March 21st 2000

What is new in vcr.exe Version 4.000.009

Fixed: Bug in vcr causes a crash (File not found error) When viewing some VCR files.

March 20th 2000

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.035

Fixed: Warp chunnel not moving any ships with it.

March 20th 2000

What is new in planets.exe Version 4.000.023

Fixed: Bouys not forming

Fixed: Mystery garbled messages

Fixed: Invalid Picture error on startup after master has been run

New: More debug code

March 16th 2000

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.034

Fixed: A planet has a soil rating of 120 and I have 119 farms. I told it to build 5 more farms. . . and it did!

Fixed: I have a global warmer ship over a planet with a climate of 49, it fails to raise the climate to 50.

Fixed: I have a global icer ship over a planet with a climate of 51, it fails to lower the climate to 50.

Fixed: My laser drill does not seem to be working!
(Note: Due to a programming error it was drilling the ore on the planet's surface, instead of the ore in the ground)

New: The glory device is now working

  • A ship with its glory device on can not be attacked.
  • The ship explodes after all movement and combat is finished.
  • All wings and pods that are not docked within 10LY of the glory device will be destroyed.
  • Docked objects are safe.
  • Ships with a hull mass of 100kt or less are destroyed at range 0
  • Damage decreases by a linear 10% less every LY out from the center of the blast
  • An amorphous native within the blast radius on a planet or base will be turned into 1kt of food and 1kt of supplies
  • A ship belong to the same player as the glory device ship will take 1/4 the normal damage

New: You get to read messages from ENEMY ships and bases that have been destroyed!

New: If a ship is fired on it has permission to go into ATTACK MODE! It was setting attackers as enemies, but up to
now was failing to switch to attack mode when fired on.

New: Test run button added to GUI

New: Legend button added to GUI

New: Preference NO COUNTDOWN (If checked there is no 20 second countdown)

Adjusted: Ships RAMMING ships should be a little easier. (Needs more testing)

March 7th 2000

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.033

Fixed: Cyborg base happiness is falling to very low levels.

Fixed: Ships that have a pod or wing docked to it do not show up in fights.
What was going on: When a ship enters a fight any pods or fighter wings that happen to be docked with the
ship are protected from the fight by the ship. They are not suppose to show up in the fight at all. Object A protects
object B from attack. A programming mistake got object A switched with object B. So what was really happening
was if a ship entered combat with a pod docked with it the ship was hidden inside of the pod. That is why you would
see pods and wings in a combat event, but not the ships!

New: New host interface.

New Host Interface release notes

The new host interface was designed to look like the new master program interface and the planets4.exe's files interface. It also provides for easy hosting of games by any player. For people that want to host many games there is the third party PHCc interface which does a better job with hosting games on a much larger scale.

The host interface as the option of using the v4mail.dll to send RST files to the players. The v4mail.dll sends mail using SMTP mail protocol. The host interface needs to know your email address and the SMTP mail server that you want to connect to.
My email address is and the mail server that I use to send mail is

The interface DOES NOT receive incoming email, it can ONLY send mail.

The host interface uses a mailgrab.exe plugin program to interface with your machine's mail reader.
The mailgrab.exe that comes with this release was designed to work with Microsoft Outlook 2000. It might work with
Outlook 97 and 98 as well, they have not yet been tested with those versions of outlook I would like to hear from
anybody running those older versions of Outlook if it works or not. This version of mail grab will NOT work with Outlook Express. If you are not running the Microsoft Outlook mail reader it would be best to simply delete mailgrab.exe.

The reason the mailgrab.exe plugin exists is because popular mail clients like Microsoft Outlook 2000 store attached files in
a database and not as files in a download directory like most mail readers have done in the past. I hope other
programmers will write new mailgrab.exe plugins for other popular mail readers that also store attachments in a data base and as files in a download directory. If your mail read has a download directory that it stores attachments in you can simple delete the mailgrab.exe program and set the path to the game's trinary TRN directory to the mail reader's download directory.

mailgrab.exe does the following:

  • Copies all TRN files from the mail reader that are attached to incoming email from the last seven days and stores them in the UNIV sub directory
  • If there are more than one incoming TRN files from one player, from the same game and current turn, the oldest TRN files are deleted
  • The program renames the incoming TRN file to a new name when placing it into the UNIV directory.Making sure to never overwrite any TRN files in the UNIV directory.
  • The name of the TRN file does not matter.
  • If the command switch /a is given to the mailgrab.exe program it will automatically run and exit

The source code to mailgrab.exe is available: Download mailgrab.exe source code (Visual Basic 5)

The above interface shows that slot 12 is active and locked onto the yig file d:\vbasic\version4\p4\univ\game12\g12.yig
There are 12 players in the game.

The 4 red lights indicate that players 1, 2, 3 and 4 have all finished their turns and have turned in their TRN files. A copy of their TRN file is now sitting in the univ\game12\ directory.

The blue/green light marking player 5, 9, 10, 11 and 12 indicate that the players that the players have not yet turned in their TRN file yet. We also know that the host interface did not send these files out using its own email system. The RST files might be ones that are being played with locally on this machine or the RST files have been transfered to the players by some other method, such as another mail program or file transfer method. Host is waiting for these player to turn in their TRN files.

The small green light next to player 6 shows that the RST file has been Emailed by the host interface.

Players 7 and 8 have RST files that are suppose to be Emailed to them, the files have not yet been sent. When the send button is clicked the RST files will be sent to the email address set in the players screen. The email will be sent from my account at using the SMTP mail server. If the attempt to Email the RST files are successful the lights will turn to small green lights like the one that player 6 currently has.

Players 8 and 10 have had the BOZO Bypass switch turned on. These are players that have a nasty habit of not truning in their files in a timely manor or have to skip a few turns for some reason. When host is running in automatic timer mode it has permission to process the turn even if these two players have not turned in their TRN files yet.

The Buttons / Screens:

Players: This screen allows you to enter a short label for each player. If you will be emailing the RST file to the player you can set the player's email address and what the subject of the subject line will be. Checking the Email box activates the email address. The BOZO bypass checked and host is running in automatic timer mode it has permission to process the turn even if these two players have not turned in their TRN files yet.

Preferences: This screen displays the directory paths that host will look into to find the incoming TRN files from the players. The primary is the directory with your universe file (YIG file). This is the directory that planets4.exe normally places its TRN files after it is produced. The secondary directory is the univ sub directory. This is the directory that mailgrab program drops incoming TRN files. The Trinary TRN directory can be any directory on your system. This might be a special download directory that that TRN files are being placed in by other programs.

The screen lists how many hours it has been since the last host run. You can set the desired number of hours between host runs. When the hours since last run becomes greater than the hours between host runs host is allowed to go into automatic mode You have 5 different check boxes that controls the automatic timer functions. If one or more of the first 3 check boxes are checked host will attempt to run in automatic mode. (See automatic mode below)

Last Log: Loads and shows you the log file from the last host run.

Planets 4: Starts Planets4.exe

Master: Starts the Master.exe program, so that new games universes can be made.

Mail Grab: Runs the Mailgrab.exe program that searches for incoming TRN files. The one that comes with host works only with Microsoft Outlook 2000. (See above)

Host EMail: Allows you to tell host what your email address and SMTP mail server are. This address and server will be used for sending RST files to the players. It will not be used to receive email.

Scan TRN: Searches the trinary directories for incoming TRN files and sorts them into the correct game directories. HOST is always checking the primary and secondary for new incoming TRN files every few seconds. The trianry is ONLY checked before a host run, when this button is clicked or when an automatic event is triggered.

Send: Sends out RST files by email if any are pending to be sent.

YIG Scan: Searches the univ\game?\ directory for any YIG file If one is found the host program will lock onto the YIG file and make it the actve universe file (YIG File).

To import a YIG file from an already running game place the YIG file and all other files that goes with it in one of the empty univ\game??\ directories and use the yig scan button on it. For example: if you want to place an existing YIG file into slot 3; place the yig file into the univ\game3\ directory; select slot 3 on the host interface and then click the scan button.

Run Host: Starts a 20 second countdown and runs host. It does not matter if all the TRN files have been turned in or not. Host will run no matter what. Host will run the Scan TRN fuction just before the host run starts. After the host run an attempt to send the RST files out by email will be made if the check box to do so is checked on the preference screen.

Automatic Mode Rules:

If the host.exe interface is running all 12 game slots will be checked every 20 seconds if any of the automatic timer check
boxes are checked for any game.

If the automatically run host after set number of hours no matter what check box is checked and the proper number of hours has passed the host will go into prestart mode.

If the automatically run host after set number of hours if all TRN files are in check box is checked and the proper number of hours has passed and all the TRN files have been turned in the host will go into prestart mode.

If the automatically run host as soon as all TRN files are in check box is checked and all the TRN files have been turned in the host will go into prestart mode.

When host is in prestart mode it will check if the automatically run mail grab before running host check box is checked. If it is and mailgrab.exe has not been run in the last 5 minutes mailgrab.exe will start and host will wait 20 seconds for mailgrab.exe to finish.

When host is in prestart mode and the mailgrab.exe check has been completed host will:

  1. Scan the trinary TRN directory for any incoming TRN files and place them in then univ directory
  2. Sorts the TRN files into the univ\game?? sub directories
  3. Selects the slot on the main host interface that is about to start its host run
  4. A 20 second countdown starts.
  5. When the countdown reaches 0 the host run starts
  6. The host interface is hidden and the log display is shown
  7. After the host run an attempt to email the RST files to the players is made if the
    automatically email the RST files to the players after the host run check box is checked.


The files screen can keep track of up to 12 different games at once. To have planets4 lock onto the RST files just drag the RST file from Windows to the planets4.exe screen. Planets4.exe will automatically place the data in the first free game slot. It will remember the path to the file that you dragged the file from. If a new RST appears in that directory in the furture planets4.exe will detect it.

You can also use the RST path and TRN path buttons to set new paths for the slot.

When a slot has an active RST path the path will be watched for new RST files at that location on the hard drive. If a new RST file is found planets4.exe will make a copy of the RST file and place it in the WAR\SLOT? subdirectory. The RST files at the target RST path will not be deleted. The copy of the RST file in the WAR\SLOT? will be renamed ETA?.RST.

The green boxes in the above display shows that RST files have been found for players 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the hard drive at the RST path. These files are current and copies have been made of the RST files and placed in the WAR\SLOT1\ sub directory.

The yellow boxes in the above display indicates that player 2, 3 and 4 have already been unpacked. When the RST files were unpacked the WAR files were left in the WAR\SLOT1\ directory.

When you play the game any move you make will be saved into the WAR file automatically. You can exit the program and restart it later and none of your moves will be lost. If you wish to add more moves you can use the Play Saved File to reload the WAR file and continue playing.

Pushing the Make TRN File button will make a TRN file. This is the file that is returned to host with all your new moves. A copy of the TRN file will be placed in the WAR\SLOT1\ directory. If there is an active TRN path a copy of the TRN file will also be placed at the path location. The red boxes indicate that TRN files have been made for player 2 and player 3. A TRN file has not yet been made for player 1 or 4.

The host properties button lets you set a host email address and subject line. This is the address that you would like your outgoing TRN files sent. The subject line is the subject line that the host will see when he recieves your message with an attached TRN file. You can set a different host address and subject for each game slot.

Use the EMail Account button to set your own email address and SMTP mail server. My email address is and my mail server is Your SMTP mail server should be something simular.

If you have a valid email address and server and a valid host address you can use the EMail TRN button to email the TRN file to the host of the game, if you are playing by EMail. This should work for most people. If your SMTP server refuses to send the EMail from planets4.exe you can always use your email client to send the file from the \WAR\SLOT directory. The above display will tell you the name and path to the TRN file that you will need to send in.

If you are hosting the game on your own machine all that you have to do is set the RST and TRN paths to the directory with the game's YIG file. From then on planets4.exe will watch for and import new RST files and export TRN files to the correct directory.

PLANETS4.EXE can be left open and running while host is running. The two programs will not interfer with each other.

If the RST path is a Download Directory you should make sure the FILES window is closed until after the download of new RST file(s) is complete. Otherwise planets4.exe will try to read a half downloaded RST file.


Feb 24th 2000

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.032

Fixed: Agrovators not working.

Fixed: When gathering my own mines I get the full amount back and not the reduced amount
based of the percentage of remaining energy.

Fixed: Auto pilot not moving colonists

Fixed: Contraband buy function is not working.

Fixed: Armor making DOES NOT use any duranium at all.

Fixed: Orbital thrusters of pods are not always turning off and on as they should.

Fixed: I dropped my pod off at a planet at my waypoint one, but the ship still thinks the pod is docked with it
even through the ship is now 200 ly from the pod now.

New: The fleet leader also has fleet membership status. It now shares fuel and ord with the fleet.

New: Improved contraband black market math model.

New: Alchemey ships now gather supplies from the base last. The planet and pod supplies are taken first.

New: Order of events changed.
1. Build Ships, Launch pods, Buy and Sell Contraband
2. Taxes collected
3. Movement, transfers, and pod landings
4. New building built on planets
5. Ground bases produce supplies, metals, ord, med, food, and build new ship parts
6. Tech levels upgraded

New: Mines are active when dropped, unless you use the cloak option.

New: Command line switch /f
(Fastest host run possible, no movement takes place, most functions disabled, no RST files are made.
VCR files are made.. This was added for people that just want to generate VCR files as quickly as possible.)

New: Tax report message.

New: Cyborg ships automatically convert 1 kt of duranium into 100 units of ship armor

New: Armor now has a mass of 0.01 kt per unit.

New: Armor now takes 1 kt of Duranium to make 100 units of armor.

New: Ore pods will land directly on a planet without a base. (New base will not be formed)

New: Native pods will land directly on a planet without a base. (New base will not be formed)

New: Debug code added (log messages) to help pinpoint the line of code that causes host to sometimes crash
on Windows NT 4.0 machines at the point that RST files are being made.

Found: The source of the garbled messages, they are new buoys. Planets4.exe is sending the
command to make a new buoy with a incorrect command that the buoy data is really a player
to player messaage. The buoy does not get made and a garbled message is sent instead. The fix
for all this will be released in the next planets4.exe.

Unable To Find Any Problem: Mine drop amounts all wrong.

Unable To Find Any Problem: Pods will not dock with ships.

Unable To Find Any Problem: Global icer ship device does not work if there are more than one icer in orbit.
(Note: A global icer can not cool a planet to a climate level below 50.)

Feb 21st 2000

What is new in master.exe Version 4.000.015

Fixed: RST name must be 6 letters or less, but the text input accepts longer names

Fixed: There are natives on EVERY PLANET!

Fixed: There is way too much contraband in the game!

(The sub that randomly generating planet starting levels had a flaw that what not clearing the last rolled
planet levels for contraband and natives. Sub is now working as it should. )

Feb 14th 2000

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.031

Not all the problems have been fixed yet, but the most important ones have been.

Fixed: Overflow errors in the ground combat sub causing huge increases in population numbers.

Fixed: Base merge failure causing very strange things to happen when an enemy base is captured.

Fixed: A ship with no crew keeps moving (wrong!)

Fixed: Host crash if there are more than 100 *.VCR files while trying to delete them.

New: Cyborg Assimilators (Ground Assault Craft) now work. They will assimilate 1000 enemy colonists or natives per turn, each.

New: Cyborg get extra money for assimilating prisoners ( 1 / 10 ) mc per personer and ( 1 / 20 ) mc for assimilating natives.

Tested: Ship device Assimilation Beam: It worked. An annihilation class was parked over an enemy base. The beam was turned on, the next turn the base was captured and the enemy colonisted were all on the ship.

Tested: Ore pods landing on a base. An ore pod over a base landed when the orbital thrusters were turned off.
Most likely the reported problem was an ore pod over a planet without a base, ore pods do not currenly land on planets that do not have a base. A change will be made shortly to allow ore pods to land on a planet without a base.

Feb 8th 2000

What is new in master.exe Version 4.000.014

New: Total rework of the interface

New: Super easy to use "Wizard" interface.

New: Support for Zeta Galaxy map and all custom maps

New: Support for 12 host games in the univ sub directory

New: Auto links the games in the the hosting slots to the player slots in the war sub directory

Jan 26th 2000

What is new in vcr.exe Version 4.000.008

Fixed: Bug in vcr causes a crash if you try to view some fighter wings. Error is an INVALID IMAGE.

Jan 23rd 2000

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.030

Fixed: Ground combat errors, the numbers are all wrong! I am getting negative numbers!

Fixed: Attack craft not attacking or getting killed in ground combat.

Fixed: I attacked an enemy base and it says that they surrendered, but they are STILL THERE!

Fixed: I win a ground war but half my guys are missing and it looks like the enemy has them!

Fixed: The ground combat prisoner numbers are all wrong, they seem to be mixed up with other numbers.

Fixed: I ordered 10 type two fighters and I ended up with 65,000 type one fighters!

Fixed: I ordered 10 type two ground attack units and I ended up with 65,000 type one units!

Fixed: Assimilation of natives by my base is not working.

Fixed: Assimilation of enemy base members by my base is not working.

Fixed: Assimilation of prisoners by my base is not working.

Fixed: Ship device: Food to supply converter not working.

Fixed: Report on all bases that the Cyborg king is increasing taxes by 300% when he is NOT there.

Fixed: Hyper jump ship log is reporting the ship's max jump distance instead of the actual distance jumped.

Fixed: Pods with a boost target that loose track of the boost target take a wildly random course.

Fixed: Attack vectors are always on the right side of the VCR no matter what my vector setting is.

Fixed: I can not see the enemy base that is on the same planet that I am on.

New: Autopilot will move a ship's speed up to max speed, if it is not too big of a differance between cruise speed
and max speed.

New: The Cyborg King has a new power. If he is on a base that has 5000 or more megacredits and no King's palace
he will build a King's palace regardless of what your current planet tech level is. It will still cost 5000 megacredits.

New: Ships VCR battle tactics improved. Ships are less likely to pile up over a planet.

Unable to find any problem: Can not go from tech 11 to tech 12 in planet tech.
(Tested and passed my test)

Unable to find any problem: Can not go from tech 11 to tech 12 in large weapon tech.
(Tested and passed my test)

Unable to find any problem: Assault pod will not undock.
(Tested and passed my test, undocked using pod control panel.)

Unable to find any problem: Wing will not dock.
(Tested and passed my test, make sure the wing is not too big)

Jan 23rd 2000

What is new in vcr.exe Version 4.000.007

Fixed: Bug in vcr causes a crash if there are more than 40 ships in a fight and one of the ships above 20 on the list fires the first shot. The crash is a GPF error.

Fixed: Blaster and some other weapons not displayed correctly. Black dot shown instead of energy ball.

New: Odd ball floating drag bar thing removed.

Jan 17th 2000

What is new in Cyborg Race Pack Update "B"

Fixed: Kings Palaces now are included in the race pack

A small programming error caused palaces to mistakenly not be included in the first Cyborg race pack
Run race106b.exe to extract your new race106.rce file and overwrite the existing race106.rce file in your races directory
with this new one. Cyborg palaces will begin working with the next host run.

Jan 16th 2000

What is new in planets.exe Version 4.000.021

Fixed: Opening a saved game opens the wrong war file

Fixed: When the space command is in "hammer select mode" and one of the anvil buttons on the grid, hot sheet, or read message screen is clicked the select object is made the anvil object, but then the space command screen switches to "anvil select mode" and stays there. It should stay in "hammer select mode".

Fixed: Building power switches on the base overview screen are not working

Fixed: Dragging and dropping on the map from a ship icon to a waypoint icon causes a crash.

Fixed: The waypoint icons are still on the starmap when the control key is held down

Fixed: When the starmap is in "maximum size mode" and planets4.exe is minimized the program crashes

Change: WAR and TRK files in the main WAR directory will no longer be deleted.

New: Disabled buttons on the files windows are now displayed as grey outlines.

New: V4mail.dll has added error messages, in the event of an error, you will get an exact error message as to why
sending the TRN by email failed.

Note: If you have a War file or Trn file in one of the slots from a game with the same game ID number with a higher turn
number they will NOT be deleted. They will hang around and confuse you. It is very bad to have two different games using the same game ID number.

Jan 15th 2000

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.029

Fixed: Host crashes with a GPF error while making new RST files if ship to ship combat takes place.
Cause: Programmer error. In the combat sub I tried to place a 20 by 10 matrix of ship weapons (Large ship weapons) into a buffer sized to hold only a 3 by 10 matrix of data. The extra data corrupted the program's data segment causing a GPF error later on, when the RST files were being made. Error was found using the Robo Game 620 YIG file.

Jan 13th 2000

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.028

New: The HOST.EXE interface program was made larger.

New: During combat phases the host interface now has a phase counter to let you know host is still running

New: Huge rewrite of source code to avoid a major bug in the compiler program involving arrays.

Fixed: A poor piece of source code found in base jobs / ground combat sub that was causing a huge slow down of host.

Fixed: Recycling a ship causes all higher ID ships to vanish.

Side note:
Because the compiler maker was showing no interest in fixing a major bug in the compiler any time soon, host has been rewritten to work around the compiler error. Around 6,000 to 7,000 old lines of code had to be rewritten and 6,000 new lines of code have been added. Host is now using something called a pointer to access data in memory instead of arrays. The bug that I found in the compiler would ether cause a GPF or insert random data, causing things like planets to have -535621882 colonists just out of the blue. From here on out any bug or GPF error that we run into will be all my fault and very easy to fix. When you start up this new version of host keep in mind that there are about 12,000 new/redone lines of source code that have never been tested.

There has been a request from many players to allow ships to transfer cargo at each of the ship's waypoints. That has not been added just yet, but the format of the YIG, RST, TRN and WAR files have all been changed to allow for future waypoint transfers. When you first run this new host on an older version yig file host will change the format of the yig file automatically will update from yig version 101 to 102. What it is doing is expanding the size of the data structure of all ships in the game. If you try to use PLANETS Version 4.000.020 to read RST files made by a host older than version 4.000.028 you will get BAD INCOMING SHIP DATA errors on startup and not be able to see any ships. Both the players and host should all switch to the new versions at the same time.

Jan 13th 2000

What is new in planets.exe Version 4.000.020

New: gug32.dll rewritten to avoid the compiler bug. This may solve starup problems.

New: v4email.dll Handles the converting of TRN files to base 64 mime and emailing to TRN to your game host.

Fixed: The bug that was keeping the Cyborg from placing hyperdrives on new ships fixed.

Changed: File menu removed, open war screen removed, unpack RST screen removed, maketurn screen removed.

Fixed: Changing wing speed from overview speed slider not working (Data not saved)

New: Advanced File screen added.

Planets4.exe release notes:

Dec 29th 1999

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.027

New: A ship in orbit around a planet and not moving is 5 times harder to detect on enemy scanners

New: A ship in orbit around a planet has 50% normal scanner power

New: A ground base's sensor image has been reduced from 1600 down to 800.

New: Cyborg can have only one high guard unit. (The Cyborg king)

New: The Cyborg king at a base will give the base a 300% increase in income

New: The Cyborg king at a base will give the base a 400% increase in population growth

New: When a ship reaches a waypoint and the waypoint was over a planet the name of the planet will appear in the ship log

New: Agrovator doubles food production

New: 100 Cyborg colonists can assimilate 5 enemy and 5 natives per turn

New: If a base has more highguard than the Cyborg can assimilate in a turn the highguard will NOT be assimilated and
the base will NOT be taken.

New: Assimilation beam now works.

New: Speed of host program improved slightly during the movement phase of the host run.

New: 20 or more high guard on a ship will block a spy attack on the ship

New: If (Random number from 1 to 200) < your race's Force Good rating and you have one high guard on a ship the spy attack on the ship is blocked.

New: If (Random number from 1 to 600) is less that your ship's happyness rating the spy attack is blocked.

New: There is a 5% chance that a spy attack on a ship will get around all the above listed blocks

New: Mines now produce 75% metals and 25% ore. (No longer 100% ore)

New: Public Spaceports attract more existing natives and improves native happiness

New: Native pods can land on a target planet without forming a base.

New: All ships must stay in the combat for at least 1500 ticks before running

New: Ships that are set to run away will try to excape combat as soon as possible

New: If pod boost target X,Y is the same as the base launching the base the orbital thrusters are turned on

New: When colonists are beamed up onto a Cyborg ship they will be automatically converted to crew,
if the ship is not already fully crewed.

New: Cyborg maintain a 10% crew population on every ground base

New: Ships can be recycled

New: 100% hull damage destroys ships

New: Contraband price math all changed, should end contraband price explosion

New: Cyborg can not buy or sell contraband

New: Ore processing ship device places extra metal on ground base if one exists

New: You can only chunnel to ships belonging to your own race

New: Firestorm Ground chunnel now works

Fixed: Chunnel and HYP ships with no waypoint end up at 0,0

Fixed: Tritanium and Neutronium not being processed by ship ore processing device

Fixed: You can only minesweep your friends minefields

Fixed: Wings with zero fighters

Fixed: Wings not undocking from ships

Fixed: Garbled pod names when a player changes a pod' s name.

Fixed: Hyper drive ships jumping to waypoint 1 Y,Y instead of waypoint 1 X,Y

Fixed: Tow mass limit not working

Fixed: Tow not working

Fixed: Minefields that are turned off are still damaging enemy ships

Fixed: Soft destruct of minefields do not work

Fixed: Repair of ships do not use repair units

Fixed: Auto pilot ships dropping all fuel onto planets instead of picking up fuel.

Fixed: Beaming down one troop causes a huge colonist population to appear out of thin air

Unable to find error: Player one can not get messages from other players

Unable to find error: Combat messages are garbled

Unable to find error: Building a ship in a ship's dry dock causes a host crash

Unable to find error: YIG's made with scripts cause host to crash

Unable to find error: Outfit pod not working on Nocturnes.

Unable to find error: Building two or more wings causes a crash of host and/or bad data

Unable to find error: Minefields not damaging ships

Unable to find error: Building large weapons causes a crash of host

Unable to find error: Lifepods end up with negative crew and negative troops

Dec 18th 1999

What is new in master.exe Version 4.000.013

Fixed: Problem with scripts not correctly assigning races.

What is new in master.exe Version 4.000.012

New: When making a new univserse in "use map" mode all the players are placed in a 700 LY circle centered around X,Y 2000, 2000. Each race's homeworld will be an adverage of 12 degrees apart in the circle. The order that the races are placed in the circle is random. If there are less than 30 players random gaps in the circle will be intermixed with the race homeworlds.

New: You now have an option of setting the amounts of contraband that will be found on planets.

New: You have the option of giving the players a set of starting ships.

Dec 16th 1999

What is new in planets4.exe Version 4.000.019

New: More debug code added help track down startup errors on NT machines.

New: Tabs control removed from the options screen, some machines were unable to correctly display
check boxes on a tab control.

Fixed: A display size errors on space command, data pad and overview command screens that only
happen on machines using the LARGE FONTS option.

Dec 13th 1999

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.026

Fixed: Transporter failures
(While moving the transporter code from the main V4HOST.EXE to the V4HOSTY.DLL to get around a bug in the compiler, I made the bonehead mistake of using a 4 byte pointer to an array of 2 byte integers. Causing all tranporters to fail. The mistake did not cause any data corruption.)

Fixed: Ship that were NOT moving were hitting mines.

New: Ships with more than 99% hull damage are converted to wreckage

New:: Population limit of 500,000,000 at all bases.

Checked: Wreckage capturing works. If you end your movement next to it and have it set as a capture target.

Checked: Mine sweeping of enemy mines work. You can only sweep the mines belonging to enemies that you are set to attack.

Dec 12th 1999

What is new in planets4.exe Version 4.000.018

Fixed: Pressing ESC many times causes a crash

Fixed: Close space command with the ESC key causes a crash

Fixed: Ship repair shop can not be turned off from the base command screen

Fixed: Program ERROR! Base not on a known planet, happens when an enemy base is on a grey planet

Fixed: Grid screen does not show correct delta stress value

Fixed: Resort screen does not round adverage native happiness correctly

Fixed: Ground base overview screen's slider for government money transfer does not remember its settings

Fixed: Pending order ship parts graphics are not based on the hall's max

Fixed: Parts pick screen is off by one when picking from a list of large weapons with weapons that are over the max size

Fixed: Shield power level listed in ship data screen is always 0

Fixed: Ground base reserve levels, MAX and MINIMUM levels not saved

Fixed: Ground base reserve Fuel and Molybdenum levels are getting mixed up

Fixed: Ground base attack settings not saved

Fixed: Explain screen always claims that the ground base attack setting is "PEACEFUL"

Fixed: Notepad and Log screens are not closed by ESC

Fixed: Hot sheet and send message screens do not surface when their tool bar icon is clicked

Fixed: Grid screen is 20 pixels too wide for a 800 X 600 screen setting

Fixed: Using the F3 key to open the minimap can sometimes cause a crash

Fixed: The minimap jumps around when the main starmap is used

Fixed: Main starmap disappears when set to "always at max"

Fixed: Data pad base picture was the old style and not the new planet plus base square

Fixed: Ship parts order screen's active order indicators have a 1 pixel overlap

Fixed: Pageup and Pagedown not working for the minefield command screen

Fixed: Hotkey "." active when renaming an object

Fixed: Population overflow error when there are more than 2,100,000,000 colonists

New: Hotkey F9: Hammer Datapad

New: Hotkey F10: Anvil Datapad

New: Soil (Horticultural) rating on the ground base overview screen next to climate

New: Ground base overview screen's stucture buttons now have button frames, to help show that they are buttons.

New: All the ship command screens have next and previous buttons and have a picture of the ship and id number.

New: The space command screen con now be drag around using any part that is not a button

New: Space command screen has a new button that removes the anvil object displays the whole interface,
including the space command screen.

New: Ship mission screen now has a recycle (at base) switch. This is new function has not yet programmed into host.
This was added because the Cyborg will need it, due to their lack of ship outfitting pods.

New: Race pick screen's grey buttons follow the clicking of the race select buttons

New: Startup Debug window added to find the point in the program that planets4.exe crashes during startup on
a few NT computers. If your system crashes during the startup of planets4.exe please send me the message in the debug window.

Unable To Find: Armor not always shown on pending ship order screen

Dec 10th 1999

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.025

Fixed: Disappearing YIG files after a host run.

Dec 5th 1999

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.024

Fixed: Can not build new fighter wings
New: Resupply pod stealth changed to be just slightly harder to scan than an assault pod

What is new in planets4.exe Version 4.000.017

Fixed: Bullseye works on virtual points and is not 400 LY in size
Fixed: DONE button removed from wing overview screen
Fixed: Can not build new fighter wings (Problem was in BOTH planets4.exe and host.exe)
Toolbar moved to a fixed position at the top of the screen. All icons reduced in size.
New: Task bar removed

Dec 3rd 1999

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.023

Fixed: Ships never hit minefields!
New: RST bytes 272-275 hold a long integer that indicates which race pack ID number this player is using (101 = feds)

What is new in planets4.exe Version 4.000.016

New: If host 4.000.023 or better is being used the unpack screen will display the RST's race while the RST is still compressed.

New: If an RST file is set to be READ ONLY planets4.exe will automatically reset the read only attribute to normal before unpacking the RST file

New: If Num Lock is ON, Keyboard keypad keys will move the starmap view, 5 will center the map on the selected object, + zooms in and - zooms out.

New: Keypad 0 now draws a 200 LY bulls eye around the selected object

New: Shareware tech for planet structures goes to 13 now

New: Reserve levels include megacredits

New: "Form firebase" command removed from the assault pod command screen

New: Planet circles are now smaller

New: If you are using a ship's transporters directly over a ground base that you own, to transfer cargo to or from the base, the base's cargo numbers will change instantly.

New: All buttons on the space command screen have pop up help

New: The old ship nav screen has been removed.

New: The old wing nav screen has been removed

New: The "look" screen has been removed. This is the screen that popped up when you clicked the eyeball button on the space command screen.

New: Space command screen now has nearby: ship, base, pod, and wing buttons that will cause space command to list all of these object types that are at a range of 0.

New: Base overview screen indicates if there is an enemy base on this planet

New: Nav screen built into ship and wing command screens

New: Many improvements to help make the screens all look a little more simular

New: The ground base pictures changed

New: Toolbar is now free floating

New: Secondary map toolbar added

New: Option of having the star map come to the foreground added.

New: Data grid screen 20 pixels narrower

New: All pod bays can hold any pod. All size limits removed.

New: All *.SPK, *.RCE, *.VPS files found in the main planets4.exe directory during startup will be moved to the proper sub directory.

New: When building a ship using a ground base, the screen will automatically jump to the parts loadout screen after the hull is selected

New: Button added to ship build screen to jump you to the parts order screen

New: Pick ship hull screen now highlights the selected ship, in the ship list.

Fixed: Points in space text is too dark in the the popup list box.

Fixed: Overview position not saved

Fixed: Hot keys are actived when typing text into the hot sheet pad

Fixed: Repair units are not shown on the base overview screen

Fixed: Spelling error: Except -> Accept

Fixed: Space command window has data from the last RST opened when I open a new one!

Fixed: Pick race screen sometimes comes up with a button depressed, but without the data being shown

Fixed: Pending orders toolbar icon does not disable after the war file is closed

Fixed: Display sensor coverage is not remembered

Fixed: Climate level not shown on base command screen

Fixed: Transporters act weird when high guard are transported

Fixed: Pressing N with the base overview up causes an error and crash

Fixed: Unpack RST -> Unpack RST again -> Cancel in overwrite dialog -> CRASH!

Fixed: If you change the speed of a Terra class starbase you will get an error and CRASH!

Fixed: New Wing -> Left green arrow -> strange wing display

Fixed: Mineral mine screen claims that mines cost 1MC a turn to run. . . (WRONG!)

Fixed: More than 1000000 MC caused MC display for base structures that display MC's to display a blank

Fixed: On the ground base personnel screen over 1000000 mc amounts overwrite the net per turn text.

Fixed: On the ship screen, on the ship data on shields, the shield power is always 0

Fixed: Base name overwrites text when its name is too long

Fixed: Messages from self have a reply option

Fixed: Load a resupply pod to max mass, add some megacredits. . . CRASH!

Fixed: Mine droppers are not shown in the device lists for ships

Unable to find error: Emotion chip graph wrong

Unable to find error: Can not change med and factory production settings at the same time

Unable to find error: Ground base overview screen lists ore, that is really metal amounts and not ore amounts.

Unable to find error: When building a new structure the building icons pop up on the screen

Unable to find error: None mine layers are able to lay mines

Unable to find error: Build city picture is in the wrong spot.

Nov 26th 1999

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.022

Fixed: Ship load error.

Error was found in the movement section of the host, in the part of movement that figures the
mass of objects to be towed. Error would only take place when there were more than 1000 objects in the game. Problem was found in host files sent to me by Paul Honigmann. The error did not cause any corruption of the game files.

Fixed: Tow error

Error was found in the movement section that was causing the tow targeting to not be set correctly.

Nov 14th 1999

What is new in master.exe Version 4.000.011

New: Command line options added
Master scriptfile.vps yigfile.yig /OX
/O = Overwrite
/X = Auto exit master

This was added to support 3rd party programs that write scripts and want to auto generate a yig file.

Nov 8th 1999

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.021

Fixed: No population growth
Fixed: Towing of ships not working.

Nov 6th 1999

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.020

Fixed: V4HOST caused an invalid page fault in module V4HOST.EXE
Bytes at CS:EIP 0f bf 80 7c 54 62 81 2b c1 2b 05 80 19 4f 00 c1
Error happened during the pod hiding phase of the host run.

Oct 29th 1999

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.019

Fixed: Error in ship towing causes a SHIP LOAD ERROR that stops host from finishing its run.

Oct 28th 1999

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.018

Fixed: Building laser cannons causes host to not be able to complete its run. Exit with unknown opp 248.

Oct 21st 1999

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.017

More changes made to shop and help track down GPF errors or Forbidden Permission (Germany).
Fixed: Programming error that causes the amounts of minerals in a ground base to be corrupted and a page fault in the global taxes section on the program.

Oct 20th 1999

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.016

More changes made to shop and help track down GPF errors or Forbidden Permission (Germany).
Fixed: Form new wing command was being corrupted by the following command, resulting in a corrupted HPL file and danger of crashes
Fixed: Ship auto intercept intercepting enemy bases by mistake.
Fixed: You could only minesweep mines belonging to your friends
Fixed: Minefield hit odds were always 0 do to an error in calculating ship vector.
Fixed: Tow beam mass limit not working.
Fixed: Compacting HPL code resulted in corrupted HPL file.
New: Code added that removes all dead objects every 20 turns from the YIG file to save space.
New: Host makes a backup file (ZIP file) named *.TN1 of all the TRN files from the last turn. This file is made even if there were no TRN present during the host run. The TN1 will always go with the YG1 backup file.
(TN2 goes with YG2. . . etc )

Oct 6th 1999

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.015

Changes made to shop and help track down GPF errors or Forbidden Permission (Germany).

Oct 3rd 1999

What is new in host.exe Version 4.000.014

Every known bug reported to me so far has been fixed. Every known problem has been worked on. All devices
should be working now.

Fixed: Any fighter or ground unit sent to another planet in a pod is lost
Fixed: Ground combat casualty reports are always blank.
Fixed: Ground combat not working
Fixed: Too large of large weapons being placed on new ships
Fixed: Outfitting pods not adding weapons to ships
Fixed: Fighters burn fuel
Fixed: Fueless fighters can not move
Fixed: Ship to ship transfers
Fixed: Cargo can not be picked up from a planet that does not have a base
Fixed: Divide by zero error sends ship to -32,767 , -32,767
Fixed: No resorts being built
Fixed: Build base shield is always on
Fixed: Can not buy or sell contraband
Fixed: Contraband prices not changing
Fixed: Contraband (in the market) not being used up or produced
Fixed: Ship and base happiness levels not changing
Fixed: Allied data sharing not changing
Fixed: Fleet fuel sharing and ord sharing not working
Fixed: Ships not firing in defence
Fixed: Transfer from ship to planet not working
Fixed: Ships not firing beams after the ship runs out of ORD
Fixed: Bases not gathering items from the planet surface
Fixed: Jettison cargo not working
Fixed: Host reporting wrong version and date wrong
Fixed: Spy not working (Note: Fed spy power is very very weak )
Fixed: Ship dry dock not working

Changed: Planets show up a little better on planet and ship scanners
Changed: Population growth curves
Changed: The power of the training center has been toned down

New: Completed transfer orders are deleted
New: Bases refuel fighter wings
New: Ships refuel fighter wings
New: A fighter wing's dock target will refuel a wing if the ship flies past the wing during movement
New: Old TRN files are zipped up in a file named *.TN1
Pods boosted to unseen objects will have a nav failure
New: Boarding laser, used for hostile ship to ship transfers. Kill half the enemy's crew and damages the enemy's ship hull
New: TRN files deleted after they are used
New: If you end up with more than one base on a planet they will all merge into one base
New: Any pod will fit any ship pod bay. Pod bay size limits removed from game.
New: Pods can not merge with other pods
New: Base natives grow in numbers
New: Chupanoids resist being placed in a native pod
New: Alchemy working
New: Bio scanner working
New: Ore processing working
New: Fuel converter working
New: Laser drill working
New: Holodeck working
New: Long range mine detector working
New: Auto pilot works (Ships move cargo based on the base reserve levels.)

Unable to find error: Base reverts back to peaceful every turn
Unable to find error: Building 3 ships at one base causes and error that results in no ships being built
Unable to find error: No ord units are being made by bases
Unable to find error: No repair units are being made by bases
Unable to find error: Ship 1ly from a planet can not reach the planet
Unable to find error: Med lab and ship repair plant turning on by themselves

What is new in planets4.exe Version 4.000.015

Only minor changes to the TRN generator so that all command codes are sent to the host.

Planets V4.000.013
Fixed: Open RST file screen position opens off screen
Fixed: Fuel estimate error when viewing ships with no engines
Fixed: Fighters not subtracted when a new wing is formed
Fixed: Unable to form new wing
Fixed: New wings have very odd named (Undefined)
Fixed: Player handle not displayed on the open RST screen
Fixed: Set starbase speed causes a crash
Fixed: Setting ship speed from the ship overview screen not being saved
Fixed: The quick pick list of near objects not showing all objects
Fixed: Player handles garbled on the prisoner report screen
Fixed: Base overview: Building on/off not updating the detailed screen's switch display
Fixed: Ship overview screen looses focus when arrows are used to switch ships and details is up.
Fixed: Base: Details: Industrial: Shows the wrong terraformer usage of mega credits and supplies
Fixed: Minelaying screen acts wierd when there are less than 500 ord units
Fixed: Ship waypoint lines are not being displayed
New: Hot keys: Esc, d and g now close the current window
New: Objects listed in the Quick Pick sceen are now color coded
New: Set Transporter target to anvil object removed from ship nav pad
New: Transporter button removed from ship overview
New: Clicking on the word "Transporter" on the ship overview screen brings up the transporter screen
New: Transporter target list now includes the planet you are currently over
New: Transporter target list now includes the planet at the next waypoint
New: If a base is the currently selected object the hot key o brings up the parts order screen on the detail display
New: Hot keys 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 set a ship's or wing's speed 1 = STOP 9 = FULL
New: No mimimum pod launch mass
New: Base overview: Right click on building name brings up a mini slider that lets you adjust settings
New: Base overview: Buildings with a slider setting now has a bar display giving you an idea of the current setting
New: Base overview: Buildings: Left click in the little blue box adds one to the build building queue
New: Base overview: Buildings: Left click plus SHIFT in the little blue box adds ten to the build building queue
New: Base overview: Buildings: Left click plus Ctrl in the little blue box zero's the build building queue
New: Base overview: Buildings: Right click in the little blue box subtracts one from the build building queue
New: Base overview: Buildings: Right click plus SHIFT in the little blue box subtracts ten from the build building queue
New: Pod boost screen uses the Quick Pick for boost, drop and dock
New: Title bar removed from main starmap screen
New: Popup object pick list box is now color coded. Green = yours, red = enemy, planet = yellow
New: Hotkey b jumps to the nearest base within 10 ly of the currently selected object
New: Hotkey w jumps to the next wing within 10 ly of the currently selected object
New: Hotkey s jumps to the next ship withing 10 ly of the currently selected object
( typing s over and over again cycles the selected object through the nearby ships )
New: Active from all windows: Hotkey i caused the currently selected ship or wing to intercept the secondary object (anvil object)
New: Active from all windows: Hotkey e caused the currently selected ship or wing to escort the secondary object (anvil object)
New: Active from all windows: Hotkey t jumps to the transporter screen if the currently selected object is a ship
New: Option to display ships as dots instead of crosses on the main starmap
New: Option to display planet ID numbers next to planets on the main starmap
New: "0 ly" not displayed when you do a quick click on the main starmap
New: On the main starmap holding down the SHIFT key allows you to drop a waypoint in deep space without it locking onto the nearest object
New: Holding down the CTRL key causes the waypoint drag icons to disappear from the main starmap if the currently selected object is a ship or wing and has waypoints set, the drag icons return as soon as the key is released
New: Dragging waypoint 1 back to the ship or wing postion on the main starmap deletes the waypoint.
New: Dragging any other waypoint ( 2 through 6 ) back to the position does not delete any waypoints
New: "Join Base" removed from pod detailed command screen (Not needed)
New: On ship nav pad, clicking on a waypoint set button with a green light deletes the waypoint
New: On wing nav pad, clicking on a waypoint set button with a green light deletes the waypoint
New: Option to disable the automatic popping up of the space command screen when a new object is selected from the main starmap

Host V4.000.011
Fixed: Pods forming 2 bases
Fixed: Scanners, the scanning of planets is too powerful
Fixed: The government centers cash transfer setting goes down by 5 every turn!
New: TRN files from the current game are deleted after a successful host run.
New: Host run time placed at the top on the host log file
New: 1,000,000 colonists eat 1 unit of food
New: Lack of food reserves limits population growth, max growth takes place when there are 15 food units per million colonists.
New: Training of new troops stops when food supply is used up
New: The last five yig files are backed up as *.yg1 *.yg2 *.yg3 *.yg4 and *.yg5
The yg1 is only produced if the host finishes the host run. The yg1 file is the newest backup file and the yg5 is the oldest.
To begin using a backup file you will need to rename the *.yg? file to a *.yig file.
New: v4host.exe now automatically changes its current directory and drive to its own directory so that it can find its data files.

Non-Bug: Some mines not extracting ore. Reason: Not enough colonists on the planet to run the mine. 100 colonists needed per mine.

What is new in update 10

Planets V4.000.012
New: Turn number now shown in task bar
New: Name of game shown on main screen's task bar
New: Path to the war file that is open shown in the caption of the main screen's form
New: Ship select screen lists ships by tech level
New: Ship hull select screen lists ships by tech level
New: Ship hull select screen colors ships you can build green, red for lack of tech and grey for lack of resources
New: Starmap drops to the bottom of the visible screens, so that it can be used as a background like screen.
New: On startup (opening a WAR) the main map is centered on something that you own.
New: Temp files that are not being used are deleted.
New: Send message, race to send to buttons are now numbered
New: Text added to HQ tech upgrade screen letting you know that the upgrade will take a turn and you can upgrade many at once
New: HQ Tech upgrade screen now displays a sum of the cost of all upgrades.
New: Pod boost target uses the Quick Pick screen
New: Base overview shows pending builds of a structure in a blue box. Clicking on the blue box adds one to the build queue, shift + click adds 5 a click, and Ctrl + click clears the box.
New: Ship overview screen uses the hot key "t" to take you directly to the transporter screen.
New: Ship overview now has a cash display
New: A detailed command button added to the Space Command window
New: Ship device "Global Icer" should work now
New: Ship device "Global Warmer: should work now
New: PLANETS4.EXE version level is sent in to the host, and displayed in the host log file.
New: Double click on an RST file in the RST list screen unpacks and opens the RST file.
New: Double click on an WAR file in the WAR list screen pens the WAR file.
New: Log button added to ship overview screen
New: Log button added to base overview screen

Fixed: Commander ID sharing not sending "handles" to other players.
Fixed: Spy mc allocation 900 -> 1000 causes a Runtime error 13, type missmatch
Fixed: Clicking track twice quickly causes a crash.
Fixed: Minimizing grid screen causes Runtime error 384
Fixed: Base command closes when switching screens using the base overview screen
Fixed: Megacredit income estimate randoming changing in the overview screen.
Fixed: Space command always on top option does nothing until planets4.exe is closed and opened again
Fixed: Popup label for open WAR is wrong
Fixed: Contraband buy / sell button clicking locations (hot spots) are in the wrong places.
Fixed: Popup label help for point in space wrong.
Fixed: Ship parts load out screen, armor is listed in a wierd order.
Fixed: Version info is displayed wrong in the About window
Fixed: Drop down menus visible after main screen has been minimized
Fixed: Base overview was showing next prev arrows, even when there is only one base
Fixed: Display error, factories appeared not to work when the terraformer is off
Fixed: HQ screen left open after WAR has been closed
Fixed: Logs screen left open after WAR has been closed
Fixed: Armor loadout display screen error.
Fixed: Runtime error 13 in the quick pick target ID is blank and OK is clicked
Fixed: Planets4.exe is unable to find the help file
Fixed: On a 800 X 600 screen some screens open off of the screen.
Fixed: Quick Pick screen not excepting input from the backspace key.
Fixed: On the grid window, the button spacing has been fixed
Fixed: Base overview screen not updating MC and supplies after building.
Fixed: Terraclass starbase gaves a fuel estimate error
Fixed: Fighters not subtracted after a new wing is formed.
Fixed: Food usage estimate error
Fixed: Tab order on send message screen fixed.
Fixed: Find ID back space key not working
Fixed: Ship overview hot spot button clicking area for repair buttons extend too far to the right
Fixed: Minimap slides too far up on the main starmap and gets lost.

Bad report: The terraformer screen shows the terraformer using supplies.
(The terraformer is suppose to use supplies.)

Optimized For Speed: Base overview screen, turning buildings on and off.

Rejected Idea: Allow main map to be maximized.
(Rejected because a maximized form does not allow any other screens to be shown until the screen is normalized.)

Rejected Idea: Make the main map the background of the main screen
(Rejected because the "child" area of a windows MDI form will not support being drawn on.)

Rejected Idea: Pods must always be launched at another planet.
(I want to allow the pod to orbit the planet they are launched from and allow pods to be sent to deep space objects, like starbases and ships.)

Host V4.000.010
New: Mineral mines use no money.
New: Labor mines produce money.
New: If a pod is launched with no boost target the pod's orbital thusters will turn on and the pod will orbit the planet the pod was launched from.
New: Lack of food slows population growth
New: Lack of food stops training
New: 1,000,000 colonists eat one food unit a turn
New: Spying turned on.
New: Pod self distruct should work
New: Ship device "Global warmer" should work
New: Ship device "Global icer" should work
New: Mine ord production rate increased
New: Life pods and assault pods should land on a planet if their orbital thursters are off.
New: New bases get random friendly codes
New: New bases have their farms on by default
New: Planet climates slowly change bad to their natural ( star heat ) levels
New: Minefields now use power
New: Default terraformer climate setting is your race's favorite climate level
New: HOST.EXE screen changed
New: Test Run check box added. If checked host will run without changing the YIG file.

Fixed: Host crash ( Endless loop ) after self detect phase
Fixed: Unable to build a Terra class starbase
Fixed: Building generators made shields instead of generators.
Fixed: Transfers from planets to ships not working.

What is new in update 9

Planets V4.00.0011
Fixed: Crash when unpacking an RST when the path to the RST or planets4.exe is a long file name.
Fixed: Minimizing the grid screen causes a crash

v4host.exe Version 4.000.009 (Build 9)
Fixed: Makes small (under 400 bytes) RST files that are corrupted when the path to v4host.exe is a long file name.

Master.exe Version 4.00.0008
Fixed: Unable to change script file to new file. Always uses the default script file.

What is new in update 8

Planets V4.000.008
Fixed: Crash when unpacking an RST file with a blank WAR directory
Fixed: Making TRN files with bad timestamps

v4host.exe Version 4.000.008 (Build 8)
Fixed: Debugging code turned off
New: A little faster than the older version (Faster sorting code)
Fixed: Falure to run on NT 4 machines

Planets V4.000.007
New: Ship overview screen
New: Base overview screen
New: Wing overview screen
New: Transporter screen
New: Transporter screen now shows cargo limits
New: Transporter screen now shows cargo on target transfer object
New: Map pad graphics
Fixed: Unable to build ground units problem
Fixed: Launch Pod screen showing the wrong picture
New: Sound can be turned off
New: The space command screen can be set to be always on top
New: The mini map has easier to read colors
New: The mini map is now a child of the main map
Fixed: Notepad delete the first note read problem
New: HQ button moved to the left side of the tool bar
New: New tool bar buttons; Ship overview, Base overview, and Wing overview
New: Zoom in and, Zoom out buttons removed from tool bar
New: Zoom in and Zoom out buttons added to the scale pad on the main map
Fixed: Base parts list report was showing Tritanium twice and no molybdenum
New: When you unpack a RST file the program automatically opens the WAR file that is produced
New: Raid shelters now protect 100,000 colonists
Fixed: The tool bar button that turns the status bar button on and off
Fixed: Odd graphic display on base space port control panel
New: On the base build structure screen the green lights that indicate that the requirements are being ment are now labled
Fixed: Crash if the RST directory is deleted
New: The program will self maximize on start up if the program was closed in a maximized state
New: TRN files are now named xxxxxx01.TRN to xxxxxx30.TRN
New: Map size and position saved
New: The main map's hud button is only displayed if the selected object (Hammer object) is a ship or fighter wing
New: The HQ display uses its own window now. (It will not close other displays when it is used.)
New: Map filter screen controls

Host Version 4.000.006 (Build 6)
HOST.EXE Is now a just a graphical shell program that calls the real host program:
V4HOST.EXE: Is the real host program, it is a 32 bit program that runs under windows 95, 98 or NT.
It runs purely in the background and has no display of any sort and does not show up in the task bar. It does not require
any runtime libraries.
Fixed: Problem with not being able to build large weapons and other parts fixed (Needs to be tested)

VCR Version 4.000.006
Fixed: Now more junk flashing by as the program loads
Fixed: The report screen no longer crashes do to a missing DLL / OCX
Fixed: No longer needs run time files that the

Master.exe V4.000.006
Starts you with at least 500000 colonists

What Is New In Update 6?

It does not fix all known errors, but it does fix a whole bunch.

Host V4.000.006
Factories not making supplies
Fixed: Factory setting not be changing
Fixed: Teleforming setting not changing (Locked at 0)
Fixed: Transfer cash to galactic bank not working
Fixed: Pods not launching
Fixed: Pods not landing
Fixed: Life pod not forming new base
Fixed: Ships not destroying enemy bases
Fixed: Population not growing
Fixed: Pods not moving
Fixed: Pods not stopping over boost target

Planets4.exe V4.000.006
Now sends setting changing commands for: Factories, Terraforming and Cash Transfers

VCR.EXE V4.000.005
No changes

What Is New In Update 5?

It does not fix all known errors, but it does fix a whole bunch.

Host V4.000.005:
Fixed: Host Crashes when the command line ends in a "\"
Fixed: The problem of ~tempcon.tmp being left after the host run
Turn 1 reports players missed 1 turn.
New Ships should get a random friendly code
Tax policy keeps resetting
Buildings not working
Taxes not working
Fixed: Fuel burning
Fixed: Ships Intercepting
Fixed: Galactic taxes not working
Fixed: Friendly code resetting
Fixed: VCR files not being included in the RST files
Fixed: VCR files not being deleted
Fixed: Message sending
My reg code does not work
I found an error in the reg code part of host, I have also discovered that I have
sent out some bad reg codes, I will need to send out replacement codes. The
following serial numbers are bad: 4, 6, 101, 103, 105, 108, 111, 113, 114, 115. I will
be sending out replacement codes to the people that got these codes.

Planets V4.000.005:
LARGE FONTS causing overlapping text
LARGE FONTS causing odd sized forms and very large icon buttons
LARGE FONTS causing buttons being moved to odd places on the form
Names of object and player handle getting mixed up
I went to find ID and, at first, typed in to many numbers and got a
Run-time Error '6' Overflow Clicked Ok
Changing the player handle and pressing N causes the nav window to pop up.

Master V4.000.005
New: Players start with at least tech 1 in most areas
New: Terraformers start at a 50% setting and OFF.

VCR V4.000.005
No longer needs MFC42.DLL and the other DLL's.

What is new in Update 4

PLANETS.EXE Version 4.000.004


Fixed V4.000.004 When I click on one of the menu buttons the program crashes!
Problem: It was centered around the OCX control
"Magic Menus" made by a French software firm. It appears that it is no longer being
supported. I will have to rip all the code that uses the OCX menus and replace
them with something else. Removing the OCX also removes need for several large DLL
and a C++ runtime. This is going to be a lot of work . . .

Fixed V4.000.004: When I turn the bottom status bar on and off the background
picture does not resize.

Fixed V4.000.004: My computer crashes hard when I try to run
planets4.exe, when I tryed to install the game game I got an error when setup tryed to
install MFC42.DLL.
Problem: Over the last year at least 4 different versions of the MFC42.DLL
have been released, most of them break the other ones. Some companies
have placed the MFC42.DLL file in the same directory as their program
in a defensive move to get their program to run using the version of the DLL that
their program likes are the expense of any other programs that use the same DLL.
If you start PLANETS4.EXE after while one of these other programs that uses the
DLL is running you will get a
GPF error in Kernal32.DLL. If a version of the DLL
is installed in your
c:\windows\system\ directory that will not work with planets4.exe
you will get a GPF error. The version that I have been attempting to use is version
4.21.7325. I have attempted to replace this DLL with version 6, but the setup program
refuses to install the newer version. It claims the version 4.21.7325 DLL is the newer file.
This is a big mess, worse than the Magic Menus problem. This file is yet another
is a large C++ runtime support DLL. To fix this one I am going to have to find
all the OCX and DLL's in Planets4.exe that were written in C++ that are dependent on
the MFC42.DLL and remove them replacing them with my own code. This will take
some time.
Planets4.exe no longer uses these DLL and OCX files:
BTN32X10.OCX 324688 ?
LLU2.OCX 62976
CPWCTL32.OCX 90624 ?
OC30.DLL 640512
MFCANS32.DLL 133904
MSVCRT20.DLL 274432
IPROP.DLL 110592
CSTEXT32.OCX 401408 ?
LLO32K2.dll 187392
LLU32K2.dll 166400
LLU32X2.dll 249344
LLO32X2.dll 179712
MFC42.DLL 954128
Total: 3776112 Bytes
This should greatly reduce conflicts and errors running planets4.exe and
reduces the amount of memory planets4.exe uses by almost 4 meg.

Fixed 4.000.004: On the transport screen the incoming cargo should be positive and
outgoing negative.

What is new in Update 2 & 3?

Host Version 4.000.002
Ship to base transporter should be working.

Nothing new.

Planets4.exe Version 4.000.003
Problem with transporter fixed.
Problem with out of date DLL fixed

Should work now. Sound mixer problem fixed. The VCR requires you to have direct x sound installed and a sound
card that has hardare based sound mixers.

What is new in Update 1?

Host Version 4.000.001
If you mouse click on HOST.EXE you can just type in the command line that you want it to run.
( If your YIG file is in sub directory UNIV you can just click on HOST.EXE and then type in: UNIV )

The *.log file is now named the same as your *.yig and is no longer named g8.log.

It lets you know when it is finished making the YIG file. It was confusing before.

Planets4.exe Version 4.000.001
Errors with long file handling of TRN, WAR and RST files fixed.

File access / path error 75 when making a TRN fixed.

DLL / OCX control version checking moved to the OPTIONS control panel, it no longer loads when you start planets4.

Zoom out power increased to 4X more zoom out power.