Reported bugs:


Only 2 minor Planets.exe bug (or mistake) but you wanted some bugs (so I take part in this "competition")
it is extremly anoing that you cannot watch asteroids probably. You cannot switch from Stability to Minerals directly.

You need to click on a planet switch there to the tab whitch holds the information you want to know and then you need to go back to the asteroid to see the desired information.

Very anoying if you are in a game where are quite some asteroids from the beginning.

Ministers handling of new Farm's requirements

Changes were brought to the Farms requirement but ministers don't effectivly
take this into consideration when clicking the "Build Farms" button. They
will just order the building of farms according to the Horticulture Rating /
Soil. Its not a bug in itself because they do the job nonetheless, its just
that its not very efficient and efficiency is what ministers are meant to

The reason why I say they aren't efficient is because you will rarely
conquer a planet with all the required MC and Supplies to build all the
Farms. That is, especially in the beginning of games. Though I have to
aggree that Ministers aren't THAT needed in beginning of games, I still saw
it as being an issue. Having numerous planets all requiring 1-2 Farms to be
built each turns, it seemed right to have the ministers do that rather than
what they currently do.

All in all, IMO, Ministers should look up the Colonists on the base first
rather than the HRating alone when building farms. Or maybe add the option
for them proceed as such.

I transferred too much fuel off of a base and it showed the usual 0 left on the base as would be expected.  I closed planets4.exe and opened it again and went back to that same base and now it has -16 fuel.  (Oops!)

Try this to reproduce this bug:

Click on any of your planets and go to DATA PAD, switch to for instance

Then, go to a planet which has exploded.

The client does not recognize this and shows an empty data pad without
the option to switch to for example "SURFACE ITEMS"

go back to the first mentioned planet, click on "SURFACE ITEMS", now
you can see the minerals on the exploded planets if you go there.

When deleting old objects from the space command listing, only deletes two then takes to top of list - I think it actually resets to the first list member of the command list after the first delete, but the list doesnt get refreshed until after the second delete.

Is it possible to have all the listing boxes sorting the objects by ID, and in some cases showing the ID (especially in the quick pick list). If you would like an example of trying to play a big game with the current client I can send you an RST if you like?

If some of the listing, sorting and using the arrow keys or Control-S (this might work more effectively with a sorted list - at the moment it jumps all over the place due to progressing by ID but the list not being in ID order - makes it harder to make sure you have given all you ships a list the right orders) is easy to fix is it possible to have it done sooner than later?

Also are you able to make objects in a list (as shown - so filtering applies) be added to a group or fleet with one click?

Bug: Points in space show in space command if you draw a box far away
but on the same axis (either x and y).

Bug: Hidden button in pod pad menu above "launch". Empties the pod

Bug: QuickBuild needs some time to accept changes in MC on a base if
the changes had to do with Contra buying / selling. Switching thru
bases solves it.

if you are going to fix some client bugs, please fix the problem that
you can't change device settings via group command of scavanger ships
(at least all not native devices ie gravacc, chunneler, tachyon etc can
not be changed with group screen) - it's very annoying to change the
grav acc settings of 300 inas.

please fix the bug that planets.exe does not display the correct amount
of mc transfered to the galactic bank.
(HQ - Tech - "transfer total")

At turn one in every game the value is always correct but it will go
wrong in the next few turns. The value displayed is always too low.
Sometimes very much too low.

When I right click on a planet(unscanned;white); it shows in the line
directly under the rhs pic on the console "fighter wing" and below that the
correct id etc for the planet...


Unfortunately many data is not being shared. I'm sure with these ones: Bioscan data and data from race specials (Rebels can scan natives). So I could think of ProbeLauncher acting similar. And worst thing is that the
own ship data are not correct transmitted. I allways have to ask my ally what's on his ship exactly ...

My 8 MBRs just sucked from the same ship 50 kt fuel !!! But that ship
has only a fuel tank of 250 and was not full. Means the fuel robber
makes fuel out of thin air.


found a bug with docking some ship docked fighter wings to each

First I docked some wings to a ship. All of them have the size of the
max. fighter bay size.

In the second turn I docked one of the ship docked wings to another
ship docked wing. Both are docked to the same ship.

In the third turn both wings were docked to each other and still docked
to the ship. But now the new fighter wing is using only one fighter bay
and not two like before the docking action and the new fighter wing
size is bigger then the ships fighter bay size.

I tested this in two different games.
This goes well with a Crystal Light Ship and an Instrumentality and
should work with every ship which has two or more fighter bays.

With this bug the ships are now able to carry every amount of fighters
the player want.