April 28th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.074

Fixed: Ships with over 100% hull damage are ending up in combat

Fixed: I am getting the logs from enemy fighter wings!

Fixed: The game is at the object limit and I tried to build a jumpgate, no jump gate was built but all the metals and money were lost!

Fixed: The game is at the object limit, but there are only 15000 objects in the game! Dead slots are not being used!

Fixed: Transfers from construction pods to ships causes metals to be copied, not transfered.

Fixed: I keep getting a hyperdrive repair messages and my hyperdrive never had any damage!

Fixed: I am unable to board an enemy ship that has hull damage using a ship that does not have a boarding laser

Fixed: High Guard are appearing from nowhere when a lifepod is launched

Fixed: Recycling ships gives you double duranium and no molybdenum

Fixed: Old parts are not switching to new parts on ship outfitting pods (hyperdrives and engines)

New: Producing more than 100 supplies a turn using factories can reduce the colonist growth rate by as much as 40%.

New: On bases with more than 1000000 colonists Ion Cannons produce a 30mc bonus per turn each.

New: Cyborg prisoners refuse to work in labor camps and labor mines

New: Using a labor camps causes 2% death rate prisoner death rate

New: Using a labor mines causes 2% death rate prisoner death rate

New: Contraband Blockade device, no contraband transactions within 200ly of the ship that has this device on

New: Superlaser can not fire on a planet in combat until tick 4000

New: Superlaser can not fire on a planet after all movement unless the ATTACK switch is on

New: Cloaked ships will attack the enemy from cloak if the ATTACK switch is on. If you wish to avoid combat you will have to turn off the ATTACK switch.

New: If a ship is captured its ATTACK switch is turned off and its kill target is cleared

New: Host log does not list old REG number of a player if they have switched to using the shareware version of the game

New: Labor mines and Labor camps can cause problems for you 50% of the time

New: Ship devices, wing device, base events all take place in random order. Things like minelaying and sweeping are now all in random order, not by ship id number

New: Ship command code "BUS" Beam up supplies

New: Ship command code "BDP" Bema down people and money (Requested by the Cyborg lobby)

New: New wings have more random friendly codes

New: If you have under 1,000,000 colonists on a planet the rate that you collect contraband from the planet's surface is reduced.

New: If you have under 1,000,000 colonists on a planet the income from any natives on the planet will be limited.

New: The Empire can see all the enemy ship's weapons and crew. (Dark Sense)

New: Resource points. The more colonists you have the more resource points your empire will have, the more resource points you have the more bases, ships, pods, wings and minefields your race can build. You will get a message letting you know your current status.

New: If a wing takes up 2 or more fighter bays on a ship and the wing is small enough to fit in a single bay then the extra bays are cleared

New: The amount of megacredits the Enforcers get from training has been reduced. The money will decrease as a factor of (1/(100 + N^(1.3))) where N is the number of newly trained crew, troops and highguard.

New: If the price of contraband is under 24mc the contraband traders will limit how much they sell to you. If the price of contraband has been under 5mc the last 5 turns they will sell you up to the limit of 10000 units.

New: POW's have a stronger effect on your enemy's happiness levels

New: Stormer Glory device destroys all mines in a 100LY radius

New: Resupply pods can refuel fighters

New: Antimatter Maul can destroy jump gates (Set it as your ship's kill target) The ship gets loaded up with the molybdenum from the gate.

New: All central bank transfers are limited to 10000mc by host

Unable To Find Error: Omega pulse fails to work

Unable To Find Error: Jumppoint hitch hikers ships travel full distance after the jumping ship was stopped by grav mines or grav wells.

April 23rd, 2001

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.036

Fixed: Quick build new plans button replaces and existing plan

Fixed: I try to make a new quick build plan and it is sometimes not added to the list of plans!

Fixed: When I edit a quick build plan the armor number is always 0

Fixed: The Quick build armor level for ships plans is not being saved

Fixed: The Quick build energy drain number is incorrect

Fixed: On space command screen a 0 LY can be seen overlaping the words NEAR

Fixed: Ministers building farms over shoot the maximum farms that the planet can support by the planet

Fixed: Lifepod launch keeps turning off carbon freeze

Fixed: Base industry screen reports too many supplies being made by hyperlathe

Fixed: The blue box that shows a TRN file has been emailed does not clear from turn to turn

Fixed: Hyperjump travel time estimates are wrong

Fixed: Base switch screen fails to save switch and slider setting for ord plants

Fixed: Outfit pod command buttons not working

Fixed: Program fails to open RST file

New: The hot key numpad "0" bulls eye size increased to 1200 LY of map rings around the current hammer object

New: Parts pick screen will allow you to select up to 40 engines

New: Base reserve screen now has UNIV buttons, if you press the button the reserve levels of all bases will be set to the current setting of the one item to the left.

New: Build structure screen lists the climate and soil of the planet when the farm structure is selected

New: Program is aware of Crystal hyperlathes making food

New: Minister can turn off all super weapons

New: Unknown contacts will NOT replace a old copy of ship data that is in the map memory data base

Remember: The ministers only work on ships or bases that that have a "M" indicator lite up in green. Ministers ignore any ships or bases that have the "M" greyed out.

New: Ship overview and Base overview screen has a view indicator, it will show up as a "V" in a box. You can click on it or use the "V" hot key. When the "V" is on the ship or base will act normal, but when it is turned off the ship or base will not show up when you use the up and down arror button or pageup or pagedown buttons to switch to the next base or ship.

New: Fuel burn estimates are aware of exotic techs that save fuel

New: Program is aware of Draconian government centers getting and extra 50mc a turn

New: Minefields list density level on minefield display. A minesweeper can only remove one density level a turn. A density 2 minefield acts like two overlapping minefield.

Removed: The MSFLXGRD.OCX control. The control was used to display a grid of data on the data grid screen.
It has been replaced with a pure source code grid display.

Failed to reproduce / find error: Alien plans on a base are NOT listed in the parts list for gold pod launches

Failed to reproduce / find error: False red bars on ship overview fuel gauge

Failed to reproduce / find error: Find switches: my stuff, friend, and enemy objects not working for bases

Failed to reproduce / find error: Notepad key input really slow

April 10th, 2001

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.035

Fixed: Base overview income wrong by income from cities when HQ screen is up

Fixed: Hyperdrives launched on pods not subtracted from the base storeage

Fixed: Wreckage data sometimes crashes the program

Fixed: Error 75 path error when you start the program and exit right away

Fixed: Pod launches crash when there is negative fuel on the base

Fixed: ETA of 0 for a ship that is 1 LY from its goal

Fixed: Reply to messages from others fails to send messages

Fixed: Pod controls, cloak, transfer, on gold and assault pods not saving their settings. No commands passed to host.

Fixed: Can't scroll to next ship or base if the space command screen is closed

Fixed: Hyp jump ETA not taking into account the max hull jump speed

Fixed: If you build a new ship with a hyperdrive and go back and view the parts loadout again the hyperdrive vanishes

Fixed: Quick build ship metal and cost estimates wrong

Fixed: Help! I hit the delete key and deleted my ship!

Fixed: Datapads are showing metals instead of ore numbers under the ore listings for bases

Fixed: When changing a ships speed on the overview screen I sometimes slip my mouse out onto the mini nav map and set a new waypoint by mistake

Fixed: My notes get garbled or lost

Fixed: Fleet command not updating when a fleet leader switch is switched

Fixed: Fleet command screen will not show fleet number 6

Fixed: Quick build screen loads all the plans for all existing ships every time I open the screen

Fixed: Quick build screen sometimes fails to show ships that can build ships as builders

Fixed: Changing the scanner power of a Ranger Class ship causes a overflow crash

New: Jumpgate.bmp file (place in your BMP directory)

New: Your friends can no longer give build ship orders to your bases and ships

New: You can make new Quick Build plans using the quick build screen

New: You can edit Quick Build plans from the quick build screen

New: Sensor image reflects the fact that mine sweepers make 50 points of noise

New: Outfit pods can hold up to 50 engines

New: Outfit pods can now push parts onto ships, adding parts, but removing nothing

New: Planets4.exe ignores half downloaded RST files

New: Base metals screen shows the planet's core metals

New: Ministers will only launch a maximum of 5 pods of colonists per base when you launch populations on planets of more than X million

New: Base overview screen estimates reflect goods and income from hyperlathes

New: Scan ranges reflect that the exotic tech scan range boosts are only good for ships that have their active scanners on

New: Sensor images reflect new birdmen sensor image updates, half engine noise and double scanner noise

New: File / game slots screen shows a blue ring around the empire number when the TRN file has been emailed

New: Race's music played when the gane file is opened

New: Map option, no hammer anvil line

New: New minister powers

New: Base overview: Agros food production reflected in the new food estimate

New: Base overview: Labor camps and mines money production reflected in the new cash estimate

New: Fleet screen has a fleet whole order pop up command screen that allows you to give orders to the whol fleet at the same time, including matching of the leader's vector and attack orders.

New: Gold pod, cloak battery display removed

New: Overview, forbidden buildings are marked as forbidden

New: Space command list, a right click on the list loads the item as an anvil object

New: Pod launch screen shows the exotic tech speed boost bonus

New: Ship sensor image displayed on HUD

New: New ship device names added

New: Cargo transfers can use use arrow keys

New: Ord units loaded into pods in 100X units

New: Sensor image on nav and mission screens

New: Wing patrol range renamed to auto intercept range

New: Base overview screen displays (COLD) and (HOT) if the climate of the planet is below or above your race's favorite climate.

New: Base overview displays star heat next to star type as a white number

New: Filtering out minefields also causes them to not be shown on the ship overview mini nav map

New: Ships and bases have a minister ignore switch, if it is checked the ministers will IGNORE this object. It is a small white box with an "M" inside it.

New: Reserve levels on bases have an active switch, reserve levels only work if active is switched on.

New: Base overview screen displays "Reserve" in green if reserve is active, grey if not active. Clicking on reserve box will bring up the reserve screen. Clicking on the little box left of the reserve box turns the reserve levels on and off from the overview screen.

New: Ship overview: The fuel gauge displays how much fuel the ship is going to have after it transfers fuel as a red outline box.

New: Datapads: The whole datapad form can be dragged, not just the title bar

New: Ship command screen also show ship name under the picture and id number

New: Many new minefield map filters, type, clocked, active, other races, my mines. . .

New: Space command object list is sorted by type or name

New: Minefields of friendly empires shown in blue

New: Minister pod launch metals within X ly of anvil to the anvil

New: Minister pod launchs respect reserve levels

New: Ministers activate all minefields

New: Ministers cloak all minefields

New: Ministers disable all minefields

New: Ministers disable all gravitonic minefields

New: Ministers activate all gravitonic minefields

New: Option to not show minefield icons on map, just minefield circles

New: Fighter switch: Do not fire on disabled ships

New: Pod launch, carbon freeze is on by default

March 27th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.073

Fixed: Fighter type 1's can only fire at enemy fighter type 1

Fixed: Super weapons ignoring base shields during combat

Fixed: Junk pods from dead ships have bad shield types, it causes a crash in planets4.exe

New: All ships can move through minefields safely at speed 13 or less (Laser, Barbitic and Gravitonic)

New: All ships can move through web minefields at speed 6 or less

New: Ships with a speed of 25 or less have 1/3 the normal chance of hitting a minefield (Except web)

New: Darkwing G's weapons have a double armor drain bonus on all targets

New: Darwing G's have a 1000 armor arc bonus against all enemy birdmen owned targets

New: All Lizard design ships have a plus 100 parts (hull) damage mod when not owned by a Lizard player

New: Minefield destablizer no longer works on web mines or cloaked barbitic mines.

New: Minefield destablizer reports ID number of minefield destroyed

New: Minesweepers do not work on cloaked barbitic mines

New: The power of sandcasters to counter holodecoys increased by 50%. A shot from a sandcaster will destory 15 decoys.

March 18th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.072

Fixed: Large weapons in slots 11 to 20 never fire in ship to ship combat.

Fixed: Ships intercepting or escorting another ship never hit mines

Fixed: Hull plan exchanges fail when there are 3 or more ships exchanging ship plans in the same area of space

Fixed: When a ship is captured the enemy can read my ship's private log!
What was done: The host replaces the ship's private log with meaningless text

Fixed: Hyperjumping ships have a log message claiming that they hitting grav minefields that they will not reach until next turn. The ship jumps its full jump distance anyway.

New: Birdmen assault pods now have a sensor image of 100, instead of 250.

New: When a base is sabotaged the ID number of the damaged base is included in the message

New: The exotic tech that boost scanner range only works when a ship's active scanners are turned on.
Ships get a full boost when long range scanners are on, a half boost when mid range scanners are on, and a one quarter boost when short range scanners are on.

Checked: When an enemy base surrenders POWs are never captured!
Finding: A 100000 colonist vs 30000 colonist ground war combat was tested. The winner took 19000 prisoners. It works.

March 8th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.071

Fixed: Ship that have a waypoint set and an intercept target set can take off and travel a great distance using very little fuel if the intercept target is destoyed in combat. Ships have been observed traveling thousands of light years in a single turn.

Fixed: Scavenger bases and ships failing to gather junk pods after a combat event.

Fixed: Combat events failing to produce junk pods.

Fixed: Pods and wings docked to a ship failing to show up on the other side of a jump gate until one turn after the jump.

Fixed: Command codes 2 and 3 failing to activate jump gates. Only command code 1 works

New: A check added for pods. If a pod claims to be docked with a ship, but the ship does not have a record of the the pod being docked the pod's docking lock is cleared.

Changed: The exotic tech Bribe Natives now does the following:
If you use it your natives gain 12 points of happiness and all other races' native happiness drops 2.
If two races use it they will both get a plus 10 gain in native happiness and all other races will get a minus 4 drop.
If many races are using it the minimum gain is 2 points. The maximum loss in happiness any race can have is minus 10.

March 7th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.070

Fixed: Fighters docked with carriers are not fighting.
Cause: Docked fighters can not be seen on scanners, object that are invisible on scanners do not fight.
What Was Done: All docked wings will join fights unless the DO NOT LAUNCH wing switch is on.

Fixed: Horrible energy sucking combat bug. When a combat takes place next to an enemy shielded base the ship will target the enemy base (incase the shield fails). The ship tries to fire at the base, but just before the shot leaves the ship the shot is aborted because it will not do anything. The ord and energy that was used to charge the weapon is lost and the ship does not bother to target any other enemies in the area. The result is the ship just floats around wasting energy and ord not firing at anything while enemy ships peck it to death. Large, small and super weapons are all hit with this problem.
What Was Done: Energy and ord is ONLY used if a shot leaves the ship. If a shot is aborted the ship will try to take a shot at the next object on its top ten target list.

March 4th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.069

New: Contraband market price changes made much more complex

New: A ship leaving a jump point will travel to it's waypoint 1 and not just travel in the pre-jump waypoint 1 vector

New: Gambling Deck has a 1000mc normal income maximum

New: Gambling Deck makes 300mc per million colonists on a base under the ship if it is the only gambling deck ship around. A ship can make up to 15,000mc a turn. A gambling deck ship will make this income over bases that do not belong to you as well as all your base are belong to us. You can park a gambling deck ship over a friend's homeworld and rake in the megacredits. Having more than 1 gambling ship near a planet will greatly reduce the ship's production. It is best to have no more than 1 per planet.

New: Show Lounge makes 100mc per million colonists on a base under the ship if it is the only show lounge ship around. Ship can make up to 5,000mc a turn. Ship will make this income over bases that do not belong to you!

New: Large weapon mass damper. Large weapons with a mass greater than 200kt have a mass damper that reduces the mass of the ship to just 200kt in order to save fuel.

New: Mine hit messages report the ship damage of the victim ship

New: The Hissssser device on a Lizard design ship will not work if another race tries to use them on a captured Lizard ship.

New: Allies are no longer allowed to upload plans to a friend's ship memory bank

New: Allies are no longer allowed to give commands to a friends ground base to build a ship.
( WHY?!? Because it is way too confusing for both players and is generating far too many false bug reports.)

Fixed: The Cyborg can warp chunnel JUMPGATES!!! Whoa momma!

Fixed: Quick build allows tech 10 ships to be built when my race only has tech 7 hull tech. . .

Fixed: Beaming crew from a ground base allows the over crewing of a ship. Up to double crew can be placed on a ship.

Fixed: Life Pods docked with ships that are ordered to dock with a friend's base art very odd. They seem to vanish and leave a ghost pod docked to the ship.

Fixed: Ship building on a ship can send the host program into an endless loop, if the ship being built is an alien planet that has been deleted.

Feb 25th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.068

Fixed: Pods not staying docked with ships

Fixed: Crystal X Field device fails to captures enemy ships with high engine damage if the Crystal ship has a 100% full repair hold

Fixed: If a ship tries to board an enemy ship with high guard and fails to win the fight the high guard vanish after NOT being killed. (They now return to their own ship.)

New: Cyborg colonists are transformed into troops when sent over to an enemy ship for a boarding action.

Restored: Ships are again allowed to move after exiting a hyper jump point or warp chunnel

Unable to find problem: Fighters do not destroy enemy fighters.

Feb 24th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.067

Fixed: Ship log for hyper jumping ships lists the waypoint distance instead of the jumped distance

Fixed: Enemy races could read a wing's log and even give the wing orders

Fixed: Darkwing G failing to fire through Cyborg shields!

Fixed: Small programming error that may have stopped many race based traits from working, it is likely
the cyborg king, enforcers, and scavengers were troubled with this error

Fixed: Ship nav targeting defect causing warning messages to pop up in the host log.

Fixed: Pods docked with two DIFFERENT ships at the same time.

Fixed: Incarceration beam failure (v4host was trying to place new pods in the FIGHTER bays. . . DUH!)

Fixed: Ship firing on SELF!

Fixed: Assault pods not capturing ships in combat. (This has been fixed, tested and tuned)

Fixed: Newly captured ship (in combat) continues to fire on old targets. If one of the old targets is one of
my guys I fire on my own ships and declare war on myself!

Fixed: Crash! V4HOSTX.DLL movsx eax, word ptr [eax + 42] ( During a combat event )

Fixed: Destroyed ship message lists the wrong ship owner race!

Fixed: Pods not hyperjumping with the ship they are docked to!

Fixed: Negative repair unit on a ship.

Fixed: I am excorting a ship I am towing.

Fixed: I am intercepting a ship I am towing

Fixed: Pods are not staying at the same point in space as their mother ship that they are docked to.

Fixed: I boarded an enemy ship and ended up capturing it and the ship had more guests
on board than it is allowed to hold!

Fixed: Cyborg King failing to assimilate groups of natives in the 1 to 99999 population range.

Fixed: I have attack ground targets off, but my ship is still firing on the ground base!

Fixed: Host allows me to make free clones of hyperdrives using pods

Fixed: Even though I am fobidden from building farms, I am building them!

New: Host uses c:\temp\ or c:\windows\temp\ or c:\winnt\temp\ directories for a temp directory instead of c:\

New: Ship command codes "ORD" or "BUO" orders the ship to beam up ord units from any base under
the ship that you own or has a matching friendly code.

New: Metal levels on newly made planets (protomatter cannon) have less metals than before
(1 to 1000kt range)

New: New ships start with attack ground targets turned on.

New: A ship that enters a warp chunnel or jump point comes to a full stop at the exit point.
( removed)

New: A boarded and captured ship stops moving.

New: Energy Mines (Large Weapon) that hit the inside of an enemy ship destroy 100 to 200 repair units

New: Force Beams (Large Weapon) that hit the inside of an enemy ship destroy 200 to 400 ord units

New: The 35mm Vucan, Auto Blaster, and Flake Cannon point defense systems can all fire at incoming small weapons fire

New: 35mm Vulcan point defense is good at stopping Streak Missiles

New: The Auto Blaster point defense has 3X the fire rate against small weapons. The Auto Blaster gets a +20%
chance of intercepting incoming Ord firing weapon shots.

New: The Quad Laser gets a +40% chance of intercepting incoming Ord firing weapon shots.

New: The Turbo Laser can kill up to 3 fighters in a single shot.

New: Mine hit odds increased. Stealth is less of a factor in avoiding mine hits. Ship speed is more of a factor.
The odds of hitting a mine increase as a power of 3 instead of a power of 2.

New: Assault pods are armored and are much harder to destroy

New: Assault pods colonists attack enemy ships with 0.1X normal attack power

New: Assault pods high guard attack enemy ships with 20X normal attack power

New: High blast weapons do a better job of destroying assault pods

New: The Phaser (small weapon) is extra good at destroying assault pods

New: The only point defense weapon that can shoot down a Sandcaster shot is a Concussion Rocket

New: A ship with no system or hull damage can only be boarded by:

  • An enemy ship with a Boarding laser
  • A ship belonging to a Fed
  • A ship belonging to a Stormer

New: If more than 100 shots are fired in combat the VCR file is displayed, even if no
ships are destroyed or captured.

New: Holding enemy prisoners causes riots and unrest on enemy planets.

New: UEA (Enforcers) get 2.5X more income then normal from natives

New: UEA (Enforcers) get income from training centers (Reported in the base log)

New: Fighters firing on an Evil Empire ship fire through the shields of the ship! 10% of the fighter fire gets
past the armor and does internal damage. They MAY hit the critical hit area of the ship.

New: Sandcasters on Evil Empire ships are very poor against enemy fighters.

New: Evil Empire ships have shields protect at 150% of the normal level.

New: The heavy laser can fire through Evil Empire shields, 10% of the damage gets through the armor.
The laser can not hit the critical hit area of the ship.

New: Boarding lasers do not work on Crystal owned ships

New: Boarding lasers only kill a max of 10% of the enemy crew and troops. For every 10 enemy killed at
least 1 attacker must be transported to the target ship.

New: Only the Privateers may build a base on a exploded planet (Astroid field)

New: Boarding laser does not work if the attacker has over 50% system damage

New: Transport to enemy ship does not work if system damage is over 90%

New: When you begin towing a ship that you are intercepting the intercept target is cleared

New: Ship log lists the use of repair units to repair damage

New: Larger mass ships move slower in combat

New: Birdman ship engines make half normal scanner noise

New: Birdman ship scanners make double normal scanner noise

New: Birdman minesweeper device makes no scanner noise at all

New: All fighters in a defeated ground base are destroyed

New: Tachyon scanner (The Loki device) no longer lights up planets or bases.

New: UEA Building: Material Redistribution Center turns contraband into: 1 mc, 1 supply, 3 food and 100 ord

New: Fighters on ground bases will form "home guard" fighter wings automatically and defend the planet
from attacking ships. Fighters return to base after combat.

New: Sandcaster (large ship weapon) 50% weaker against fighters

New: Fighters have 30% more firepower

New: Fighters move faster (In combat)

New: Fighers generator problem fixed, fighters should fire more in combat.

New: Chupanoids eat your food! The more unhappy they are the more they eat!

New: If a native pod full of Chupanoids is destroyed the Chupanoids will fly through space
and land on many planets within 300 ly of the exploded pod.

New: Ship crew defending a ship from a boarding action get a 10X kill bonus and 10X defense bonus.
Ship guests have normal defense powers.

New: Colonists attacking an enemy ship by boarding it have 0.1X attack power. (WEAK!)

New: Wings start with "attack enemy" on as a default

New: Top ten score list shows the change in score from last turn

New: HTML score board shows the change in score from last turn

Little known fact Any object in an exploding Laser minefield has a sensor image of around 100000, making it
visible to everyone

Feb 3rd, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.066

Changed: The power of mines increased. A Barbitic mine will destroy a ship with a hull mass of under 100kt.

Changed: Boarding laser damage changed to (100 / ( hull_mass + 1 ) ) * 30 + Rnd * 4

Changed: Victory point message also lists -1 point for being at war and bonus points for having friends to avoid confusion.

Changed: The power of colonist to destroy enemy ground units, fighter craft and laser cannons massively reduced. It now takes 10000 colonists to destroy a ground unit or fighter. The power of crew and troops to destroy ground units and fighters reduced by 50%.

New: If a pod is set to dock with another empire's ground base the pod will change ownership to the base's empire and turn off its orbital thrusters (land). Note: The assault pod will NOT dock with another empire's base, all other pods will.

New: If a ship is towed its movement is turned off. (Before this a ship could tow a ship to a new waypoint and if movement was not yet finished the towed ship would take off moving again.)

Fixed: Web mines not stopping ships

Fixed: (Half fixed) Gold pod cloak and other pod secondary commands not latching.
Note: There is also a planets4.exe problem that needs to be fixed before these switches will work correctly. The problem was the planets4.exe was not sending the secondary pod commands and host was not able to understand them. Now host understands the newly added secondary pod commands, but the current planets4.exe does not send the commands, the next planets4.exe will.

Fixed: Hyperjump space ships not resetting its waypoint movement orders to its new waypoints after a jump

Fixed: Mobile ord factory makes more ord than the ship can hold

Fixed: Hull plans on a ship "Deleted by order of the leader" on all ships that have an ID number greater than a Crystal ground base, but less then the ID of a base belonging to a non-Crystal player

Fixed: Anti matter maul failing to gather metals from victim ships

Fixed: Ships with over 100% system damage are allowed to fire weapons

Fixed: Attacking ships wrongly mistake ships with just 10% system damage as being disabled and stop firing on them.

Fixed: Holo Jammer (scanner confuser) confuses my own scanners

Fixed: My ships are set to RAM! but they are not ramming the enemy during combat.
Note: Ships with high attack are better at ramming. High attack bonus ships can avoid ramming ships.

Unable to find an error: Anti matter maul fails to fire (Tested it and it does work)

Unable to find an error: Amorphous natives not leaving dead bases

Jan 11th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.065

Fixed: Bug in host that can allow cheating. . . Player could turn off the transporter limits produce colonists by beaming down to a planet non existant colonists.

Fixed: Fighter wings not being refueled by nearby ships

Release Notes:


All actions that ministers take are instant and universal. A actions take place player side the instant the player clicks the minister button.

Build Cities: Cities are built on planets that have at least 100,000 colonists that are currently not in a city

Build Mines: Mines are built on bases that have enough colonists (100 per mine). This function will not use your last remaining 10 supply units

Build Smelters: Builds smelters on every planet that it is possible to do so

Pods Send Metal to Yards: A ship yard planet is any planet that has a ship yard (Military Space Port) . The base sending the pod must have over 100mc cash can over 300kt of metals before a pod will be launched. The maximum distance that a pod will be launched to is 300ly.

Pods Send Ore to Yards: A ship yard planet is any planet that has a ship yard (Military Space Port) . The base sending the pod must have over 100mc cash can over 300kt of metal ore before a pod will be launched. The maximum distance that a pod will be launched to is 300ly.

Launch Pods From Planets With More Than 1 Million Colonists: Any base with at least 1010000 colonists and over 100mc will send colonists to the closest bases within 300ly that have under 1000000 colonists.

Dock Wings With Carriers: Any fighter wing that is currently not docked with a ship will set its intercept and dock target to the nearest carrier ship within 10ly that has room for it

Exotic Techs:

All Exotics are additive. You can turn on a plus 10, and a plus 20, and a plus 30 bonus, and get a plus 60 total bonus.

If you can not pay the maintance cost for an exotic tech you will have to pay the full starting value all over again to get that tech bonus again.

The exotic tech that causes the growth rate of all colonists and natives to be zero (Shokazul Pulse) overides the growth rate bonus.

Money is first spent on maintaining exotic techs that you already have.

Any left over money in the central bank will be used to buy new exotics.

The exotic tech spending is after all taxes are collected and before money is spent on normal ship and planet techs. Exotic tech speding takes place before money is transfered from government centers to the central bank.

Jan 7th, 2001

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.034

Fixed: Crash! Base overview screen, when you right click on Government center and you have more than 10000 mc cash on the base.

Fixed: Government Center transfer amount resets to 10 after using the base overview right click popup slider to set a transfer amount for the base

Fixed: Power switches for special race buildings not remembering their on/off setting when turned off and on from the base overview screen with a left click

Jan 5th, 2001

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.033

Fixed: Factory control slider bars' arrow mouse clickable hot spots are not centered on the arrow buttons

Fixed: Factory and Government center's slider bar values way too big and coarse to be useful

Fixed: When typing in a new friendly code or command code the hot keys are active on the last letter

Fixed: Crash! Click outfit pod -> template (Crash happens if there are more than 40 diferent ship hull types in the game)

Fixed: Crash! Open data grid maximize the data grid and close it with the x box (windows close button)

Fixed: Crash! Launch a pod and click the file button right away and the program crashes

Fixed: Farms on maximum climate worlds not showing that they will be making food

Fixed: Display of resort and palace sometimes mixed up

Fixed: When you are allows to give orders for another race it the build ship screen shows your own ship hull list instead of your allies' hull list.

Fixed: Overview screen's popup slider window can crash if too high a value is typed in

Fixed: The quick pick object targeting window is too narrow in size, it makes it hard to read the near object list

Fixed: Climate 100 worlds are reported as too cold

Fixed: Worlds with climates that are right on the edge of what climate my race likes are reported to be too cold

Fixed: Race ownership numbers for object not appearing on space command screen sometimes there is not enough room for them to show up

Fixed: Ship hull select screen tells me that I do not have enough metals when really I just do not have enough money

Fixed: Sometimes the tech increase buttons do not save their settings and no tech upgrade happens

Fixed: A hyper engine can not be placed in an outfit pod alone

Fixed: Crash! Unchecking enemy, friendly and neutral on the data grid and clicking the sort method drop down box causes a crash

Fixed: Income estimates are wrong do to the changes in the tax rates made in host

Fixed: Terraformer usage numbers are wrong in the base stat screen

Fixed: The build new ship screen is not clearing when switching from player to player

Fixed: I build a new ship using the quick build screen and no metals are removed from the base or ship

Fixed: The resupply pod controls fuel and ord are not labeled

Fixed: The molybdenum reserve level is not being saved

Fixed: Quick build ship screen lists PD tech level instead of small weapon tech

Fixed: Quick build ship screen does not list the correct generators that are in the plans

Fixed: Pod launch pad does not display the correct pod power level

New: Ship switch that allows ships to repeat their mine laying turn after turn until they are out of ord units

New: Planets4.exe now knows that transporting stuff between a ship and any object that I own makes no sensor image noise

New: Race map highlite if you select any map object belonging to another race all other objects belonging to that race are also highlited in orange to help you see all other objects belonging to that race quickly

New: Ships have a switch that allows them to auto intercept pods and wings

New: Ships have a switch that allows them to auto intercept ships

New: Race stats screen lists fighter craft stats and ground assault unit stats

New: Cancel ship build button added to build ship screen

New: The reserve resource settings for a base are only active when they are turned on. The switch to turn on the reserve levels is on the reserve setting screen. Any base that has that switch off will be ignored by auto pilot ships.

New: The reserve level settings can be saved into and loaded from one of the 4 memory banks

New: The quick build screen will not list alien plans, if you do not have a base or ship that is able to build that alien hull

New: Star systems with detroyed planets are plotted in blue on the star map

New: Data pads show a scanned ship's speed and heading if it has a waypoint

New: ID numbers of scanned systems (planet not yet seen) are displayed on the map

New: Ship data screen lists ship stats like cloak fuel burn and combat bonus ratings of the hull

New: Armor costs 1 mc each and uses 0.01 Duranium each and has a mass of 0.01 kt

New: The transporter limits can be turned off to allow a ship to be ordered to beam on or off more stuff than it can currently hold or has

New: Spy screen displays the estimated new spy mana that will be gained next turn

New: Tech upgrade screen displays a total of all incoming government center transfers of cash

New: Data pad now shows the number of enemy lifeforms on a base (colonists, troops, crew, and high guard

New: Option: do not show movible objects as map memory object (wings, ships, and pods)

New: Ships can fix their armor with repair units ( 5 repair units fixes 1 armor unit )

New: Ships can replenish their armor by ending movement over a base they own or a friends base with a friendly code that matches the ship's friendly code. The replenish switch must be on and the base must have armor plating in stock

New: Hot key F7 Clear hammer object

New: Hot key F8 Clear anvil object

New: Hot key Delete remove map memory object

New: Hot key Home next ship of same hull type

New: Hot key Prev ship of same hull type

New: Exotic tech. Costs a fixed amount to get the tech and a maintance cost that must be paid every turn to keep the tech.

New: When viewing logs that belong to another race the texted of the log will be dispalyed as blue text

New: Base overview screen, the build new building boxes are color coded grey when you do not have enough tech to
build the structure

New: Program does a better job of clearing map memory data from dead object

New: Minister AI helper screen (Under the HQ screen)

Unable To Find: Canceling a construction pod launch from pending orders is not returning to me my molybdenum and tritanium

Looked At: Notepad can be drag to the side of the screen and lost.
(Problem was caused by the data grid screen, when the data grid is maximized the main screen of planets4.exe looses
its child window scroll bars and windows outside the visible area are lost. The problem appears to be a windows
/ grid control related problem. The only fix I can find is to not allow the data grid to maximize. )

Jan 4th, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.064

Fixed: Ships with super lasers that are turned on kill any base under the ship, including your own base. No message is
sent when the bases are killed. The ship does not even have a log message about the event.
( Now bases are only killed when the planet is the kill target and the planet is destroyed by the super laser.)

Confirmed To Not Be A Bug: Soil sterilizer kills bases
(The soil sterilizer does not kill bases)

New: Any time you form a new base on a planet by beaming down race members from your ship the new base will have the attack mode KILL KILL KILL if and only if you beam down includes troops, otherwise the base will have a PEACEFUL setting

Jan 1st, 2001

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.063

Fixed: Jump point device ships not taking nearby ships with it when it hyper jumps

Fixed: Weak spy not working, it does not seem to do anything at all

Fixed: Bases sometimes end up with negative amounts of fuel after transfers

Fixed: New ships are getting 30 fuel units out of thin air

Fixed: Unable to exchange hull plans between two ships that each have a plan loaded in memory

New: Any time you form a new base on a planet by beaming down race members from your ship the new base will have the attack mode KILL KILL KILL

New: Any time a new base is formed with an assault pod the base will have the attack mode KILL KILL KILL

Same: Any time a new base is formed with a life pod the new base will have the attack mode PEACEFUL

New: Fighter weapons are a little more powerful when used against ships

New: Fighters can fire through base shields

New: All fighters have a chance of taking out the base shield generator. Per shot there is a 1 in 100 chance for missiles and a 1 in 1000 chance for a beam weapon to take it out. The Enforcers have better odds of taking out the base shield. They have a have a 3 in 100 chance for missiles and a 5 in 1000 chance for beams.

New: If a base is lost due to Amorphous Worms you get a message

New: If a base is lost due to an attack from space you get a message

New: Having your mine sweeper device turned on makes 50 units of sensor image noise and reduces your scan range by 50%

New: All homeworld planets have a minimum soil rating of 100

New: Command code "NCH": Any ship with this code will not enter a warp chunnel or jump point

New: If a ship's intercept target is lost the ship will switch to following the escort target

New: If a ship's escort target is lost the ship will switch to moving to its waypoint

New: The jumpgate builder can see the new jump gate as soon as it is made

Unable to find: If you fire a super weapon in battle all battles from then on send a super weapon was fired message
even if there was no super weapon in the fight.

Unable to find: Soil sterilizer kills bases

Unable to find: New ships autoload fuel leaving the base with negative fuel levels

Dec 15th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.062

Fixed: Host sometimes slows down and makes almost no progress when a combat event takes place with a cloaked ship in the area. . .

Fixed: The 3 Birdmen masters are sending confusing messages when they did nothing at all

Fixed: Small weapons mistakenly have the shield and armor drain ratings of large weapons
(This caused ships with many small weapons to be way too powerful)

New: Full support of exotic tech added (Requires planets4.exe version 4.000.033 to use)

New: Transporter commands commands canceled after a boarding attempt.

New: Transporters only make extra sensor noise when transporting cargo to another race's base or ship

Nov 19th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.061 (Epsilon)

No Changes to Host

New: Master 4.000.029 uses the new Epsilon Galaxy

New: The Epsilon Galaxy has 688 planets and is 3000 lightyears across, just slightly bigger than the echo cluster.
The Zeta Galaxy was just too big.