April 8th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.107

Fixed: Old problem that has been around for a long time, I can see my allies' bases but not the planets under
them this error can sometimes cause a bad record number error in planets4.exe and a crash when I try to view a friend's base.

New: Solorian collection arry does not recieve fuel from other ships using the transfer beam device

April 8th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.106

Fixed: Problem with the new "BUM" ( Beam up minerals ) ship command code not working correctly.

April 5th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.105

Fixed: Nasty bug that set all techs and gal credits to 0

Changed: Colonial starting Virgo Armor reduced to 2000 units, starting food reduced to under 1000 units and all starting wings reduced to 50 fighters each.

New: Pyramid Lounge produces a maximum of 10000mc per turn per ship. The sum of all the Pyramid Lounge ships can not exceed the races resource points times 100mc. Every 100 resource points allows one ship to produce a full 10000mc per turn.

New: A maximum of 1000 High Guard can be trained per base per turn, the base can train more High Guard if it has a food stock pile in excess of 1000 units. It can train 1 extra High Guard for every food unit over 1000 units it has. For example, if you have 20000 food units you can train 20000 High Guard a turn.

April 4th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.104

New: Pyramid Lounge produces a maximum of 10000mc per turn

New: A maximum of 1000 High Guard can be trained per base per turn, the base can train more High Guard if it has a food stock pile in excess of 1000 units. It can train 1 extra High Guard for every food unit over 1000 units it has. For example, if you have 20000 food units you can train 20000 High Guard a turn.

April 4th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.103

New: Pyramid Lounge produces a maximum of 1000mc per turn

New: A maximum of 1000 High Guard can be trained per base per turn

March 28th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.102

Fixed: Negative armor after combat

Fixed: Outfit pods allow oversized large weapons to be installed

Fixed: Empire labor camps not making 400% extra money

Fixed: Type 3 ground assault units suddenly change in number after ground combat

Fixed: Disabled Nova Barbitic mines still block hyperjumps

Fixed: Outfit pods can place any super weapon on any ship that can mount a super weapon

Changed: Lizard armor now has a 25% resistance to drain, instead of 50% resistance

New: A Crystal Light Ship with its X Field on causes all Colonies Of Man fighters to loose 75% accuracy
during combat

New: Virgo Unicom system causes all fighters belonging to the Virgo's race to have +20% beam accuracy and +30% missile accuracy

New: Virgo Light Speed device burns 1000kt of fuel and allows the ship to move at 400ly per turn

New: A Virgo with a fighter wing docked to it is immune to hitting all enemy minefields

New: Any Colonies Of Man ship starting movement at a Virgo Class ship with fighters is immune to hitting all
enemy minefields

New: Colonies Of Man Warrior Assault device destroys all enemy special race buildings on all bases within 10LY
this action happens after movement

New: Colonies Of Man fuel drill extracts 1000kt of fuel from a planet a turn

New: All Colonies Of Man ships train troops from colonists on ships at a rate of 0.005 per turn

New: All Colonies Of Man ships train crew at a rate of 10% of the ship's crew size per turn

New: Colonists grow at a rate of 0.015 on all Colonies Of Man ships

New: Colonists grow at a rate of 0.025 on a Gemini class ships owned by the Colonies of Man

New: Colonists grow at a rate of 0.050 on Sagittarius class ships owned by the Colonies of Man

New: The Virgo class trains High Guard from colonists at a rate of 5 guard per turn

New: The Virgo class gets a +5 armor drain bonus when it uses ord weapons (Large) against enemy ships and
+10 armor drain against Lizard and Robot Targets

New: The Virgo class gets a 2X blast bonus when ord using large weapon hit inside of an enemy ship

New: GalBank device places all the cash on a ship in the central galatic bank

New: GalDraw takes 10000 units from the central galatic bank and places the money on the ship

New: Special Ship devices GalDraw and GalBank only work for the Colonies Of Man

New: Only assault pods docked with your ship and belonging to an ENEMY race are destroyed

New: Ground assault units allowed to capture enemy bases

New: Captured pods stop moving

New: Solorian Fighter Type 1's have double missile range

New: Solorian Fighter Type 2's immune to enemy fighter missile fire

New: Ship command code BUF Beam up food

New: Ship command code BUM Beam up Metal

New: Mining efficiency for decreases as a square root for all mines over 100 on a base.

March 16th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.101d

Debug code, crash fixes.

Feb 15th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.101

Fixed: Native dustoff pods produce extra natives out of no where

Fixed: Smugglers Cantina causes a negative value for contraband on the planet

Fixed: Launching resupply pods results in free repair units

Fixed: Killing privateer colonists results in too much money.

Fixed: Robot Nova Barbitic mines have an extra 500 LY anti hyper radius

Fixed: Ship Ion weapons get stuck in "rapid fire mode"

New: Ground assault units 500X stronger vs colonists (Except Lizard Colonists)

New: Ground assault units 200X stronger vs crew (Except Lizard Crew)

New: Lizard can take an enemy base without having to destroy the enemy assault units

New: Lizard ship armor 50% resistant to enemy large weapon fire (armor drain)

New: Lizard ship armor 50% resistant to enemy large weapon fire exotics bonus (armor drain)

New: Lizard ship armor immune to small weapon exotic bonus (armor drain)

New: Lizard ship large weapons do 50X damage to enemy bases

Feb 8th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.099

Fixed: Contraband dustoff fails if there is more than 1000kt on the planet

Feb 7th, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.098

Fixed: Concussion rockets not shooting down sandcaster shots

Fixed: Ship based mining devices taking climates above 100

Fixed: Robot gun zero fires on friends

Fixed: Robots not taking 3% of colonists from other bases within 100 ly

Fixed: Gravitonic Accelerator not working on Scanvenger ships

Fixed: Ship to pod transfers allow pods to be overloaded

Fixed: Ships with over 100 damage entering combat causing dull fights

New: Base command code "EPA" causes the base to destroy all smelters and mines

New: Enemy wings dumped from your ship's fighter bays

New: If your base's happiness gets below 20 the colonists will start closing down mines at a rate of 10 a turn

New: All ground assault craft must be destroyed before a base will fall into enemy hands.
You can now land and attack with just ground assault units.

New: Cloaked ships immune to cargo grabbler

New: Contraband dustoff device limited to 1000kt of contraband cargo per turn

New: Native dustoff device limited to 400000 natives per turn

Jan, 22nd, 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.097

New: Robot R27 Raider has 100% perfect sand shield. Sand casters can not hurt it.

Changed: Amount of metals require to build 2000kt large weapons reduced to a more sane level

Fixed: Starting Troops on Robot starting ships reduced

Jan, 18th 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.096

Fixed: Host crash during movement phase 49

Fixed: Bases with Amorphous and no spice fail to produce more spice

Fixed: Fighters on bases double after base is attacked

New: Home Guard Fighters limited to a max of 20 wings of 1000 fighters

New: All Robot powers added

New: 1/2 UEA all contraband exotic tech costs half

New: UEA cities make double money

New: Fuel robber device does not work on cloaked ships

New: Cities no longer eat supplies each turn

Jan, 11th 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.095

Fixed: Contraband math error

Jan, 7th 2002

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.095

New: Lotus class gets starting med units for its bio computer

New: "JOE" command code on a chunnel ship stops undocked pods from leaving with the ship

New: New layer of contraband market price factors added

New: Worm hole ring (HCONFIG OPTION)

New: Limit on the number of allies you can have at once (HCONFIG OPTION)

New: Food is eaten at a rate of 1 food per 100,000 colonists (HCONFIG OPTION)

New: Must have 100 turns of food on a planet to have maximum growth rate (HCONFIG OPTION)

New: Privateer Pirate's coves steal food from enemy bases

New: Ground base laser cannons much more powerful (Kill 100 troop, 120 crew and 500 colonists)

New: Base AA Guns increase in power (20% more ) and accuracy ( 25% more)

New: Ship point defense systems increased in range (30%) and accuracy (20%)

Fixed: Empire's special starting shuttle showing up at (x,x) instead of (x,y)

Fixed: You get way too much booty sometimes when you kill a Privateer base

Fixed: You sometimes get no booty at all when you kill a Privateer base

Fixed: Scavenger's Forgotten Junk can't be used as a chunnel target

Fixed: Contraband dust off pods sometime start with their sell target set

Fixed: Reticulian beam not taking enemy colonists when there are less than 50,000 left

Fixed: Fighters failing to launch from ships that have moved into combat

Fixed: Coalition Plasma Enhansers

Fixed: Lotus class using last of med to grow armor

Nov 22th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.094

New: Weighted resource math. Races with low growth rates give a bonus in the resource point area.
Draconians get a 26.25% bonus
Evil empire gets a +18.75% bonus
Enforcers get a +11.25% bonus
Cyborg get a +10% bonus (Special case)

Crystals get a 56.25% cut in resource points
Scavengers get a 45% cut
Privateers get a 33.75% cut
Birds get a 21% cut
Feds get a 15% cut
University gets a 15% cut
Stormers get a 11.25% cut
Lizards get a 7.5% cut

It is uses a math system that gives the race's growth rate a 75% weight factor
Resource score = (Res * 0.25) + (Res * (200 - Race_GrowthRate) / 100 * 0.75)

The above is not your number of resource points it is your score that is used when the total pot of resource points are divided up.

New: Solorian Orbital Miner laser drill given extra drilling power of 10000 ore a turn

New: Tech Instatute contraband production no longer stops when there are 1000 units of contraband on a base

New: Large Weapon 500mm Gun has a 1000 point blast bonus against ground bases

New: Large Weapon Antimatter Gun has a 700 point blast bonus against ground bases

New: Large Weapon Blaster Cannon has a 3000 point plast bonus against ground bases

New: Empire Slayer has a clone lab

New:: Cyborg get 1/20 a mc per native they assimilate

New: Cyborg base with King (High Guard) is immune to Privateer money tap

Fixed: Empire not getting 400% bonus at its labor camps

Fixed: Ships escorting other ships burn way too little fuel, at speed 50 they are burning only 25% of what they should be

Fixed: Mobile ord factory producing ord at way too slow a rate.

Fixed: Cyborg assimilation of native log messages restored

Changed: Centaur markets now produce income based on population and not based on cities

Changed: Smuggler's Cantina production tweeked a bit. Contraband production increased slightly.

Nov 10th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.093b

New: Empire Slayer can Laser Drill 10000 ore a turn

New: Empire Slayer can Particle Fountain 20000 ore a turn

Nov 10th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.093a

Fixed: Dry docks on ships do not build new ships (Very old bug)

Nov 9th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.093

New: Three or more ships over an enemy base stops them from launching any pods (blockade) Having one friendly ship over the planet after movement breaks the blockade

New: Command code "BDS" beam down supplies

New: Solorian Homeworld starts with a Green Binary Star (Type 19)

New: Solorians immune to fuel stealing, crew abduction and haarp devices

New: Solorians can not use base shields

New: Solorian bases with 10 million or more colonists get a free base shield

New: Solorian 500,000 or more colonists cause the planet to heat up

New: Solorian can not terraform

New: Solorian get a log message about fuel gathered from the stars

New: Coalition point defense systems can not shoot down energy mines

New: Aczanny ground assault unit type 1 can kill 800 insectoids each

New: Aczanny ground assault unit type 2 can kill 1250 insectoids each

New: Unplayed empires die off slowly after 10 missed turns

New: When a pod is captured it sets its dock target to the ship that captured it automatically

New: Empire 400% labor camp income bonus

New: The Meteor class takes 2X damage from detonating Barbitic minefields, (Normal damage if it hits one)

New: When a Privateer base is destroyed in a ground combat action ALL the bases that belong to the Privateer's enemies within 400LY will have a little party (get a happiness bonus) This bonus can be as high as a +200 point bonus if you take out 200,000 or more at once. You get 1 point per 1000 you take out.

New: Blasting a Privateer base from orbit will uncover their hidden cache of booty. Cash, fuel, ord and repair units. For every 300 privateer colonists you blast you get 6mc, 2fuel, 12ord, 3repair.

New: Large populations of Privateers (Bases over 1 million) make 3x sensor noise.

New: Any alien pod docked with a ship is captured automatcally (Except assault pods, which can never be captured)

New: Docked enemy assault pods in the pod bays are destroyed

New: Base sensor image bases on population Factor = Colonists / 5000000 With a maximum of 2.2 and minimum of 0.3

New: High Guard better able to survive when a ship is destroyed

New: Privateer Gondolas report success in the base logs

New: Max factory supply output equals SQR ( Colonists X 2 )

New: Enforcer Tazer (Super Laser) does 200% system damage to target ship

New: Mivorari ships get almost free hyper jumping ( only 10% normal fuel burn )

New: Mivorari ships get 150% normal generator popwer

New: Mivorari immume to worm attacks

New: Mivorari grav well defuser disables grav well generators and grav mines in the area

New: Minefield destablizer report includes (x,y) and radius of destroyed field

New: Host makes sure TRN files are not set to be read only, if they are host reset them to not be read only.

New: AA Guns make it harder for enemy fighters to attack a base from space, makes it harder to fire through shields Protection maxes out at 500 AA Guns with a 5X protection factor

Fixed: Fuel being robbed from cloaked ships by Privateers

Fixed: Money tap working on cloaked ships

Fixed: Aczanny Hyperscan not working

Fixed: Ships with its friendy code set to an enemy's universal friendly code failing to avoid their minefields

Fixed: Coalition not all organic armor ships are growing armor

Fixed: Coalition normal armor repair operations interfer with orginic armor growing

Fixed: Ships with no weapons taking weapon's damage

Fixed: If two ship's friendly codes match a crewless ship can not be captured using transporters

Fixed: Unowned objects (like planets) are not being shared with allies when the share contact data switch is on

Fixed: Hyper bug after a hyper jump ships move at MAX HULL speed no matter what the speed setting of the ship is.

Fixed: Contraband dust off pods sometimes had free alien plans on board

Fixed: Capturing a ship can sometimes trigger friendly fire

Fixed: Ships knocked out of hyper space by grav mines and grav wells continue to move at high speeds

Fixed: Wreckage of ships had the wrong engine types some of the time

Fixed: Bases no longer have to have crew to fire their AA guns

Fixed: Pods changing ownership when ordered to dock with an allied base from too far away

Fixed: Holodecoys effect own fighters

Fixed: Gravity Rift Device causes a load hull error when turned on

Fixed: Holodecoys effect own AA guns and Ion cannons

Fixed: When there are more than 256 object in a fight and object number 256 is a fighter wing the host produces bad data that causes the VCR program to crash with a subscript out of range error.

Fixed: Auto intercept not accounting for engine damage when setting intercept speed

Fixed: Enemy can see fighter wing data that it is not suppose to see.

Fixed: Crash! caused by money tap device
0056d390 call 0056d3bb
0056d395 pop ecx
0056d396 test byte ptr [ebx],al <---- CRASH!!!!
0056d398 mov eax,00000001
0056d39d jnz 0056d3a0
0056d39f dec eax
(Found in game data summited by the Drewhead hosting site)

Changed: Minefield radius = Ord ^ (0.40)

Changed: Web Minefield radius = Ord ^ (0.45)

Changed: Bases on astroids have a scanner image of 50 (Was just 3)

Changed: Tow speed limit removed

Changed: Coalition Aurora Exotic Hull Tech now 5000 gc.

Changed: Coalition Lotus Exotic Hull Tech now 500 gc

Changed: Coalition Maelstorm Exotic Hull Tech now 250 gc

Changed: Solorian Stellar matter launcher only uses 40,000 ord units

Changed: Privateer River Royale:
Income = (Colonists / 1000000) * RiverRoyale * 100 * (ColonistHappy / 300)
Happiness drop = 5 + RiverRoyales

Changed: Privateer fuel stealling device can only take 50kt from any one enemy ship per turn (Was 150kt) Ship can steal 50 KT from many ships at once.

Changed: Privateer ships can steal up to 200kt of fuel from an ship enemy using transporters (Was only 50 kt)

Changed: Ord cost 1/10 mc and 1/100 supply per ord unit produced

Changed: Mobile ord factories produce ord at a cost of 1/10 a supply unit (no megacredits).

Changed: Laser drill can only drill for 1000kt of ore per turn

Changed: Particle fountain can only drill for 2000kt of ore per turn

Changed: Bases can take 10 times more damage than before and survive

Changed: The range of the world crusher missile has been reduced to 100 LY (This was done to offset the smaller sizes of minefields)

Changed: Minefield sensor image decreased to 150 + (Radius / 2). It used to be 350 + (Radius / 2)

Tested: Plasma Stream Enhancer (Okay, range and power)

Tested: Cyborg king causing 300% increase in income (Okay)

Nov 9th, 2001

What is new in Master.exe Version 4.000.043

New: Bases get less food, supplies, and med units

New: Planets get less food, supplies, and med units

New: Bases get 110 AA Guns and 170 fighters

New: Objects can have X,Y locations above 10000 (Was limited to a max of 10000)

New: Freighters have faster engines

New: Solorians get better ships and no freighters

New: Solorians do not start with terraformers

New: Coalition gets 3 starting ships

New: Exotic tech scripting added:

Fixed: Scripted planets not getting the correct starheat settings

Exotic Tech Scripting Example
     Begin Exotic
        player = 3  'All the following commands will be for player 3
        galmoney = 50000000 'Money in the central bank 
        exotica(0) = 1 'This is exotic bank A
        exotica(1) = 1
        exotica(2) = 1
        exotica(3) = 1
        exotica(4) = 1
        exotica(5) = 1
        exotica(6) = 1
        exotica(7) = 1
        exotica(8) = 1
        exotica(9) = 1
        exotica(10) = 1
        exotica(11) = 1
        exotica(12) = 1
        exotica(13) = 1
        exotica(14) = 1
        exotica(15) = 1
        exoticb(0) = 1 'This is exotic bank B
        exoticb(1) = 1
        exoticb(2) = 1
        exoticb(3) = 1
        exoticb(4) = 1
        exoticb(5) = 1
        exoticb(6) = 1
        exoticb(7) = 1
        exoticb(8) = 1
        exoticb(9) = 1
        exoticb(10) = 1
        exoticb(11) = 1
        exoticb(12) = 1
        exoticb(13) = 1
        exoticb(14) = 1
        exoticb(15) = 1
        player = 8 'Switching to player 8
        galmoney = 9000000 'This is how much player 8 gets
        exotica(0) = 1
        exotica(1) = 1
        exotica(2) = 1
        exotica(3) = 1
        exotica(4) = 1
        exotica(5) = 1
        exoticb(6) = 1
        exoticb(7) = 1
       ' ExoticA values 
       '    0   +10 Pod Speed
       '    1   +20 Pod Speed
       '    2   +30 Pod Speed
       '    3   20% less fuel burn
       '    4   50% less fuel burn
       '    5   +100 Shield Power
       '    6   +300 Shield Power
       '    7   +500 Shield Power
       '    8   +100 Scan Range
       '    9   +200 Scan Range
       '    10  +300 Scan Range
       '    11  +10 Attack Bonus
       '    12  +20 Attack Bonus
       '    13  +50 Attack Bonus
       '    14  +10 Evasive Bonus
       '    15  +20 Evasive Bonus
       '    16  +2 Shield Drain
       '    17  +5 Shield Drain
       '    18  +2 Armor Drain
       '    19  +5 Armor Drain
       '    20  +10 Shield Drain
       '    21  +25 Shield Drain
       '    22  +5 Armor Drain
       '    23  +10 Armor Drain
       ' ExoticB Values
       '     0  Ships Immume to Base Ion cannons
       '     1  Self Repairing Ship Armor
       '     2  Point Defense System Charge 50% Faster
       '     3  World Crusher Missiles Pass Through Base Shields
       '     4  10% Normal Fighter Wing Sensor Image
       '     5  40% Normal Fighter Mine Sensor Image
       '     6  Fighters Immune To Nemisis Torpedoes
       '     7  Fighters Immune To Sand Casters
       '     8  +10 Happy Your Natives (-10 Others)
       '     9  Just Say No!"
       '    10  Raid Colonists Homes
       '    11  Poison Contraband Items
       '    12  Hire Contraband Pirates
       '    13  All Base Shields Fail On All Planets For 5 Turns
       '    14  Zero Growth Rate All Planets
       '    15  +20 Colonist Growth Rate
       '    16  +50 Colonist Growth Rate
       '    17  +70 Colonist Growth Rate
       '    18  -5 Happiness All Planets
       '    19  -10 Happiness All Planets
       '    20  -20 Happiness All Planets

Aug 29th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.092

Fixed: Gravitonic mines failing to stop passing hyper jumping ships

Fixed: Gravity sensor scan data being sent to wrong empire, data for player 8 is going to player 7.

Fixed: New Aurora class ships get full armor by mistake

Aug 20th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.091

Fixed: CRASH!! during combat, caused by gamma ray device

Fixed: A ship with a super weapon and ground attack turned on will fire at a friends base if the empire is at war with the player just above them. If you are friends with empire 8, but at war with empire 9 the ship will mistakeningly fire on a friendly base belonging to empire 8.

Fixed: Coalition active armor not growing on the Evergreen and Aurora

Fixed: Coalition rescue ground unit makes colonists and troops from thin air

New: Solorian growth rate reduced to 70 + Heat / 3

New: Solorian stellar matter ball power increased from 79 to 90

New: Solorian fuel recharge rate increased from 1/100 to 1/90

July 31th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.090

Fixed: Host tends to go to sleep for 30 to 40 seconds after reading every new TRN file.. . and then starts up again.

July 30th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.089

Fixed: Solorian Stellar Matter Cannon does not work!

Fixed: The winner of a boarding action captures the losting race's high guard

Fixed: HD stress produces molybdenum, but no neutronium ore in the planet's core

Fixed: Coalition: Xeloxi Palace cared ore inside planet to be mined into negative numbers

Fixed: Privateers: Stealing money from self

Fixed: Privateers: Stealing plans from self

Fixed: Ships captured in combat give their colonists, troops and high guard to the enemy

Tested: A test fire of the Solorian Matter Cannon has been done and it has been confirmed to be working perfectly

New: Privateers: 4X weapons bonus when the ships attacking have the target's hull plans only is given to PRIVATEER hulls. All captured alien hulls fight as normal ships.

New: Privateers: Starting Meteor class ship gets a hyper drive.

New: Ships only get experiance points if they are in a major fight against other ships

New: Score file *.SCO file. Plain text format. Numbers on lines 1 to 30 and line 31 has all the labels for the items

New: All detonating minefield explode before movement. This is a pretty big change. If you lay a cloaked barbitic minefield the next turn you can detonate it an clear the area of all minefields and not have to worry about hitting a mine during movement. This makes it much easier to blast through enemy minefields. However, this also means that if you are in a minefield the owner of the minefield has the power to detonate the minfield before you can sweep it. Mines are a little more deadly and blasting through them is a little easier. This slightly weakens the Crystals defenses, but now that the Crystals are 100% immune to damage from detonating web fields they still have a very good fighting chance..

New: Solorian Stellar Matter Cannon blast radius increased to 20 LY (Ships take 1/20 damage at range 20)

New: Solorian Maelstrom assault unit reduces the HD stress of a planet by 1 point each when the Solorian Stellar Matter Cannon is fired. The Stellar matter cannon produces 300 points of HD stress so 300 Maelstrom units are required to completely counter act the stress of firing the weapon. If the base has more than 300 Maelstroms the HD stress of the planet will actually be reduiced during the firing of the weapon. Maelstroms do not has any effect on HD stress when the weapon is not being fired.

July 28th, 2001

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.039

New: Able to read names of special hull devices encoded into ship data packs

New: Knows names of all special ship devices

New: The interface knows all about gravitonic accelerators

New: When you click on an object that you do not own, the name of the owner (player handle) is shown in the tool bar message box

Fixed: When changing a ships name sometimes hotkeys go active, some how windows that do not have focus are getting key press events

Fixed: Money estimates are wrong when labor camps and labor mines are off

Fixed: Ship data screen lists wrong number for the maximum number of ship guests

Fixed: Ship data screen lists wrong critical hit number

Fixed: Command screen (buoy command) for points in space not coming up

Fixed: If you add a super weapon to a quick build ship all quick build ship plans that you make after that will also have super weapons by mistake

Fixed: Quick build ship tech levels are getting mixed up

Fixed: Crash error code 70, bad path or file name (Fixed one cause of this, there may be others).

Fixed: When a ship build of a ship with a hyper drive is canceled the hyper drive is not returned

July 25th, 2001 (11am)

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.088a

Fixed: A debug function is triggering the activation of Privateers spies and giving away the starting positions of other players in spy messages.

July 25th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.088

Fixed: Only ships with fighter bays can use the Dust Off device. Mig dust off NOT working!

Fixed: Pods continue to move after docking and undocking in the same turn

Fixed: If one ship uses comand code JOE ( Jump Only Escorts ) then all ships must be escorts to jump (Wrong!)

New: Coalition: Organic armor gets destroyed by large weapons fire at a rate of (ArmorDrain / 5) + (Kill / 8)

New: Coalition: Homeworld does not start with a med lab

New: Stress +1000 planets now explode if they have a base or do not have a base. Before only strass +1000 planets exploded if they had a base.

New: Empire: Can see docked pods and wings, if they are able to see the ship.

New: Master no longer adds races and ships packs to the YIG file that were not selected.

New: All ship packs and race packs have a revision number starting now, it will be printed out in the host log file

New: When a captured ship is captured and destroyed by the damaged caused by a boarding laser the race that captured and destroyed the ship gets a message about the ship breaking up

New: Privateers: Have only 1/8 normal odds of scanning a minefield (What minefield?)

New: Privateers: All weapons have a 400% kill bonus

New: Privateers: Ships get a 400% shield drain bonus and a 400% armor drain bonus if they have the plans of the target ship on one of their own ships taking part in a battle

New: Privateers: Pirate's cove ground structure steals contraband from enemy bases, causes unhappiness and has a 200ly range.

New: Privateers: Native dust off device. Removes all natives from a PLANET and places them in a native pod on the ship. Works AFTER movement and does not work on bases.

New: Privateers: Contraband dust off device. Removes all contraband from a PLANET and places them in a gold pod on the ship. Works AFTER movement and does not work on bases.

New: Privateers: Hull plan naper, steals and deletes one enemy ship plan. Has a range of 50. Works after movement. Works on bases, ships and pods. Causes bases to become unhappy about the thief of the plans.

New: Privateers: Party Skiff. Produces 1 mc income each. Requires 1 kt of contraband and 100 colonists each to work. (Contraband is not used up.)

New: Privateers: River Royale: Produces 100mc for every 1,000,000 colonists belonging to another empire within 200 LY. Causes a 5 point happiness drop in the victim race's colonists. Cyborg immune.

New: Privateers: Assault Gondala. 200ly range. Kills enemy colonists (10 each). Raid shelter protects 1000000 colonists and undercities protect 100000 colonists. (Yes, those numbers are correct.) Cyborg immune.

New: Privateers: The colonists of most races and natives detest Privateer scum and grow unhappy if the Privateers build a base within 200 LY of them. They loose 10 happy points per base in the area.

New: Privateers: Colonists on Privateers ships are trained to be crew.

New: Privateers: Ships with 50 or more experiance points can train colonists to be troops (You get 10 experiance points per battle)

New: Privateers: Ships with 100 or more experiance points can train troops to be high guard (You get 10 experiance points per battle)

New: Privateers: Ships that are captured with plans have their plans deleted 95% of the time

New: Privateers: Advanced boarding laser: Kills up to 15% crew, 50% colonists, 20% troops

New: Privateers: If a Privateers ship has the plans of the ship it is using a boarding laser on it can kill up to 20% crew, 60% colonists and 40% troops

New: Privateers: If you share ANY data with a Privateer scum his spies will know your universal friendly code

New: Privateers: Can transfer any standard cargo from any ship without having to match friendly codes. They can only take 50 kt of fuel max using starndard transporters. Yes, these scum can steal ALL your ord.

New: Privateers: Cargo Grappler has a 50LY range and can steal Metals, Food, Med and Supplies from any ship.

New: Privateers: Fuel robber has a 50LY range and can steal up to 150kt of fuel. The device will not take Solorian fuel.

New: Privateers: Money Tap has a 50LY range, steals all money from ships and pods. Will steal all money a base has over 10000mc. ( The first 10000mc is protected )

New: Privateers: If a BR4, BR5, Meteor, Dwarfstar, or Bloodfang is owned by a non-privateer race any Privateers can set that ship as a capture target and have the enemy crew instantly spaced and take control of the ship, from any range.

New: Command code: BDO Beam down ord (all but 500)

New: Command code: BUR Beam up repair units

July 18th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.087

New: Coalition: Rift generator disables gravitonic accelerator drives

New: Coalition: Aurora class given organic armor (3500 points) This is equal to 17,500 to 25,000 points of normal armor depending on enemy weapon loadouts. Any weapon that does less than 5 points of armor drain does no damage at all to organic armor. Small weapons will not harm this ship's armor at all.

New: Coalition: Aurora class given plasma stream enhancer
(Plasma bolt cannon charges 4 times faster than normal (5 ticks to recharge) , has a range of 750, hit odds of 90, the hit odds are 150 when you add the ship attack bonus and target enhancer device.) This makes the plasma bolt weapon far more deadly than the even the gatling phaser. The target enhancer also gives the ships PD systems a plus 30 odds of hitting incoming weapons fire.) This ship also jams all enemy super weapons so you can never fire at this ship with a super weapon.

New: Coalition: Every 40 Type 2 fighters drop a holodecoy during combat

New: Coalition: Aurora class costs 500gc to maintain per turn each.

New: Exotic tech Nem shields only protect 50% of your fighters from being destroyed

New: Evil Empire: Exotic tech Nem shields only protects 80% of your fighters from being destroyed

July 16th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.086

New: Command code for bases resets to "AAA" after the base is captured

New: "TNT" base code requires that a ship be in orbit and no colonists on the base for the base to be destroyed

New: Crystal X device does not take repair units from races the ship is not at war with

New: Crystal X device does not damage mobile repair plants of races it is not at war with

New: Crystal X device does not damage mobile ord plants of races it is not at war with

New: Crystal X field will try to take repair units from ships before bases.

New: Enforcers: Type 2 ground assault unit can kill 1250 insectoids each

New: Enforcers: Type 1 fighter craft can kill 800 insectoids

New: Enforcers: Sergent At Arms has a contraband lockdown device that is always on and has a range of only 100 ly

New: Federation: High Guard can only repair a damaged ship during combat if the hull and system damage is less than 90%.

New: Solorian: Native happiness limited to 100 points and no more

Changed: Solorian: They can be assimilated by the Cyborg, but they die instantly.

Fixed: Solorian: Base chunnel fails to work

Fixed: Solorian: I am able to tow the Solar Collection Array (wrong!)

Fixed: The Evil Empire's sand casters are able to kill fighters when the enemy has sand shield exotic tech (wrong!)
(The sand shield makes your fighters 100% immune to all enemy sand casters now.)

Fixed: Some players not getting super laser firing messages

Fixed: Solorian growth rate 100 times too fast.

Unable to find: Minefield destablizer destroys web mines by mistake

Unable to find: Outfit pods unable to upgrade more than 1 generator at a time

Unable to find: Shokazul pulse not working and I have the money to pay for it

July 13th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.085

Disabled: Autopilot disabled, is not working well enough to be useful

Fixed: Fuel burn error, ships with short waypoints and a high speed set the ship burns as much fuel as a ship traveling at full speed and full distance.

Fixed: Host not using fuel burn mod number all ships have. Was using 100 for all ships.

Fixed: When an enemy ship fires on ship that is not its enemy an error can sometimes cause two friendly races to begin firing on one another.

Fixed: Crystal X device error is causing a crash of host during space maintain 2

Fixed: Tow error can cause a crash of host during "Cleaning move data"

Fixed: Races have buildings over the building limit

Fixed: Spy funding causes negative credits

Fixed: A salvaged junk pod produces an outfit pod with a garbled name

Fixed: Junk pod self destruct does not work

Fixed: I am getting an undocking from ship log message from my minefields!

Fixed: Scavenger gravitonic accelerator not working

Fixed: Scavenger tachyon scanner not working

Fixed: Scavenger chunnel device not working

Fixed: A plan in a Gold Pod turns into a plan of a different type when it docks with a base. In most cases the plans turn into a Fed plan.

New: Agrodome can produce a maximum of 200 food units a turn.

New: You can destroy a base by setting the command code of the base to "TNT" if you have no colonists on the base.

New: The Universal Friendly Code does not allow transfers if the two races are at war with one another.

New: If an enemy has prisoners from your race there is a 30% chance per enemy person camp that your colonists will become upset and protest. There is a 100% chance of protest of your PC Factor is greater than 40. The Cyborg are immune.

New: Wings made with mobile fighter factories get fuel and ord

New: Races can capture special races building of other bases, if the two are of the same race type ( A Cyborg can capture enemy King's Palaces. )

New: Power of HD Stress damper limited when planet HD stress level is negative

New: HD Stress model made more complex for negative stress planets

New: Undocked wings can use jump points

New: If a jumping jump point ship has the command code "JOE" only escorting ships and wings will jump with the ship

New: Federation: If a Fed ship has a High Guard on board the ship gets a combat repair bonus:
Every combat tick there is a 1% chance that there will be a complete fix of all system damage. There is a 3% chance of a fix of 10% of the hull damage. There is a 5% chance of 20 points of shield power being restored. There is a 2% chance of a complete repair of anyweapon damage.

New: Federation: The Loki can detect ships that can not normally be detected with the tachyon scanner (Like the Darkwing). A new Loki can place 5 points of noise on the enemy ship. A Loki with skill above 100 can put 20 points of noise on the enemy and a Loki with a High Guard on board can put 80 points of noise on the enemy ships.

New: Empire: The Royal Shuttle "Omega" hyps in on turn 7, with the Empiror and 10,000 mega credits.

New: Empire: They can have double the normal number of fighter wings

New: Lizards: Hisser device is now able to increase happiness over 100 points at a reduced rate. (Was limited to no more than 100 points.)

New: Lizards: Sauran class gets a enhanced bridge that should keep it small crew alive during combat.

New: Crystals: Diamond Flame Battleship has special plasma armor that is highly resistant to ord weapons

New: Crystals: Immune to damage from detonating web minefields

New: Crystal X Field causes ord plants and ship repair plants to explode if they are turned on while within 50 LY. Ships will take heavy damage.

New: Enforcers: Can not give contraband to other races using a Gold Pod

New: Enforcers: Can not give contraband to other races by giving bases away

New: Enforcers: Get a contraband recycle center on their homeworld

New: Solorian: Stellar Matter Launcher building fires a blast of energy at space craft at a long distance. The device requires 500,000 ord units to fire. The planet must have a ship in orbit over the base with a Stellar Targeter turned on and a kill target set. The blast will be fired at the kill target object if it is in range. Firing the weapon causes 300 points of HD Stress in the planet under the base. The weapon fires after all movement is done and only can damage things in space, it does not damage to ground bases. The device has a blast power of (5000 + 79 * ( StarHeat * 6 - DistanceToTarget))/HullMass - GravMineFactorX. The more Grav mines in the area of the planet firing the weapon or over the target planet the less damage the blast will do. The Launcher has a maximum range of Heat * 6 and has a blast radius of 10 LY. The power of the blast decreases by 10% every LY out from the blast center. Solorian craft are not immune from the blast.

New: Solorian Ragnarock device (Wildcard 3) causes 1070 stress points in all planets within 200 LY of the ship and destroys the ship.

New: Solorian: Ragnarock ship can not use jumpgates, jumppoints, or warp chunnels

New: Solorian: Solar Collection Array has a Gravity Stablizer. It can not be towed, warp chunneled, jump gated, jump pointed or moved in any way.

New: Solorian: Solar Collection Array collects fuel from stars at a rate 10 times the normal Solorian fuel collection rate.

New: Solorian: Ships collect fuel from stars at a rate of 1/100 * mass * StarHeat

New: Solorian: Energy transfer beam (Wildcard 2) when on fuel is transfered to all other Solorian ships in the area (same owner only)

New: Solorian: Growth rate is 70 + StarHeat / 5

New: Solorian: Pod speed is always 0, exotic tech will not increase pod speed

New: Solorian: Can not own plans to other race's ships

New: Solorian: Can not own other race's ships

New: Solorian: Other races can not own Solorian ships

New: Solorian: Other races can not own Solorian ship plans

New: Solorian: Solorian ships take double shield drain from beam weapons

New: Solorian: Solorian ship take half shield drain from ord weapons

New: Solorian: Can not transfer fuel using transporters or pods to any other ship or race

New: Solorian: Natives have a +15% chance of joining Solorian bases

New: Solorian: Fuel can not be stolen

New: Solorian: Solar Gamma Ray does not hurt Solorian

New: Solorian: Can not be assimilated by the Cyborg

New: Solorian: HD Stress damper device has only half the normal power

New: Scavengers start with Q ships

New: Coalition can only have 1 of 3 special race buildings per base, each has special powers and each allows you to build two special ship types.

New: Coalition: Arerran Capital: 200% farming, 12.5% mining, farms produce med units

New: Coalition: Xelovi Hive: 300% mining, free smelting, 12.5% galatic income, 150% base income

New: Nawole Garden: 200% galatic income, 12.5% farming

New: Coalition: These ships can only be built on bases with an Arerran Capital: Interstellar, Odin

New: Coalition: These ships can only be built on bases with a Xelovi Hive: 240 Comb, 1260 Royal

New: Coalition: These ships can only be built on bases with Nawole Garden: Willow, Evergreen

New: Coalition: Energy Mines fire through Coalition shields

New: Coalition: Double unhappy if taxed at liberal rate and four times more unhappy then normal if taxed at enslavement rate.

New: Coalition: Superlaser has half shield drain and half armor drain and can not destroy planets

New: Coalition: These ships can only be built in space: Maelstorm, Lotus, and Aurora

New: Coalition: Organic armor ships. Armor drain is 1/5 normal, weapons with less than 5 armor drain do NO damage to the ship's armor. Requires 1 med unit to grow a point of organic armor. Organic armor ships start with no armor and must grow all their armor using med units. The Solor Gamma Ray device destroys 1 point of organic armor every combat tick. Evergreen and Lotus class ships have organic armor. Organic armor ships can not be refitted or repaired with normal armor units.

New: Coalition: Plasma stream enhancer: All plasma bolt weapon has 3X range, 3X accuracy, charges 4 times faster than normal and uses 3X ord.

New: Coalition: Bio computer +50 evasive bonus, +100 attack bonus, requires a High Guard Ranger on board to work and requires 4 med units a turn. Always on. Only works if Coalition race owns. Ship takes damage if ship runs out of med units. Always on. Lotus Class is the only ship that has it.

New: Coalition: Target Enhancer +30 Point Defense accuracy on enemy fighters, +30 Point defense intercepting incoming enemy weapon's fire, +25 attack bonus. 5X better odds of hitting the enemy softspot. Always on. Uses 30kt of fuel when used in combat (each battle). Device is on the Willow, Evergreen, Lotus, and Maelstorm class ships.

New: Coalition: Gravity Sensor detects ships with hyperdrives, grav mine droppers, warp chunnel, gravity well generator, or gravitonic accelerator within a 400ly range. All Coalition ships have this power.

New: Coalition: Gravity Rift Generator disables all grav mines and gravity wells from stopping hyper jumps within a 100 LY range. Uses 25 fuel per turn when on. The Odin Class has the device. (Wildcard 2)

New: Coalition: Hive mine device, only works for races with +35 PSI rating. Each hive mind ship in combat adds a +2 evasive bonus and a +3 attack bonus to any ship in a fight that belongs to a race that has +35 PSI, including your enemies! The 240 Comb and the 1260 Royal class have the hive mind device. It is always on and can only give a max bonus of +20 evasive and a +30 attack bonus.

New: Coalition: Lotus Class is an exotic hull that costs 25 gc a turn each to own. You automatically spend 25 galatic credits a turn. If you run out of central bank galatic credits the exotic ships will take damage.

New: Coalition: Aurora Class is an exotic hull that costs 50 gc a turn each to own. You automatically spend 50 galatic credits a turn. If you run out of central bank galatic credits the exotic ships will take damage.

New: Coalition: SDI device. Has a 25 LY range and shoots down incoming scan probes. Always on. Willow class is the only class that has this device.

New: Coalition: Others may live rescue team. Each unit can save up to 50,000 colonists, troops and crew that would have otherwise died in a ground war. They can save 80% of the troops, colonists, and crew that are attacked by enemy troops, crew and colonists. They can not save anyone that has been blasted by fighters and assult units. The survivors are loaded up onto life pods and launched to a nearby base.

New: Coalition: Super Jammer on Aurora Class ship. Always on. It stops all super weapons other than the super weapon on an Aurora class from firing during combat.

New: Coalition: Can not lay Barbitic or Gravitonic mines, ever.

New: Centaurs: Start with a Shahmia and 2 Shantah class ships

New: Centaurs: Ships are able to escape combat at combat tick 500 (All other races can not escape until tick 1500)

New: Centaurs: Race track makes 15mc a turn, gives a +5 native happiness bonus and a +5 native attraction.

New: Centaurs: Market makes 15mc per city on the planet and 22mc per undercity on the planet. It does not matter who owns the cities you will still earn the money.

New: Centaurs: PSI Warrior (ground assault unit 3) +2% attack ground bonus for all other units with a limit of 30% bonus.

New: Centaurs: 1 Free type 1 fighter per 200,000 colonists per turn

New: Centaurs: 1 Free type 1 ground assult unit per 100,000 colonists per turn

New: Centaurs: Free plasma manifold A exotic tech

New: Aczanny Cargo Desk make an asssult pod using 1000 Ord and 10 troops. It will make pods of Metals if the command code "MET" is used by the ship. It will only make one new assault pod a turn.

Tested (Passed): Birdman Nanovirus making new natives from Cyborg colonists.

Tested (Passed): Replenish fighters making new wings and filling up old wings

Tested (Passed): Fighter beams damage ship armor (Fed shuttles kill Lizard T-Rex, no problem)

Tested (Passed): Hyperlathe making supplies

Tested (Passed): Enforcer bomber able to travel 360 LY

Tested (Passed): Scanenger hulls (hull types 442 to 460) are immune to hitting Barbitic mines

June 29th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.084

Fixed: Intercepting ships burn too much fuel

June 29th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.083

Fixed: Energy drain bug, all ships that are able to cloak have a 150 unit energy drain every charge cycle. (Some called this the Combat ORD Bug) Bug showed up with the release of the Aczanny.

New: Crystal X field DOES NOT steal fuel anymore

New: No ship with 100 or more points of hull damage can have their hull repaired. (Over damaged parts can still be repaired.)

June 28th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.082

Fixed: Ships and wings burning the entire amount of fuel they would burn if they traveled their full speed even if they are just traveling to a waypoint that is much closer.

Fixed: Ill Wind weapon large weapon charge bonus toned way down.

Fixed: Cyborg crew levels reset to 10% on all bases even if Shukazul pulse is active

Fixed: Wings unable to trigger a fight with another wing.

Fixed: Wings not always entering combat

New: A ship under tow can not scan

New: Crystal X field steals 10 units of fuel from all ships within 50ly

New: Crystals immune to enemy crystal X field device

New: Crystals get a ship long message when they steal from and enemy ship with the X field device

New: Crystal X field causes mobile ord factories to explode, if they are on

New: Crystal X field causes mobile repair plants to explode, if they are on

June 24th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.081

Fixed: Nightmare! RST files that are 25meg in size!
What happened? Every object was allowed to START a fight on movement phase 200, even if they already have been in a fight on movement phase 200. If you have 100 ships, pods and wings with weak weapons that never manage to kill one another for one reason or another you will end up with each of the 100 objects making a new VCR event and you will end up with 100 VCR events and 25meg RST files. This new host does not let anything start a new fight at phase 200, if it has already been in a fight on movement phase 200.

Fixed: Tiny little combat bug. Ships are locking onto shielded bases as their primary target by mistake, while they do not waste ord and energy on the base target and can still fire are secondary targets that come into range they make movement mistakes that can keep the ship from firing at secondary targets due to enemy targets being out of weapons range.

New: The Stormer Ill Wind Class Battlecruiser been upgraded:

  • Mark VII Negative Improbability Targeting Computer (Hits the otherwise impossible to hit)
  • Armored large weapons mounts (Large weapons immune to weapons damage)
  • Large weapon super chargers (Large weapons charge faster than normal)
  • Ship slogon changed from "It is always a good day to die!" to "Evade this!"

June 12th, 2001

What is new in V4HOSTX.DLL Version 4.000.080a

Fixed: Load error during a ship to ship combat events using new high hull types ( types 501 to 2000 )

What is new in VCR.EXE Version 4.000.013

Fixed: Unable to display high hull types ( types 501 to 2000 ) (Aczanny, Centaur. . . )

June 8th, 2001

Massive change in data format the number of hulls that the programs will support has been upped from 500 different types to 2000 different hull types. Most 3rd party programs will need to be updated to use v4face2.dll before they can load the data from the Aczanny race packs. There are so many 3rd party race packs being worked on that I would have run out of hull numbers if I had not expanded to hulls number range to 2000 hulls.

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.080

Fixed: Glory device using ship not immune to combat

Fixed: Auto pilot fails to move money

Fixed: Too many mine hit messages from a destroyed ship

Fixed: Wings do not follow their escort target

Fixed: Prisoners die when not in a labor mine or labor camp

Fixed: False tow over power messages

Fixed: Bad life pod to ship transfer messages

Fixed: The Kill Target of captured ships are failing to clear

Fixed: Hisser unit does not reduce the happiness of high happiness bases

New: Jump gate builder turns off after making a gate

New: Plasmatron units generate a log message

New: Cyborg are no loose happiness when mining for metals

New: Cyborg no longer get destress messages from natives

New: Command code JOE ( Jump only escort ) ships will only jump with their escort target ship if it jump point jumps or chunnels

New: Pods undock before hyperjumps

New: Fuel refinery ships can use RFD RFT RFM RFS command codes to control what goods will be used to make fuel

New: Aczanny ships have an extra evasive bonus of (Engine_Type * 5) / ((1 + Mass / 200) ^2)

New: Aczanny Sparrow class (hull 600) is immune to grav mines, barbitic mines, and grav wells

New: Aczanny ships and wings are resistant to nemesis torpedoes, light ships take only 5% damage. Wings loose only 30% to 70% of their numbers.

New: Aczanny bonus: avian natives are 200% more likely to join them

New: Aczanny ghipsoldals make transwarp engines

New: Aczanny are not eaten by amorphous natives

New: Amorphous natives leave Aczanny bases

New: Aczanny ships have passive hyperscanners that detect the use of chunnel ships and hyperjumping ships, the device has a 500 LY range

New: Aczanny security device uses 5kt of fuel, stops boarding lasers from killing crew members. Gives the Aczanny crew a 500% kill bonus.

New: Aczanny cargo desk loads all metals on the ship into a pod and stores the pod in a cargo bay

New: Aczanny ECM jammer device. Unit draws 150 power units a second and reduces the accuracy of enemy weapons by 30%, accuracy of enemy wings are reduced by 15%. A maximum of one can be active at a time.

New: Aczanny mass driver weapon is enhanced with a 42% accuracy and a +10 armor drain

New: Aczanny assault pods explode after a successful docking with an enemy ship.The pod has a 400 armor drain, 100 armor arc and does 500 blast damage. The pod explodes after the troops on the pod has boarded the enemy ship.

New: Aczanny ground assault units take 1/2 damage from enemy laser cannons

New: If the Aczanny have at least one working scout ground assault unit all enemy fighter craft do only 1/2 damage to all other Aczanny ground assault units

New: Aczanny are attacked on sight by the insectoids