Nov 18th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.061

Fixed: Crash in v4hosty.dll
The failure in doing an oppcode F3 A5, that is a rep movsd in assembly language
Register ECX = 000001F4
Register ESI = 00000898

Fixed: Crash in v4host.exe while making new RST files when there are more than 100 VCR files for a single player

Fixed: Buoys starting dull combat events!

Fixed: Ships towing other ships sometime drop ship being towed near waypoint course changes

Fixed: Ships firing large and small weapons at ground base shields

Fixed: Outfit pods launched into orbit around the base's planet did not have its thrusters on, they just fall back down onto the base the same turn they are launched.

Fixed: Default Minefield maximum radius changed from is only 20 (Changed to 55)

Fixed: Default Minefield lifetime is 50 (set back to 20)

Fixed: If a fighter wing's mother ship is killed in combat the wing sometimes ends up at (0 , 0)

Fixed: Second combat wave not working

Fixed: I get a log messages saying natives have joined the base by way of the space port, but they never show up

Fixed: If a ship that has docked pods is destroyed in combat the pods do not seem to undock with the dead ship

Fixed: Persistent tech upgrades cuts off when a turn is missed

Fixed: The Dust off device and Incarceration beam were making pods and placing them in the ship's FIGHTER BAYS , (it is unknow what effect that was having)

Fixed: Unable to undock one wing and dock another wing in the same turn

New: Minimium fighter wing limit upped to 100 wings per player (was 20). If you have a total of 200000 crew in your whole empire you can have up to a 300 fighter wings. (One extra wing per 1000 crew)

New: When a fighter factory on a ship fails to make a new wing due to the wing limit you get a log message telling you why the device failed to work

New: You can no longer see pods and wings that are docked to a ship, including cloaked ships

New: Ship: Cargo can be transfered to and from a ground base belonging to another player if their friendly codes match.

New: Ship: Cargo can be transfered to and from a ship belonging to another race if their friendly codes match

New: Ship: Cargo can be transfered from base or other ship if the ships doing the transfer has a friendly code that matches the target's universal friendly code

New: After laying one minefield the minefield layer device cuts off

Nov 4th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.060

V4host.exe rewritten to bypass a compiler defeat that can cause a random page fault in kernal32.dll. Ground combat code was moved from v4host.exe to v4hostx.dll.

Nov 2nd, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.059

New: More complex contraband pricing system

New: Command code BDA no longer beams down ord units

New: Gold pods are launched with cloak switch on

New: Ghipsodals take contraband when they are attacted to a base (1000 Ghipsoldals take 1 kt Kerria Crystal Contraband)

Fixed: A ship laying a minefield uses too much ord when laying a minefield that is bigger than the max minefield radius

Fixed: Base shields still being shot at by ships that can not do any damage to them

Fixed: All natives vanishing from planet when a base is destroyed by amorphous natives

Fixed: Ships ending up with negative crew after a boarding action

Fixed: Ship ending up with negative damage after combat

Fixed: Ground bases ending up with more troops after combat (Neg units killed)

Oct 29th, 2000

What can raceview.exe do? Version 4.000.001

  • List only the ships the race you are viewing can build
  • Lists fighter stats
  • Lists ground assault craft stats

Oct 27th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.058

Fixed: All Cyborg ships and bases capturing nearby enemy Cyborg ships! (All ships and bases acting like they had a king!) Some players are losing contact with up to 20 ships a turn!

Fixed: Warp chunnel ships loosing their chunnel device after using it
(If you lost the device host will restore it)

Fixed: Fleet fuel sharing reset to max setting every turn

Fixed: Fleet ord sharing reset to max setting every turn

Fixed: Bases with no colonists sending the no food log message

Fixed: Non-moving ships hitting mines (Ships have an escort or intercept target)

Tested: Cyborg Cube ships assimilating enemy bases with the assimilation beam
Results: Works great, as long as "Attack Ground Targets" is off. Otherwise the base gets blown up in combat.

New: Super Laser safety, When the super laser is used outside of combat to destory a planet, the planet MUST be the ship's kill target and the laser must be turned on.

New: Tax rate bonus and penalities based on racial traits removed from host. (Colonist tax rate happy bonus and penalities based on racial traits still in place. The tax rates have been changed

Income Rates

40% Ultra Conservative
45% Conservative
50% Liberal
65% Enslavement
55% Complex

Happiness Effects

Ultra Conservative

  • Colonists +1 to 10 Happy
  • All Natives +1 to 5 Happy


  • Colonists +1 to 4 Happy
  • All Natives +1 to 2 Happy


Light Powers > 80

  • Colonists -1 To -20 Happy
  • Humanoids -1 To -15 Happy
  • Amphibian -1 To -10 Happy

Law < 50

  • Colonists -1 To -20 Happy
  • Humanoids -1 To -15 Happy

PC Factor > 90

  • Colonists +1 To +20 Happy


Light Powers > 80

  • Colonists -1 To -40 Happy
  • Humanoids -1 To -40 Happy
  • Amphibian -1 To -30 Happy

Law < 60

  • Colonists -1 To -30 Happy
  • Humanoids -1 To -25 Happy

PC Factor > 90 And Happiness_Of_Colonists_At_The_Base > 20

  • Colonists +1 To +40 Happy


  • Happiness tends to move to 90 points For Colonies and all natives except the Chupanoids and Amorphous
  • Income 0.5X Normal on happiness 100 worlds
  • Income 2.5X Normal on happiness 300 worlds

Income From Natives:





















Natives Joining Bases

Join Rate = ((PR / 200) * 100)%
Chance they will join 20%

Join Rate = 0 To 100%
Chance they will join ((((Light_Powers) - (Dark_Powers)) / 200) * 100)%
(With a special minimum odds of 5%)

Join Rate = 0 to 30%
Chance they will join (((Leadership / 300) + .05) * 100)%
Lizards Chance they will join ((Leadership / 150) * 100)%

Join Rate = 100%
Chance they will join (((Spy_Powers / 400 + .05)) * 100)%
Birdmen Chance they will join ((Spy_Powers / 300) * 100)%

Join Rate = 10% + 300
Chance they will join ((Spice / 1000) * 100)%

Join Rate 0 to 100%
Chance they will join ((((300 - PC - PR - Leadership - Law) / 400) + .05) * 100)%

Join Rate 0 to 100%
Chance they will join (((Dark_Powers + PSI ) / 400 + .05) * 100)%

Join Rate 0 to 50%
Chance they will join (((Kerria_Crystals) / 1000) * 100)%

Join Rate 0 to 20%
Chance they will join ((((PSI) / 500 + .05)) * 100)%
Crystals: Chance they will join (((PSI * 3) / 500) * 100)%

Join Rate 0 To 20%
Chance they will join 30%

Oct 26th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.057

Fixed: Web mines not doing 10% engine damage to ships parked in a minefield

Fixed: Cyborg King not assimilating any native race other than the humanoids

New: New bases have their new scanner and factories on by default

New: When a native amorphous worm attack kills a base all the amorphous natives are placed on the planet instead of being destroyed

New: The Birdmen plasmatron assault craft acts like a mine and smelter and have no negative side effects on colonists and natives

New: The Birdmen plasmatron decreases the enemies ground assault attack powers against Birdmen assault craft by 0.5% each with a limit of 50%. They only effect enemy assault mechs and fighters.

New: If the Birdmen have over 10 million colonists, total, in their empire, they have a chance of stealing enemy universal friendly codes

New: The Birdmen are not hindered by enemy high guard on enemy ships when attempting to steal ship plans

New: Birdmen bases have a stealth rating of 20, normally bases have a stealth rating of 800

New: Birdmen Anti-Cyborg nanovirus device

New: Mind crusher device makes scanner noise

New: World crusher makes scanner noise

New: Darkwings and Resolute Class ships are immune to tachyon scanners

New: The Super Laser can destroy any planet just by setting the planet as the kill target and parking over it, other empires will detect the weapon being fired

New: Cyborg assimilators collect 0.1 mc per enemy colonist taken (Except: Birdmen)

New: Ships with a super weapon will not target a shielded ground base with anything except its super weapon and will only do so if the base is a kill target or the attack ground target switch is on

What is new in Master.exe Version 4.000.027

New: Birdmen starting ships ( 3 Transwarp Skyfires )

Oct 20th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.056

Fixed: CRASH! V4HOST caused an invalid page fault in module V4HOSTY.DLL

Fixed: Crystals not getting their +5 HD Stress delta on their homeworld

Fixed: Silicoids not making ord for Crystals (1 ord per 100 natives)

Oct 18th, 2000

What is new in Stormer Update:

Changed: Victorious Battleship Shield limit increased to 1000

Changed: Stormer income rating increased to 130

Changed: Stormer growth rate increased to 115

Oct 18th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.055

Changed: Combat power boost at battle tick 141 removed.

Changed: The combat power boost that cloaker ships get at tick 26 does not pump power into the super weapon

Changed: The Cyborg assimilation beam now works through base shields again.

Changed: Gimpsoldal engine production changed. They will make one of each engine type if happiness is over 75 and there are more than 50000 of them. Engine production maxes out at 16 of each engine type with a population of more than 2 million and a happiness of over 110. If Gimpsoldal happiness if over 110 and you have 200000 Ghipsoldals you get 16 type 1 and 16 type 2 engines and 1 of everything else. At 300000 Ghipsoldals you will get 16 of type 1, 2, and 3 and one of every other type.

Changed: Cyborg assimilation powers increased. 1 to 20000 cyborg colonists can assimilate one native each. The number that they can assimilate each decreases at a constant rate from 1 to 0.2 as the Cyborg population inceases from 20000 to 100000.

Changed: The Cyborg King increases the cash on a planet by 8% (Was 5%)

New: Enforcers are not attacked by Insectoids untill after turn 6. No Insectoids will be on their homeworld

Removed: If a player misses 15 turns the race is given to another player. (Overwhimingly unpopular)

Oct 17th, 2000

What is new in Cyborg Update:

Changed: Cyborg growth rate dropped to 15

Changed: Cyborg Cube ships costs raised to 6800 mc (Carrier) and 7500 mc (Battleship) each.

Changed: Cyborg Firestorm ship cost raised to 4250 mc

What is new in Federation Update:

Changed: Race leader picture updated

Oct 17th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.054

Fixed: World crusher not working when kill target is a base and not a planet. No log message telling the shooter what happened.

Fixed: Fire at ground targets off, but the ship still fires at ground targets

Changed: Cyborg get NO money from assimilation

Changed: The Cyborg King causes a 800% increase in colonist growth rate on the planet he is on. (Was 400%)

Changed: The Cyborg King increases the cash on a planet by 5% (Was 10%)

Changed: If a ship is captured in battle it is no longer considered a minor conflict

Changed: Combat randomize movement code removed

Changed: Combat vectors more important, ship starts in a path along the attack vector

Changed: Amorphous produce less spice and have a cap of 5000 per turn max

Changed: To produce spice the Amorpous must be well feed (Colonists)

Changed: Cyborg Assimilation Beam can take a max of 250000 enemy colonists a turn

Changed: Cyborg Assimilation Beam will NOT work through a base shield

Changed: Chupanoids and Amorphous natives are NOT allowed on your homeworld for the first 4 turns

New: Enforcer Hawking retraining centers convert up to 300 enemy prisoners into troops a turn, when working they
use 5 food 1 supply and 1 med each. They use nothing if on and there are no prisoners.

New: The Enforcer Bomber can target one building type using the base command code "b01" to "b30" The codes corraspond with the order of the buildings listed on the base overview screen. Each bomber destroys 1 building. Thirdy bombers destroy 30 cities or 30 farms. Bombing happens when the base is in attack mode deep ground patrols or better.

New: Enforcer small and large ship weapons do 4X system damage and kill only half the normal number of crew members.

New: Enforcer super weapon "Laser - Taser" does NO hull damage to target ship.

New: Enforcers can NOT sell contraband, they can buy it, but not sell it.

New: Enforcer arrester unit captures 500 colonists, 350 crew and 5 troops a turn, each.

New: Victims of a Enforcer ground war attack are 3 times more likely to surrender. Normally surrender takes place if the victim is outnumbered 3 to 1 after first phase of fighting. All races surrender if they are simply out numbered by the Enforcers.

New: Cyborg King can take over ONE enemy Cyborg ship that is within 10LY of the base he is at or 25LY of the ship he is in, if the enemy's King is more than 300 LY away.

New: Enforcers are eaten alive by Insectoid natives. One Insectoid will kill 100 colonists before being killed. One Insectoid
will kill 50 crew before being killed. One Insectoid will kill One trooper before being killed

New: When a super weapon is fired in battle all empires will detect it and the know location of the blast

New: New natives can appear at public space ports where there are zero of their type on the base or planet

New: Cyborg get +1 engine tech if their king assimilates a population of 100000 Ghipsoldals (Or more)

New: If a Humanoid or Ghipsoldal see any ship of Cyborg design, belonging to any race, there is a 50% chance they
will send a distress call to all empires requesting help.

New: In a ground war between the Cyborg and any other race besides the Lizards, Crystals or another Cyborg; 30%
of the defeated Cyborg colonists will be reclaimed as colonists. The Birdmen can reclaim 50%.. Cyborg killed by Assault
units or fighters will NOT be recovered.

New: If you have more than 50000 Ghipsoldals that have a happy rating of at least 75 they will make 4 of each type of
ship engine. If you have over 150000 with a happiness rating of over 110 they will make 16 of each type of engine (the maximum).

New: If a player misses 15 or more turns their ships, wings, and bases will be given to another race. The race with the
with the highest happy index gets the bases, wings, and ships. Happy Index = a sum of the happiness of all colonists on
all worlds with a population of more than 100000. You get 4X happy index if your race is of the same type as the
one that is surrendering.

New: ASCII score file, keeps a running total of points for all 30 players. Not sorted. ( nameofyig.asc )

New: Grouping code added to combat movement, ships on the same attack vector tend to group if they
have simular stand off ranged, will tend to attack same target

New: Ships start moving in a straight line to the center of the combat map, will decide on the best target and do a quick
break to leap at the target at around tick 140. Ships start with a slower rate of movement.

New: Cloaking ships get to fire first (Only if in range) Get power bank energy at tick 25, 141, 310 and 4000

New: Power banks dump energy into all the weapons at tick 141, 310 and 4000. Before the extra power was only
being dump injected at 310 and 4000

Unable To Find Problem: Hyperlathes not turning off

What is new in Master.exe Version 4.000.026

New: Starting Enforcer Ships

Changed: Starting amounts of food and med units on planet surfaces greatly reduced.

Oct 1st, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.053

Fixed: Native scoring error, native votes going to the wrong empire

Fixed: Default max size of minefields is only 20LY radius!
(Changed back to 50LY)

New: Ship Device: Draconian Solar Gamma Ray: The device kills half of all Carbon based and Robotic life on
all bases under the ship including natives. Device works through base shields. Gamma rays destory
all food, farms and medical units on the bases. (Planets4.exe release 32 will list it as Device 9)

What is new in Master.exe Version 4.000.025

New: Starting Draconian Ships

Sept 29th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.052

Fixed: Host crash!
Cause: When a player used the Reticulian Light Beam with no empty pod bays the host could sometimes crash,
found by: Don Friesen, Robo's faithful human

Sept 28th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.051

New: Siliconoids produce ord for crystal players. 100 Natives produce 1 Ord per turn. Max of 10000 Ord per planet.

New: Hyper Lathe heats planets by 1 climate point per stress unit.

New: Infernerators heat planets by 20 points per stress unit used. If climate is above 90 the unit will heat the planet
to 100 for free, no stress needed.

New: Crystal homeworlds have a +5 HD stress delta

New: The Crystal X field can steal a max of 500 repair units per enemy ship per turn

New: The minefield destablizer can one destroy one mine per turn. Works 80% of the time.

New: Host Configure Program ( HCONFIG ) added. It can be accessed from HOST.EXE. The FIG file that it
produces is a plain text file. You can edit game settings ( FIG file ) with a text editor and host will be a able to read the updated values.

New: Scoring System added. Scoring system produces a HTML score file as well as sending
scoring messages to the players in game. Scoring system can be turned off. Score can be made non-public.
You can pick the score needed to win

Points you can score:

  • -1 If you are at war with anyone after turn 25
  • +1 For every active empire that you are not at war with after turn 25
  • +1 For each planet with a population of more than 1 million
  • +1 For each planet with a population of more than 5 million
  • +1 For each planet with a population of more than 10 million
  • +1 For each native that votes for you
  • +? For special race based bonus points (None active at this time)
  • +7 For being the "King Of The Hill" You must have the only ship at a special planet after turn 25

Any of the above can be turned off in hconfig. The king of the hill planet is any planet the host names. The number of
king of hill victory points can be changed in hconfig.

What is new in Master.exe Version 4.000.023

New: Planets have slightly more stress

New: Crystals starting stockpiles of ord increased

New: The University Alliance gets starting ships of 3 Watchman, 1 Pathfinder, and 1 XL-5

New: Starting Cyborg firestorm engines improved

Sept 22nd, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.050

Fixed: Ship plans at bases being deleted with the message that "Crystal ship plans vanished!"

Fixed: Pods not landing when there are large numbers of pods over the planet.
(Note: This fix should also fix odd intermittent failures of minefields, ship devices, towing, transfers, race traits that interact with nearby objects, and only some ships ending up in a fight when there is a large number of ships that want to fight. The error was in some very important code that allowed objects to find nearby objects for interaction.)

Crystal Highlights:

  • Can not build: Farms, scanners, repair plant, ord plant, or terraformer.
  • High growth rate (can only grow on climate 100 planets)
  • Cheap assault craft
  • Cheap fighters
  • Can lay all 4 types of minefields
  • Take 3 times normal shield drain from ord weapons
  • Take half shield drain from non-ord weapons
  • Can absord energy from enemy non-ord weapons and use it to charge weapons
  • Hyper Lathe (Building): Converts HD stress into megacredits, ord, food and metals
  • Infernerator (Building): Heats planet to climate 100 using HD stress
  • Ground Sweeper: (Building) Sweeps all minefields in the area and converts them to ord.
  • X Field: Can steal repair units from nearby enemy ships and bases (50 LY range)
  • X Field: Erases ship plans on enemy bases, ships, and pods (150 LY range)
  • Crystal Light Ship has a super laser and can hyper jump 400 LY

Help File Correction / Update:

Web Mines:

The web mines do not drain fuel.

A ship hitting a web mine takes at least 20 of engine damage. A 100 kt mass hull can take between 20 and 40 points of engine damage.

Any ship that is in a web minefield that explodes takes 10 points of engine damage and stops the ship.

Use web mines to stop your enemy then fly in ships with a X Field device to within 50 LY of the victim to steal all the victim's repair units so that they can not repair their ship. You can drop and blow up web mines to take the victim's engine damage over 99% and the X Field device will capture the victim ship. Remember exploding web mines DO NOT destroy other minefields, so you can layer the web mines. Ten blowing web minefields will do 100% engine damage to all ships in the field.}

Sept 22nd, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.049

New: Output of Crystal Hyper Lathe's molybdenum increased

Each HD Stress point is turned into:
200 Ord
10 Food
3 Megacredits
1 Supply
8 Duranium
2 Tritanium
5 Molybdenum
3 Neutronium

What is new in Master.exe Version 4.000.022

New: Home worlds get their starting 50 terraformers

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.048

New: Stormer ships (any ship a stormer owns) have special shields that are highly resistant to photon torpedoes. A hit from a photon torpedo only drains 5 shield points from a stormer ship (normal drain is 90). All other weapons cause a normal shield drain.

New: Crystals can not own ship plans from other races.

New: Any Crystal ship plan that another race ends up with will vanish

New: Boring fights have been replaced with a message. (Any fight that does not have at least one object blowing up)

New: The message file (*.MSS) is repacked to save space once every 10 turns.

New: Ships that enter combat are automatically detected and scanned by the other ships entering combat

New: Traveling through a web minefield causes a ship to become more and more visible to enemy scanners.

New: Any ship owned by a Crystal player can travel through a web minefield without any danger of hitting a web mine.

New: Any ship built by a Crystal player can travel through a web minefield without any danger of hitting a web mine even if owned by a non-crystal race.

New: Crystal shields take 3 times normal shield drain when hit by ord firing weapons (Any ship owned by a Crystal player)

New: Crystal shields take half normal shield drain when hit by non-ord firing weapons (Any ship owned by a Crystal player)

New: When a Crystal shield is hit by a non-ord weapon half the energy that it took to fire the weapon is absorbed into the Crystal ship's weapons.

New: Crystals require a climate 100 planet for maximum growth rate.

New: Crystals can not be assimilated by the Cyborg

New: Crystal X Field ( planets4.exe sees it as: Device 8 )
Steals repair units from all ships, bases and pods within 50 LY. Can steal a maxium of what the ship's repair hold size is.
If the repair hold is full it will still take a full measure of enemy repair units and destroy them.
It will take from all other empires, including ones that you are not at war with.
The device will capture any enemy ship within 50 LY that has more than 99% engine damage.
Device will erase all ship plans in ships, pods, and bases within 150 LY.

Fixed: Ion cannon range was set to 40 by mistake, it should he been range 200.

Fixed: Cyborgs turn enemy ground units and fighters into their own

What is new in Master.exe Version 4.000.020

New: Master knows about the Lizards and Crystals. Gives Crystals correct starting buildings at home base.

New: Master defaults most building power switches on

Sept 14th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.047

New: Contraband market price system adjusted. Less downward pressure on prices. More upward pressure on prices by high colonist populations.

New: Much harder to get spy mana points. (Feds produce a maximum of 12 spy mana points a turn.)

New: If a ship has at least 1 high guard range onboard and an enemy trys to steal your ship plans there is a 75% chance the attempt will fail.

New: Lizard boulder attack! During a ground attack Lizards kill enemy colonists, troops, and crew at a rate of 30 times normal. This DOES NOT apply to boarding actions in space. (No boulderssssssss in sssspacccce.)

New: Lizard boulder defense. During a ground combat attack colonists, troops and crew kill Lizards at 1/2 the normal rate. (Lizards shield themselves behind boulders) Assault craft and fighters kill Lizards at the normal rate.

New: Cyborg can now assimilate humanoid populations of less than 100,000 with their cyborg king in a single turn Before they needed at least 100,000.

Fixed: Pod docking problem. This bug causes pods to not dock with ships that fly by the pod. Because of this bug a ship must start movement next to the pod to be able to dock with it.

Fixed: New ships getting repair units and ord out of thin air

Checked: Only Cyborg can use an Assimilation Beam: Yes, that is already the case.

Sept 7th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.046

New: Another base structure building phase added before movement / auto pilot functions

New: Fighter energy charging rate increased to twice what it was before. Fighters more active.

New: Point defense power against fighters increased by 25%

New: Fighter damage against large ship hulls improved. Fighters are always able to do
some damage to enemy ship hulls.

New: 40% of the time a high guard ranger can stop an enemy spy attack on a base that would have otherwise
caused damage

New: Cyborg get megacredits from the total assimilation of humanoids by the cyborg king

New: If natives leave your base by way of the space port you will get a log message about it

New: Reticulian Light Beam now makes free floating life pods, if the ship does not have a empty pod bay

New: Pods made by the Reticulian Beam have thier orbital thrusters on.

New: Wings can start fights. You can have fights with just wings against wings

New: Any combat that takes place during turn 0 is now included with the first RST files

New: All super weapons take out the shields of enemy ships

New: New ships have orders to not attack disabled ships

New: Auto intercept does not intercept enemy minefields

New: Fighter wings can chunnel

New: Ship attack bonus of more than 100 begins to overwhelm enemy point defense systems

New: All new ships have all damage controls switches turned on

New: Ships scanning of planets closer than 3 ly improved

New: Labor mines and Labor camps produce 10 mc each

New: Lizard PSI-Op Hissser has a 40 point happy boost and can only boost the happiness to a maximum of 100

New: Cyborg auto convert colonists to crew for new ships. Keeps the crew ratio limits from blocking large numbers
of new quick builds

New: Enemy can no longer see your ship's weapons on scanners

New: Super weapons kill ground base shields

New: All stormer large weapons get a +3 blast bonus

New: All stormer large weapons get a 300 point shield arc bonus

New: Ship command codes: BDF BDM BDA
: Beam down fuel (All but 60kt)
BDM: Beam down metals and money
BDA: Unload all cargo and guests
Transfer takes place after movement. The transfer is from a ship to a base that you own.
The codes only works for a ship that ends its movement over a base.

Fixed: My ship is firing large weapons into an enemy ship and the shields are not falling!
(Cause: Display error, shield drop message not sent to VCR for large weapons)

Fixed: I see fighters blowing up in the VCR but the numbers in the wing are not going down

Fixed: Lack of crew can sometimes prevent quick builds

Fixed: Tech centers are turning into cyborg palaces!

Fixed: New minefields do not show up right away on the map

Fixed: Host interfaces crashes if it starts an auto host run with the players screen open

Fixed: The climate of planets is always drifting to 1 or 100

Fixed: Horrible distance calculation error in combat system, short ranged weapons firing
across the screen! Movement is confused.

Fixed: My cloaked ships are ending up in fights

Fixed: I have a ship with no pod bays, but it has a pod docked with it

Fixed: Tech upgrade command does not switch off after the maximum level is reached

Fixed: Tranfering ship plans from ship to another race's ship not working

Fixed: Cyborg base chunnel allows too many farms and palaces on the merged base

Fixed: Too great a number of farms allowed on bases that on a planet that had soil go bad

Fixed: Hours till next run is sometimes wrong on some German systems. It is a very large negative. It
appears the day and month are mixed up.

Fixed: Host interface looks bad on systems running in large font mode

Fixed: Tech centers are producing way too much contraband

Fixed: A ship reached a waypoint, but the waypoint was not deleted

Fixed: Super weapons always fire at the same time!

Fixed: Boarding by just high guard fails to capture the enemy ship

Fixed: Defending fighters at a ground base are not attacking incoming assault units

Fixed: Attacking colonists not getting a chance to destroy laser cannons

Question: Can I transfer cargo to another race?
Answer: Yes, you can send cargo, but you can not grab their cargo.

Unable to find: Supplies not being produced (Maybe planet had no megacredits)

Unable to find: Jettisoning cargo causes planets in the area to vanish (Not very likely)

Unabled to find: Landing pods cause the amount of unmined Duranium to greatly increase!
(If you see this happen, send me the YG1 and TN1 files at once!)

Checked: The randomness of enemy ship plans that are stolen. (Good!)

Checked: Ships that have not been ordered to attack enemy ships but attack
enemy bases do not fire back when attacked by enemy ships. (Yes, those are
the ship's orders. This is normal.)

Checked: Players that dead ship messages go to.
(All players that take part in the fight get the message)

Note: Point defense systems do not work against small ship weapons fire

Note: Decoys do not work agianst large ship weapons

Sept 3rd, 2000

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.032

Fixed : The quick ship build pops up when you select an object. Happens after the quick build screen has been opened and closed.

Fixed : The quick ship build screen displays super weapons on ships that have none when the ship in question has a shield type 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. (Harmless display error)

Sept 2nd, 2000

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.031

Note: This release is to fix one really a big irritation. The vanishing planet problem. Planets4.exe has a few problems left to fix, but they are very minor compared to the vanishing planet problem.

Fixed : The map memory error. When you scan a planet and it is loaded into map memory and then fly a ship with its scanners off within 25ly of the planet, the planet vanishes without a trace. Move the ship away and it comes back!

New: When you delete a quick build ship plan, it does not come back. You can import the plan of the currently selected ship or all ships.

July 28th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.045

Fixed : Host sometimes crashes during a combat event if there are minefields in the area.
Found by: Don Friesen and

July 26th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.044

Fixed (Again) : New bases visible to enemies.

July 22nd, 2000

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.030

Host 4.000.043 or better required to read TRN files made by this version of planets4.exe, older versions of host will not understand the quick build commands. This version of planets4.exe can read RST files from older versions of host fine.

New: Quick Ship Build Screen This screen lists all the different ship designs that you currently have in the game plus all the ship plans that are stored in the \plans\ sub directory as a 202 byte QSP file. The QSP files can be copied from computer to computer and can be renamed to any short file name ( *.qsp ). Every time you load the quick build screen all your currently existing ships are imported into this screen's list of ships. When you close this screen all the ship plans will be saved as qsp files in the \plans\ sub directory.

No prebuilding required, no parts in storeage required. No parts in storeage are used. A quick build command turns metals and money directly into a ship.

The quick ship build screen lists all the ships that you can have built now in green, ships that you can not build due to lack of metals or money will be listed in yellow text. Ships that you do not have the tech level or hull plans for are listed in red.

On the right side of the screen is a list of the all the ground bases and ships that are able to build the ship. You can use the map button or hammer select button to see the builder's location on the map or access the builder's command screen.

You can build 1, 5, 10, or 20 copies of the ship at once. You can delete the ship build order by accessing the builder's pending order screen.

If the builder is a ground base and the ship being built has weapons the ground base must have a weapons plant to be able to build the ship. If the ground base has enough crew, the new ship will be fully staffed with a full crew.

Ships building new ships can produce any part required on their own, including any weapon or engine required. Ground bases will do the same, but do require the proper buildings. (engine plant, weapons plant)

New ships get a full load of repair units and combat ord.

Ships building new ships will send 10 of their own crew over to the new ship to act as a skeleton crew.

ABOVE: The current plan selected is Merlin Class Alchemy Ship - 65. The currently selected builder is Terra Class Star Base - 65. A click on the Build 1 button will place an order for one Alchemy ship that will show up next turn fully armed with all the listed weapons and parts. The Terra Class Star Base only has enough molybdenum ( 1543 kt ) to build one of these types of Alchemy ships. You are free to rename the ship plans by editing the name in the text box under the ship's picture. You can also delete this plan by clicking on the delete button in the lower left corner.

Improved: Map redraw rates

Fixed: Hot keys that are active when you are trying to enter text

Fixed: Fleet screen crashes when there is a Terra Class in the fleet

Fixed: Base overview screen, prev and next arrows are switched.

Fixed: Sell contraband, clear the sell and you end up with a large negative amount of money

Tweeked: I changed some things having to do with outfit pod templates. This might fix the template crash problem.
If the template button still causes a crash please email me at and we will work on finding the exact cause of the error. It appears to be a very odd interaction problem between the run time files and the planets4.exe program. The goal will be to find what exactly the interaction is and work around it.

Removed: Message transmitters and telling other players the X,Y of where the message came from

New: Anonymous message switch. Note: When you send an anonymous message host will place them last in the list of messages to the target player with all the other anonymous messages. This makes it very hard to guess who sent the anonymous message.

If you anyone is wondering what the format of the QSP file is, here it is:

'// Visual Basic 5.0 Code:
Type QShipType
nm As String * 40
'// Name of the ship plan
Hull As Long
'// Number from 1 to 500 hull ID
cost As Long
'// Total cost of EVERYTHING, hull, weapons parts . . .
eleD As Long
'// Total usage for everything, armor, weapons, engine and hull
eleM As Long
'// Total usage for everything
eleT As Long
'// Total usage for everything
HullCost As Long
'// Cost of just the hull
HulleleD As Long
'// Duranium used just to build the hull
HulleleM As Long
HulleleT As Long
maxArmor As Long
'// The max armor the ship can have
hullMass As Long
'// mass of just the hull alone
EngCount As Long
'// Number of engines the ship has
Tally As Long
'// Unused Ignore //
EDrain As Long
'// Sum of the charge rates of all weapons
OrdDrain As Long
'// Sum of the ord usage of all weapons
Ord As Long
'// Max ord that the ship can carry
E As Long
'// Total energy output from engine and generators
part(1 To 69) As Byte
'// A list of all the ship parts the ship has
'// 1 to 10 PD
'// 11 to 30 Large
'// 31 to 60 Small
'// 61 to 65 Generator
'// 66 Eng
'// 67 Hyp
'// 68 Shield
'// 69 Super
techSuper As Byte '// The Highest Super Weapon Tech used on this ship //
techGen As Byte
'// The Highest Generator Tech used on this ship //
techShield As Byte
'// The Highest Shield Tech used on this ship //
techHull As Byte
'// The Hull Tech of this ship //
techPD As Byte
techSmall As Byte
techLarge As Byte
techEngine As Byte
techHyp As Byte
techIsGood As Boolean
'// Unused Ignore //
IsAlien As Boolean
'// Unused Ignore //
FileName As String * 12
'// Unused Ignore //
End Type

July 22nd, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.043

New: Messages from player to player no longer show the source of the message.

New: Support for anonymous messages (Sent by planets4.exe 4.000.030)

New: Support for quick build ship commands (Orders from planets4.exe 4.000.030)

New: Updated version of v4face.dll included (Version 101)

Fixed: Host interface now looks correct on systems running large fonts

Fixed: The generation of contraband by Tech Centers have been toned down.

Fixed: Cyborg get megacredits when assimulating humanoids using the High Guard King.

June 29th, 2000

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.029

Fixed: Crash happens when you maximize the starmap, maximize the grid screen, select a grid item and click the map button on the grid screen

New: The program now knows about destroyed planets. When you view a destroyed planet it will now show up as a destroyed planet in the space command screen and data pads.

New: If you click on a ship's overview screen minimap to set a waypoint to a planet and the planet has objects in orbit, the minimap will display the planet as the waypoint instead of an orbiting object

New: When you left click on the main star map to select a "hammer object" the space command list of objects will be cleared and filled with all object next to the new hammer object. This should be less confusing.

New: Ships can now send ship plans to a transfer target object or receive plans from the target using a set of switches on the ship's building/plans screen.

June 28th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.042

Fixed: When a minefield self-destructed taking an enemy object out a page fault will sometimes take place if there was more than 2 ships intercepting a target within the minefield.

Fixed: Host interface preferance setting Auto Email RST files after host run is not being saved

Fixed: Host interface preferance setting No Countdown is not being saved

Fixed: Super weapon charging and firing

Fixed: New bases visible to all other races!

Fixed: Cloaked ships are being attacked!

Fixed: Large weapons are "over charging" causing insane rates of fire for low power weapons (Photon Torps have an unfair bonus becuase of this. )

Fixed: Protomatter cannon not rebuilding planets. (Turn on the weapon and park over a dead planet.)

Fixed: Laser weapon not killing planets. (Set planet as your KILL TARGET and turn on your super laser.)

Fixed: Lifesupport fail message from a planet or other random object with an ID from 1 to 30

Fixed: Glory device not killing amorphous natives on bases

Fixed: Mobile fighter factories sometimes builds ENEMY fighters or does not work at all!

Fixed: Ships captured in combat vanish and sometimes reappear at random!

New: Your ships will no longer auto intercept enemy bases or buoys

New: Glory device also yeilds Lectin Spices when exploded over an amorphous planet

New: Planets with amorphous natives yeild 1 spice unit per 600 amorphous natives

New: Bases with amorphous natives yeild 1 spice unit per 100 amorphous natives

New: Weapon charging system improved

New: Second wave of ships now enter combat at tick 300

New: Second wave of fighters and all pods enter combat at tick 400

New:: Speed of fighters slowed down.

New: Ship do not begin firing weapons until VCR tick 50

New: Ships start combat stopped at the edge of the map.

June 22nd, 2000

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.028

New: Map memory. It stores all the data on object that you do not own in a *.mem file in the game slot directory. If you see the object again the data is overwritten. The data will continue to exist until you have a base, ship or wing within 25LY of the saved object. If you scan a planet and get full data on the planet it will replace any star only scans you get in future turns. In other words, a current star system only scan will be replaced with old full scan of planet data.

The remembered data shows up on the map in purple. The listings of old data objects in the space command screen is also purple. The picture of the object on the space command screen will have in large print "OLD DATA" along the bottom of the picture.

New: Ship and wing overview screens redesigned.

New: Ship and wing overview screens have a small map. The ship / wing is always in the center. Waypoint 1 is displayed as a line. If the object at waypoint one is a pod, ship or planet a picture of the object will be displayed. If you are over a planet a picture of the planet will be displayed under you. Clicking on the map will set waypoint 1 for the ship or wing. The waypoint will lock onto the nearest object. Holding down the SHIFT key will allow you to set the waypoint anywhere you click. The Intercept, Escort, Tow, Kill, and Capture cursors all will work on the small map. A right click on an object on will bring up a data pad on the object.

New: The damage controls have been removed from the shipoverview screen and replaced with a small damage bar graph in the lower right corner.

New: The speed setting window has been removed. You can now change ship and wing speeds using a scroll control on the overview screen.

New: Fleet command screen added. Fleet command lists all the ships that are marked as fleet leaders. Selecting a fleet leader brings up a list of all ships that are escorting it. Clicking on any of the displayed escort ships will make the escort ship the currently selected ship. Clicking on the large picture of the fleet leader will make it the currently selected ship.

New: The map now only places blue boxes around object that have important log messaging. This option can be turned off using the options screen.

Fixed: When you sell all contraband, maketurn, run host, unpack RST file and sell all contraband again the program crashes with a COPP BRANCH EMPTY error.

Fixed: Buoy message screen has active hotkeys.

Fixed: Ships display wrong waypoint lines. The map wrongly shows the waypoint one of the last selected ship to be waypoint 1 of the current ship.

Fixed: Pressing the ESC key sometimes results in a crash.

June 7th, 2000

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.041

Fixed: A very bad error found with the help of Don Friesen that can cause host to crash during the generation of VCR files. The error could also cause corruption of the data files without a crash.

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.027

Fixed: Versioning problem that strikes when you switch the names of your race files, master a game, and then switch the race file names back to the old names.

Fixed: Error that causes the newest ship device swicthes to not show up on the ship device screen

Fixed: Error that caused the key board hot keys to sometimes not work.
I like to move ships by dragging the ship icon on the map and using the hotkey "9" to set the ship speed to the highest possible speed. When the only screens up were the map and space command the hot keys were being ignored.

New: The debug startup message screen has been removed

June 5th, 2000

What is new in Vcr.exe Version 4.000.011

New: Redesigned Interface

New: Smoother animation method for large weapons fire.

New: Look of photon torpedoes improved

New: Program no longer requires directX sound to run

New: wavmix32.dll is now being used for sound. The settings for wavmix32.dll can be tweeked by editing the wavmix32.ini file.

New: Option of showing ship status bars above each ship. Green is shields, yellow armor and white is hull

New: Option of showing the empire numbers of the ships on the battle screen

New: Option of showing the ship names on the battle screen

New: If a ship is captured in battle you will get a message

New: XY of battle is shown on upper right drag bar

New: The area around the buttons on the control panel can be used to drag the screen around

New: Fast moves you forward 100 ticks

New: Rewind button moved you backwards 100 ticks

New: Time counter shows you current tick and total ticks

New: Reports load much faster

New: VCR.EXE no longer uses THREED20.OCX, COMDLG32.OCX, or COMCTL32.OCX. (These are in your windows system directory, do not delete them, many other programs use them.)

New: VCR.EXE requires the VCRSUP.DLL file it belongs in the same directory as VCR.EXE. It gives VCR.EXE its extra speed loading data and does the work of rewinding and fast forwarding through the data.

Fixed: Ending hull levels in report screen shows the wrong number

Fixed: The about screen now shows you the wrong version number for VCR.EXE

Fixed: Pause Button slows but does not stop the VCR

Fixed: Point defense explosions of intercepted weapons are in the wrong spot

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.040

Fixed: Problem with "Technology Institute" (University Race V102) that caused a massive over production of Stim Bright pills.

What is new in Host.exe Version 4.000.039

Fixed: Major combat math defect (bad distance measurement), that caused ships to not correctly target the enemy or close to point blank. The error was the cause of most of the VCR problems, including long combats, drifting ships. . .

New: Many combat tweeks, speed of ships and fighters improved. Combat logic tweeked and tuned.

New: Support for ground building "Technology Institute" added. (University Race V102)

New Support for ship device "Transport Inhibitor" added (Blocks boarding action of an enemy and costs 10kt of fuel a turn to use.) (University Race V102)

What is new in Master.exe Version 4.000.019

Fixed: Versioning problem that caused master to load different race pack versions at the same time. (It should have only loaded the highest version number)

New: 20% more likely to have natives

New: 20% more likely to have contraband on a planet

New: No planet will start with more than 500 HD Stress

New: Cyborg start the game with a pair of Fire Storms

What is new in Planets4.exe Version 4.000.026

Fixed: Race Pack Versioning problem that caused wrong race data to be loaded and displayed

New: Planets4.exe logs start events to a p4boot.log file

Fixed: Versioning problem that caused wrong ship and race packs to load when more than one version of a file exists.

Fixed: Alchemy switches not saving setting

Fixed: Super weapon switch broken

Fixed: Program crashed if the HD stress of a planet is negitive (Base / Name screen)

Fixed: Your TRN Upload path can no longer to set to your WAR sub directory

New: Program is aware of all the newer ship devices

New: Red colored text turned a shade of Redish-Orange to help the red color blind players.

May 26th 2000

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.038

Fixed: Players are able to build ship parts that are beyond their current tech levels.

New: If a base has a shield, the shield can absorb 90% of the blast from a super weapon as it is being destroyed.

Checked: Make sure only cyborg players can use the assimilation beams (Yes that was the case.)

New: Full support of the Scanvenger Tribes race added

New: Ship device: Warp Bubble

New: Ship device: Holojammer

May 20th 2000

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.037

Fixed: Fuel sharing not working, message is correct, but no fuel is being transfered.

New: All special ship devices now work

New: A ship with an active transporter target produces 25 units of extra sensor noise.

New: Amorphous produce Lerchin Spices. Every 100 Amorphous natives produce 1 kt of Spice.

New: More advanced auto pilot cargo assignment. It should stop sending more than one ship to pick up the same cargo.

New: Ships that have a friendly code that matches an enemy's universal friendly code will not start a fight. However, if they are in an area that a fight breaks out in they will get drawn into the fight.

New: Docked pods do not burn up their energy.

New: A planet can now sometimes form around stars that have no planet on their own. Every dead star has a 0.1% chance per turn of forming a new planet.

New: Planets with a high hyper-dimensional stress and a positive hyper-dimensional base frequency produce new minerals.
S = Stress Level
New Duranium = ( S / 100 ) ^ 2 * 110
New Tritanium = ( S / 100 ) ^ 2 * 80
New Molybdenum = ( S / 100 ) ^ 2 * 50

New: If a fighter wing is in orbit over a ground base that has at least 5 high guard, one of the high guard will join the wing.

New: All super weapons destroy ground base shields.

New: Natives migrate to and from bases that have a functioning public space port.
If your base has natives with a happiness of over 70 then natives of the matching type from all planets within a 300ly radius will travel to your base. Between 5% and 10% of the natives or all the natives if there are less than 300 natives will move to your base.
If there are two bases that are within 300 ly of one another and both have functioning public space ports, and both have matching native types, natives will migrate to the happiest base at a rate of between 5% and 10%.

New: Messages from the host. Host now sends *.HMS files it finds in the same directory as the YIG file to all the players as a message from the host. Host will send each *.HMS file it finds as a separate message. The HMS file will be deleted as soon as it is sent. Only the first 800 bytes of the file will be sent any data in excess of 800 bytes will not be sent. The subject of the message will always be "Message from host"

Optimized For Speed: VCR Combat functions in host

Unable to find problem: Reserve level does not work for player 1 (Need mor data on the problem)

May 12th 2000

What is new in Cyborg Race Pack Update "C"

New: Iron slave has a guest size of 2000 instead of 200

May 5th 2000

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.036

Fixed: HD Stress not working

Fixed: Terraformers heating planet using -10 power units!

Fixed: Fighters not loading ord units.

Fixed: Tax report not sent unless turn is missed

Fixed: Merging ground bases destroy shields, medlab, fighter plant. . . and other buildings.

Fixed: Auto pilot setting speeds beyond what the ship hull can handle

Fixed: Auto pilot over crewing ships

Fixed: Cyborg ships not at normal 100% happy rating

Fixed: Cyborg contraband orders not being cancled

Fixed: Food to supply converter not working

Fixed: Cyborg probe not making armor from duranium

Fixed: Recycle not giving back the parts from the ship

Fixed: Fighter wings undocking after battles and not redocking with their carrier

Fixed: Buoy not self destructing

Fixed: Buoys keep being produced turn after turn

New: Chupanoids no longer steal your money

New: Wing combat (VCR) attack movement code turned on.
(It was turned off by mistake!)

New: If a ship to base transfer takes place the transfer command is cleared

New: Ships with 0 crew are automatically captured during combat

New: Alchemy controls now supported D T or M only, auto unload metals to base

New: Presistent tech upgrade supported. If on and you upgrade a tech level the upgrade command WILL NOT
be reset after a successful tech upgrade.

New: Heat from HD Stress makes heat that can change a planet's climate

New: Complex tax system supported

New: Fighter wings can dock with a ground base and add its fighters to the ground base's fighters

New: Ships stop firing on an enemy ship when it no longer has a crew.

New: Ships with heavy system damage can not use their scanners

New: Ship crew dies if life support is very damaged

New: Ships with heavy system damage can not move

New: Cyborg highguard (The King) can assimilate an entire humanoid population in a single turn.
If there are more than 100,000 humanoids on the planet the Cyborg get a free hull tech upgrade.

Question: Can wings dock before movement?
Answer: Yes.

Unable to find error: Building too many shields, build shield command stuck

April 19th, 2000

What is new in planets.exe Version 4.000.024

Fixed: Data pad does not show correct planet climate

Fixed: The about window looks like something that you can edit

Fixed: Ship Nav screen TOW SET not working

Fixed: Buoys switches acting oddly, destruct sticks on when switching to another buoy

Fixed: Minefield controls act odd, values not saving

Fixed: Ship mind laying controls acting oddly, amount settings are not being saved.

Fixed: Can not select races 10, 20 or 30 in the send message screen.

Fixed: Can not set colonist reserve levels above 99,000

Fixed: Numbers are active hot keys when a wing is being renamed

Fixed: Fighter wing speed slider does not save the speed setting

Fixed: Base overview, native happy bars are in the wrong place (too high)

Fixed: Using any number key on the wing nav screen brings up the wing overview screen

Fixed: Sensor coverage display paints whole map green when top left corner touches edge of circle

Fixed: Grid screen still to big for my 800 X 600 display

Fixed: Display error on transporter screen, small ship picture gets over written.

Fixed: Overview right click slider for governemt center does not work, it lets me set 10000 mc, but then
resets it to just 1000 units

Fixed: When a turn is closed and another is opened, odd ball data remains in the message send screen

New: Sensor coverage display now uses an open circle display instead of solid green.

New: Hconfig icon added to main tool bar

New: Map filters icon added to main toolbar

New: Configure icon added to main toolbar

New: Reg key / about icon added to main toolbar

New: Icon to turn planet names on and off added to main toolbar

New: Icon to turn planet ID numbers on and off added to main toolbar

New: Icon to turn blue log boxes on and off added to main toolbar

New: Tech upgrade screen now has a "Persistent" switch. If on tech switches with not
switch off after a tech upgrade.

New: Ship logs added to data grid display

New: Alchemy ships have a Duranium, Tritanium and Moly only switch

New: Alchemy ships have a auto metal unload switch

New: Hammer and anvil icons on the map screen have been moved away from the center of the crosshairs

New: "Ship max power" renamed to "power bank"

New: Ship data on weapons now desplays weapon drain and ship power output

New: Ship fuel burn now takes into acount the mass of any object being towed

New: Ship overview now shows armor level

New: Ship overview now displays sensor profile number

New: Base stats screen now lists the income from taxes

New: You are limited to selling only as much contraband as you have

New: When opening a base / ship or wing command screen it starts in overview mode

New: Base command screen design changed

New: All building switches moved to one switch screen

New: Base command screen shows details on the planet the base is on

New: Contraband screen maded into one screen and made easy to use screen

New: Parts order screen improved and added to the base command bar

New: Base screens have scroll buttons

New: Main tool bar replaced with an all icon version

New: Planets4.exe Version 4.000.024 uses 24% less GDI memory than version 4.000.023

New: Outfit pod, transfer to ship switch removed

New: Pod Icon on tool bar

New: Mine icon on tool bar

New: Buoy Icon on tool bar

New: Fighter command has scroll arrows

New: Minefield command has scroll arrows

New: Buoy command has scroll arrows

New: Pod command has scroll arrows

New: Pod command, name screen, lists all the active pod types and lets you switch to a different type

New: Now ship attack plan, do not fire on disabled ships

Unable to find: Minimize planets4.exe, CRASH!

Unable to find: Max the data grid, restore, CRASH!

Unable to find: A wing's max speed is really the number of fighters in the wing!

Unable to find: Setting an Escort target deletes a ship's waypoint

Unable to find: Changing wing speed causes a long white line that goes to the top of the screen.

Unable to find: Negative metals?

Unable to find: Feds can not build resorts, even with the newest fed race pack in place

Unable to find: Open ship overview, open HQ tech screen, program crashes

Unable to find: Terraformer usage not being reported in overview screen

Unable to find: "+" and "-" keys not working when the space command screen has focus

Unable to find: Clicking tracking many times fast causes a CRASH!

Unable to find: Power switch error, terraformer

Unable to understand bug report: Ord plant display is not being updated!

Rejected idea: Button to bring up planet data pad on planet the the base is on

Rejected idea: Datapad icon on tool bar