can mask the sensor image of Robot ships within 100 LY, giving them a sensor image of only 5

New: Robots can cloak mines

New: Colonists on Colony of Man ships produce an income of 200mc per 100000 colonists.

New: All races can sweep cloaked mines with a 25% success rate

New: Base ION Cannons only work when the shield is turned off

New: Ships with a hull mass over 690 have improved PD systems, ships with a hull mass over 1200 have an improved PD system and ships with a hull mass over 1800 have an even better PD system

New: Fighter and ship combat logic improved.

Changed: Base ION Cannons use 10 ord per shot

Changed: Minefield power increased, they do more damage when you hit them.

Changed: Glory device will only kill 15,000 worms per blast

Changed: Spice production reduced

Changed: Robot mine sweeping of cloaked mines only works 25% of the time instead of 100% of the time.

Changed: Energized sand toned down. it does not work 100% of the time anymore


March 1st, 2005

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.189

Fixed: Labor camps over producing credits

Fixed: Labor mines over producing credits

Changed: Colonists in pods have more importance when calculating your number of resource points. They are now worth about
40% what colonists in a base are worth.

Feb 16th, 2005

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.188

New: If warp chunnel fails do to lack of fuel you get a log message

New: Gathering stuff from a planet rate now limited bay number of colonists

New: Only COM owned Virgos give fighters and ships minefield immunity

Changed: You no longer get hit with crime for selling contraband

Changed: The crime effects of selling contraband using a gold pod scaled back

Fixed: Boarding laser causing boarding to fail do to a negative number error.

Fixed: QTanker not refueling fighters

Fixed: Having less than 100 Labor Mines on a planet caused 100% death rates among crew, troops and high guard prisoners.

Feb 16th, 2005

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.059

Fixed: Minister enable and planet AVOID using the same data bit, you switch one your end up switching the other.

Jan 29th, 2005

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.187

Fixed: Host crashes when wing tries to dock with itself

New: RST file size should be much smaller now

Jan 22nd, 2005

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.057

New: Ship have a new combat setting that allows them to AVOID combat with an enemy base they are over, when this attack setting is one the ship CAN NOT use its large weapons to damage the enemy base.

New: Ground bases have a highly experimental attack option CAPTURE. Your troops kill far less enemy colonists and take 3 times normal losses. This attack is very useful when attacking enemy bases that are almost all colonists.

Jan 22nd, 2005

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.186

Fixed: Weird things happen when Cyborg capture a ship that has high guard aboard.

New: Ground base capture setting added

New: Fighter wings that are NOT set to attack ground targets will STAY AWAY from the base to avoid AAA fire.

New: Ships can avoid attacking the base under the ship, when the ship is set to avoid the base the large weapons can NOT be used to fire at the base.

New: Robot nest powers increased to taking 3% (was a random 0.00% to 3%) of all enemy colonists in range and has the side effect of killing an extra 4.5%.
If you are in the circle of robot nest death you will loose 7.5% of your colonists per turn.

New: The range of the robot nest is based on turn number and number of insects and colonists on the base. The nest range has a minimum range of 30LY and a maximum range of 400 LY. At the beginning of the game the range will be about 100LY around the home world at turn 60 the range will be about 400 LY around all high population planets.

A = SQR(Colonists + Insectoids) / 5

B = 100 + Turn_Number * 5

If A < B then nest range is A.
If B < A then nest range is B.

The base will get a log message telling you the current nest range.

New: Warrior Shuttle resistant to barbitic minefield detonations.

New: The Robot Q Tanker is very hard to see, it has a sensor profile of only 5 at all times.

New: The Robot Q Tanker refuels fighter wings out to a range of 100 LY

Jan 6th, 2005

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.056

New: Crime shown on contraband sell/buy page

New: Ministers avoid letting your crime level get above 100 when they are selling all your contraband

New: Contraband page will show you how much crime will increase if you sale an item of contraband

New: Ship and Base overview screens stay open when switching between enemy ships and bases

New: Crime level shown on main overview screen

New: When view destroyed planets using the data pads all data screens and buttons are now active

New: The find object screen now has a clear boxes button.

New: Resource ring display shows crime levels (Under misc)

New: Ship and Base screen have red outlines when viewing enemy objects

Jan 4th, 2005

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.185

Fixed: Transporter bug that causes ships without boarding lasers to fail to transfer cargo to and from a planet that they are leaving.

New: Robot insect nest range reduced to 200 ly

Jan 3rd, 2005

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.184

New: Gambling deck ships generate 2 points of crime on bases they are over.

New: The power of weapons to push back an enemy ships decreased by 50% and ship with a mass over 900 are immune.

New: Show lounge ships generate 2 points of crime on bases they are over.

New: Crime rate no longer effects the amount you get from selling contraband

New: Criminals steal contraband from bases with high crime. (50% chance that 5% will be taken if there is over100 crime)

New: If you have a crime level above 100 contraband will be stolen when you launch a pod of contraband.

New: High Guard are much better at fighting crime, the more you have the better they get. The more crime you have the better they get.
If you have 10000 crime and 10000 HG they will drop crime by 1000 points.
If you have 100 crime and 100 HG they will drop crime by 8 points.

New: Troops are much better at fighting crime.
If you have 10000 crime and 1000000 troops they will drop crime by 500 points.

New: Privateers move crime around. . . if they have a base within 200LY they might take 10% of your crime away from you and give it out to another base in the area.

New: If a ship has less than 50% crew its weapons will begin to malfunction during combat. The percentage crew that you have is the percentage chance that a weapon system will work.

New: Robots have a new method of fighting crime

New: Cyborg have a new method of fighting crime

New: Robot insect nests kill more enemy colonists. Three times what they did before. Income and insect production remains the same.

New: No more free lunch ( 5kt of food ) when beaming colonists down to a new world. You have to bring food with you now. If you beam down colonists and suddenly next turn they are all gone, it might be because you forgot to bring food.

Fixed: People can beam fuel from friendly Solorian ships!

Fixed: Some really pycho-wierd bonehead logic flaw in transporter attemps is causing transporting and boarding to fail most of the time.

Master: Robot starting insectoid population changed to 50000 + 10% starting colonist population.

Dec 25th, 2004

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.183

New:When a base is captured by ground combat the crime from the base is spread about to all bases belonging to the victim race with in 800 LY. (Not enemy bases.)

Dec 25th, 2004

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.182

New:When a base is captured by ground combat the crime from the base is spread about to all bases with in 800 LY, both enemy and friendly bases. Your own bases get a dose of crime 5 times greater than what the enemy bases get.

New: Cantinas can be removed from a base using the base command code "ATF"

New: Crime rate increase by cantinas reduced.

New: Selling contraband generates 5 points of crime per type of contraband sold

New: Crime rates of over 100 begin to effect the amount you get from selling contraband

New: Crime rates of over 100 effects your income from cities (Undercities immune)

Dec 18th, 2004

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.181

Fixed: Figher combat logic messed up.

Fixed: Ship combat logic messed up.

Fixed: Ship stand off range not working

Fixed: Ships hitting two web mines in a single turn

Fixed: Ships intercepting ships and object that they can not see

Fixed: Cantinas produce the insane amounts of contraband and crime is a joke

New: Wings only auto intercept pods when target soft is on

New: Wings only auto intecept wings when target fighters is on

New: Wreckage is no longer auto intercepted

New: Mass effects how fast ship can change speed during combat

New: High Guard (10 or more) decrease crime rate

New: Troops (10000 or more) decrease crime rate.

Nov 28th, 2004

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.180

Fixed: Captured ships end up at (0,0)

Nov 28th, 2004

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.179

New: Ships and wings escorting ships with engines set at very high speed, but traveling a very short distance will us a special fuel saver mode to conserve fuel.

Fixed: Reticulian med lab producing more cargo than the ship can hold

Fixed: High guard blocking ground attacks when they should not be.

Fixed: Ships with no fuel and no crew are able to over power tractor beams.

Fixed: Host crashing due to "fuel from no where bug" being exploited.

Fixed: Fuel robber producing fuel from nowhere

Oct 23rd, 2004

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.178

New: Ship command code "REC" cause the ship to recharge a minefield within 200LY with fresh ord instead of dropping a new field. The type of minefield will be the type the ship is set to drop.

New: Outfit pod launching moved to before ship building to prevent quick build ships from using the parts that were suppose to be on outfit pods causing all sorts of strangeness, like pods not launching and then launching a few turns later after the required parts are built.

New: If a ship with a cloaking device makes over 400 point of sensor noise or gets tagged by a detonating laser mine gun zeros can target it.

New: Ship making less than 400 points of sensor noise and not lit up by detonating laser mines can not be targeted by the Solorian Stellar matter launcher.

Fixed: Prisoners not returning home after you took them back and prisoners not returning to your allies bases as they should. I keep getting a log message but nothing happens.

Fixed: If a ship is blasted with a laser mine detontation and made visible, it is immune to combat. (It should NOT be immune!)

Fixed: The Glory Device hull types 42 and 43 are not combat immune (as they SHOULD be) when the second wave switch is on.

Oct 21th, 2004

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.177

Fixed: The Cyborg king keeps disappearing and moving around and doing weird things when I put him on a ship.

Oct 20th, 2004

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.176

New: Virgo command code "LSD". If you have a waypoint that is less than 50 LY light speed cuts off to save fuel. The command code "LSD" (LIGHT SPEED DAG-NABIT!!!!) overrides lightspeed auto cut off so you can burn lots of fuel and go very short distances or no where at all. It also allows you to intercept or escort at light speed ships that begin the turn right next to you. If you do not use the LSD code your light speed will cut off if your waypoint is set to a distance less than 50 LY, because your ship thinks it is silly to burn all that fuel just to move 50 LY.

New: Aczanny ground combat units and troops now protect colonists from insectoid attacks.

New: Gun Zero and other special race buildings can be destroyed by blasting them from space.

Fixed: Minefield recharge function turning on by mistake.

Oct 11th, 2004

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.175

Fixed: Minefield load data error.

Oct 11th, 2004

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.174

New: Command code WPP (Waypoint Priority) causes ships to go to their waypoint before going to their intercept target or escort target. The ship will switch to the intercept or escort target as soon as waypoint is reached. A ship can move to a waypoint and then move in an intercept course during the same turn.

New: You can only launch a pod at an object that you can see. If you launch to an object that you can not see the pod will just go into orbit around the base that lauched it.

Fixed: Chupanoid natives are showing up on my home world planet!

Fixed: Robot ships taking too much damage from chain reaction nova barb mines.

Fixed: Solorian green home star heat level corrected. They where getting a green star with the wrong heat. 




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