Planets 4 Help And Documentation


Basic Rules Of The Unviverse
(New players need to read this)

Planets 4 Help Web Pages
The official help files that cover most aspects of the game.

A Beginner's guide to playing VGAP4
The battle manual that will quickly get you up to speed as to what it takes to win the game.

GRG New Player Guide

VGAP4 International
A great site for game information.

Planets 4 Wiki
Here is a place where the players are writing their own documentation and guides to playing the game.
 The site also includes bug reporting, feature requests and lists of recent changes.

Special Weapons and Hull Guide
What weapons and hulls can do special things.

Ship Device List
What the ship device actual do

Planet and Ship Command Codes and Hot Keys


Wish List

What players are asking for to be added or changed in the game



Bugs Reported



A list of all the standard races


Race Guides

A guide to how to play different races

3rd Party Races
Races that third party designers and artists have built for the game

Ships By Name
All the ships in the game sorted by name


Ships By Number
All the ships in the game sorted by hull number

Release Notes (Current)
What is new in the current release of Planets 4

Release history 7

Release history 6

Release history 5

Release history 4

Release history 3

Release history 2

Release history 1











































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