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March 19th, 2010 Complete shareware package v4r24x.exe (29 meg) A snap shot of the current files. Including host, master, raceview, vcr, and planets4.exe. Includes the races Feds, Lizards, Birds, Stormers, Cyborg, Crystals, Privateers, Evil Empire, Robots, Rebels, Colonies of Man, and 3rd party races. 



The Latest Updates

To install the updates drop them into your planets4 directory and run the EXE,
it will overwrite your existing EXE file with an updated file

New! March 19th, 2010

March 19th, 2010 Planets4.EXE MB)

March 19th, 2010 HOST.EXE (997 k)

March 19th 2010 Master

Third Party Races

Release Notes (Current)
What is new in the current release of Planets 4

VCR.EXE 4.000.015 vcr15.exe (225 k)
Requires Microsoft DirectX

VCR.EXE 4.000.015 vcr15mix.exe (255 k)
Does not use DirectX (uses wavmix32.dll )

View the Planets 4 help files (HTML)

Map Compiler Program

Armin Trott's Achernar map
Size: 6000 X 6000 LYs with 2000 stars
Shape: 30 Local Clusters
(Place in your planets 4 DATA subdirectory)

The Yale Star Map

Epsilon Map

Test RST files Sample RST file 1 Sample RST file 2 Sample RST file 3 Sample RST file 4

Third Party Programs And Tools
Very cool programs that have been made for host and players

Host Tools
Tools for advanced hosts

Programming Tools
Advanced tools for programmers































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