April 23th, 2003

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.125

New: Cloaked ships burn cloak fuel

New: Stellar matter launcher will not harm docked pods and docked wings

New: Check for cargo pod docking with ship no longer stops attempting to dock after the first failure of
dock failure due to all pod bays being full. It will try every movement phase, just incase the ship drops some pods.

New: Captured ships stop dead in space after being captured with a transporter

New: If a ship's intercept target is destroyed the ship clears the intercept target

New: If a ship's escort target is destroyed the ship clears the escort target

New: If a ship's capture target is destroyed the ship clears the capture target

New: If a ship's kill target is destroyed the ship clears the kill target

New: Ships stop moving instantly when mine hits take the hull damage over 100%

New: Ships stop moving instantly when combat take the hull damage over 100% or engine damage over 100% or system damage over 80%

New: Spy attack turned off if a player misses 10 turns

Fixed: Ships near Virgo class not getting their minefield immunity

April 19th, 2003

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.124

New: You can not place your own ship plans on a pod that you are launching from an allies' base that has given you command powers

New: Ship command code "BUG" beam up food

New: Ship command code "BDG" beam down food

Fixed: Lizard selling the same Prisoners over and over and over again
(Colonists are worth 2.2 mc each)


April 17th, 2003

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.123

For the steal ship plans spy mission to work you must get a ship within 40 LY of a ship belonging to the enemy race that you wish to steal plans from

New: Siliconoid natives produce bonus ord units for all races that have them in their base.

New: Amphibians produce free weapons

New: Bovinoids can give a 50% discount on supply units

New: Reptilians can boost mining rates by 40%

New: Ship command code "BUC" beam up cash

New: Ship command code "BUF" beam up food

New: Ship command code "BDF" beam down food

New: Ship command code "BDC" beam down cash

New: Public space ports belonging to Enforcers no longer attract insectoids

New: Rebels now have a hard time detecting grav mines

New: New contraband pricing system

New: Lizards sell prisoners

Fixed: Bird bases immune to being attacked from space

Fixed: Crystals not immune to enemy boarding lasers

Fixed: Shieldless ships block boarding parties

Fixed: Hacker droids fail to get plans of ships more massive than what the tow beam can pull

Fixed: Virgo lightspeed not burning fuel

Fixed: Crystal X field not deleting hull plans on ships with a hull type greater than 50 that are holding plans in ship memory

Fixed: Low pop crystal games stuck with a resource point limit of only 50 for each Crystal player

March 16th, 2003

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.041

Outfit pod launching crashes the program

March 4th, 2003

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.040

New: Passwords can be placed on files (Under Options)

New: You can make Ship, Base, and Planet CSV files that can be imported into Microsoft Excel (Under Options)

New: You can draw dots on the map and send them to your friends (See pen tool on menu and send map drawings under races)

New: Tool that can draw circles around inportant resources on the map (See circles on menu)

New: Ships can be placed in groups and all be given orders at the same time (See groups on menu)

New: Holding down ALT allows you to build 10000 factories

New: Ship overview shows hyper jump range in LY under the hyper button

New: When cycling through ships with the device screen open it will no longer close if you come to a ship with no devices

New: You can not place colonists on an assault pod

New: You can launch "clones" of pods. A very quick way of launching a great number of exact copies of a pod.

New: You can build 999 fighters with one click

New: Mobile marts plant renamed mobile repair plant

New: Can race special race ship devices from the RCE file

New: Hot key "H" turns ship hyper drive on and off

Fixed: Crash error 70 on XP machines

Fixed: Hyper engine not clearing after launching an outfit pod

Fixed: Viper speed settings not working in Nav screen

Fixed: With two minefields selected one as hammer and one as anvil pulling up the anvil data pad only gives data on the hammer minefield

Fixed: Quick build things all generators are tech level 8

Fixed: Quick build generator and engine tech are mixed up sometimes

Fixed: Crash temp.bmp is missing!

Fixed: Canceling ship build does not return hyper drives to base

Fixed: Ship overview not accounting for Grav Acc speeds

Fixed: Soft spot wrong on data pad

Fixed: Scav race having access to the super weapon upgrade button

Fixed: Fighter fuel display wrong

Fixed: Data pad showing wrong climate for planets

Fixed: Ministers ignoring some good farm climate worlds for building farms

Fixed: Stand off range sometimes not saving

March 3rd, 2003

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.122

Fixed: Meteor class ships failing to move after hyper jumps

Fixed: Privateers stealing Solorian fuel

Fixed: Nova Barbs sending one too many messages

Fixed: X field not blocking ground chunnels

Fixed: Empty bases attacking with zero troop , colonists , crew or high guard in kill kill kill mode causing the enemy to rush home and not fight.
This happened about half the time.

Dec 29th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.121

Changed: Resource points from having 1 million colonists or more on a ship reduced from 50 to 20.

Dec 23rd, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.120

Fixed: Ships waypoints sometimes "getting stuck"
(A waypoint check was added at movement phase 2, just before hyperjumps and at phase 195)
A bug was fixed that caused ships to get stuck if the X part of the course is zero

Dec 21st, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.119

Fixed: Ships repairing damage that does not exist

Dec 20th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.118

Changed: Resource points awarded for colonists on ships reduced by half to 5 for each 100000 and 50 for a million or more on a ship

Changed: Robot resource point adjustment increased by 4 times the level in host 117 to 40% normal

New: Repair limit bonus factors:

Weapons: 20% Normal max repair rate
If your PC Factor is less than 80 max weapon repair is 40%
If your PC Factor is less than 40 max weapon repair rate is 60%

Shields: 20% Normal max repair rate
If your race's addiction to Grecken Blood Wine is less than 20 repair rate is 40%

Control Systems: 40% normal repair rate
If leadership greater than 90 repair rate is 80%

Hull: 20% max repair rate
If PR and Law are both greater than 80 max repair rate is 50%

Hyper Drive: 30% normal repair rate
If Force Good is greater than 20 max repair rate is 60%

Life Support: 10% normal repair rate
If PC Factor greater than 80 repair rate is 40%

Dec 17th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.117

Fixed: CRASH! Error: Contra Base ser num mismatch

Fixed: Error in ground combat code dealing with assualt craft attacking assualt craft

New: Repairs limited to Hyperdrive 30%, Hull 20%, Systems 40%, Weapons 20%, Life support 10% per turn

Oct 17th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.116

Fixed: Fast Hyp ships not moving after jump (Rebel Falcon, MCBR)

Oct 15th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.115

New: Solar Federation immune to boarding actions unless their ship is badly damaged

New: World crusher will not fire if the ship firing it has system or weapon damage

New: Most ships hyper jump at movement phase 100 and come to a complete stop after the jump, they do their normal warp movement before the jump

New: Meteor Class and Rebel Falcon Class ships jump before normal movement (phase 0) and have normal warp movement after the jump

New: Crystal X-Field block all Cyborg starting chunnels at a range of 100 LY and non-Cyborgs at a range of 200 LY

New: Crystal X-Field blocks all Cyborg ground chunnel jumps within 200 LY

New: Ships exiting a warp chunnel enter combat with 50% normal shield power

Changed: Cantina contraband output doubled

Changed: Privateer boarding power increased, if they have the ship plans on the attacking ship when they try to board a ship they will kill 120 enemy for every 1 attacker they send over.

Changed: Plan Naper device range increased to 150 LY

Changed: When a Cyborg loads troops onto a ship they are no longer converted into colonists, they remain troops

Fixed: Wing count in score file wrong

Fixed: Money tap device not stealing from resupply pod

Fixed: Nemesis torpedoes killing the wrong number of fighters

Fixed: Lizard ground combat bug, half the time the Lizards were not getting their special combat advantage

Sept 15th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.114

New: Cantina does not produce an insane amount of contraband anymore

Fixed: Host sometimes gets stuck in an endless loop of combat if there are lots of ships with just a few fighting during movement phase 199.

Aug 16th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.113

New: Robots feed 10% of prisoners to the insectoids

New: Base command code "USA" removes labor camps and labor mines from the base

New: Robot Gun Zero can only fire at ships that the base or ships in the area have scanned

New: If a player misses 10 turns in a row all races become an enemy and all data sharing is turned off

New: Landng pods land on the nearest planet instead of any planet within 3 LY

New: High guard ship boarding actions far more deadly for high guard on both ships

New: Cloning device high guard production limited to just 100 High Guard per turn

New: Ship command code "NOT" stops training of troops on Colonies of Man ships

New: RST YIG and TRN data formats (support for new features in next planets4.exe added)

Fixed: Bases with just High Guard vanish

Fixed: Pirate's cove switch fails to work

Fixed: Rebel Rxx code was allowing the other race to issue commands for the ship (which were ignored)

Fixed: Wings and pods hide the ship they are docked with

Fixed: Outfit pod sometimes fails to upgrade ships

July 15th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.112

Changed: Rebel powers to detect natives decreased to only planets within 300 LY of a Rebel base.

July 11th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.111

Fixed: Fighters vanish from planets after a very small fight that is so small that it does not even produce a VCR event

July 3rd, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.110

New: Laser drill can take more metals when there is just on type left in the planet

New: Rebel Race command codes for ships. Any rebel owned ship can pretend to belong to another race by using the command code "R##" on the ship, where ## is any number from 01 to 30. A command code of "R01" will cause the ship to appear to belong to race 1 when seen on the map or in combat. However the true race 1 will see you as your real race. If you enter combat with ships of the race you are pretending to be your cover will be blown and all will see you as your true race. You are immune to damage from hitting Barbitic and Nova Barbitics of the race you are pretending to be.

New: Rebel assault device destroys any shield on a base under the ship and can take out pod launchers, ion cannon and AA guns

New: Virgo light speed turns off after it is used once, unless the command code "LSP" is used to override this auto turn off.

New: Virgo light speed is turned off if the ship does not have enough fuel

New: Rebel type 3 fighters have ion cannon beam weapons that disable an enemy ships systems when the enemy ship's shields are down. Weapon ignores all armor.

New: Rebels can see any planet that has more than 100,000 natives on it (of one type)

New: Rebels can tell who is allied with who

New: Rebels make natives happy and natives on nearby non-rebel bases unhappy (they want to join the rebels)

New: Rebel bases on ice planets ( climate under 30 ) are very hard to see

New: Rebel bases on rain forest planets (climate 60 to 70) are very hard to see

New: Wing limits removed

New: Insectoid nest respect the base's tritanium reserve levels when building new robots

New: Scripted wormholes work even when all worm hole settings are off

New: New wings formed when a ship replenishes are given a high guard if the base has 5 or more of them

Fixed: Bases sometimes avoiding combat

Fixed: Small rounding error in movement with ships ending up 1 ly off of target waypoint

Fixed: Minefield recovery math wrong, was using old math

Fixed: Sand shields sometimes not working, sometimes an enemy that did not buy them has them

Fixed: Lack of food causing Robots to become unhappy

Fixed: Labor mines and labor camps are killing too many colonists

Fixed: Virgo light speed burns fuel when the ship has no waypoint set

Master New: If the no starting ships option is used the Colonies of Man get a base.

June 21st, 2002

What is new in Master.exe Version 4.000.052

Fixed: Rebel ships assigned to the wrong race

June 20th, 2002

What is new in Master.exe Version 4.000.051

New: Supports rebels

New: If the races are not given starting ships the Colonies of Man get a ground base

May 14th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.109

Fixed: Ground base combat surrender problems, overpowering attacking forces not capturing the enemy

May 11th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.108

Fixed: When tritanium is transfered from ship to ship there is no log message for the ship like ther is for the other metals

Fixed: Armor is not looking onto outfit pods

Fixed: Ships with damage not reducing speed

Fixed: Transporters cause ships to burn the wrong amount of fuel any time a transfer is complete

Fixed: Chupanoids only join bases when there are ghipsoldals on the planet (WRONG)

Fixed: Detonating laser fields are not destroying undocked wings

Fixed: Chapanoids not spreading to planets after the native pod they were in was destroyed

Fixed: Max Siliconiod growth rate at climate 0 instead of climate 100

New: New contraband price model

New: Chupanoids eat contraband

New: When a Cyborg is attacked in ground combat 20% of the colonists are instantly converted it troops

New: Cyborg change back into colonists at the rate of 5% per cycle

Changed: Glory devices only kill 50,000 amorphous natives at a time and no more

Changed: Colonists no longer can attack the enemy in a ground combat.

Changed: Prisoner death rate of between 0% and 20% for all labor camps and labor mines. ( 2% with 100 camps) and 20% with 1000 camps.