General Overview of VGA Planets 4

VGA Planets 4 (VGAP4) is a competitive, multiplayer Email game of Space
Warfare. Each player controls one empire in a galaxy. As in other Space
War Games, players explore the area around them, gather or develop resources,
research technologies, build infrastructure and create space and ground
combat units to defeat their neighbors.

However, VGAP4 differs significantly from most other Space Warfare games in
several ways.

VGAP4 is an Email game. The time between moves is more leisurely than real
time games or games played on a single computer. The duration of a game long
is usually long. A typical game might have a turn due two or three times
per week, and the game as a whole take three to six months to reach its

VGAP4 is a multiplayer game. Skill at negotiating and diplomacy are
important. Most of the other players will be enemies to be crushed. Some may
be allies, temporary or permanent, and some may be members of pre-assigned
teams. Skill at getting the most out of your partners, skill at creating a
functioning alliance, and skill at leading your enemy into a committing
disastrous blunders are all important.

VGAP4 is a _competitive_ game between human beings. The objective is not to
grow your empire to Tech Level 10, nor get a certain size of population or
fleet. Those are only tools for achieving your real goal: beating the player
in the empire next to yours. If you can defeat the other player by achieving
Weapons Technology Level 10 before him, do so. If you can defeat him before
either of you get to Weapons Technology 10, that's terrific too. The point
is not how many "points" you have on any absolute scale, but that _you_ are
defeating _him_ on a relative scale.

Because you have human opponents, the winning strategy in VGAP4 tends to
differ from the winning strategy in other Space War Games. In many similar
appearing games, the key to victory is well thought out, patterned play to
maximize searching, to optimally develop technology, and to build
infrastructure rapidly. In those games, players work out a "perfect plan" of
the most efficient way to expand and develop. They then use that plan over
and over in each successive game. Against human opponents, patterned
predictable play will lead you into an ambush and a one-way trip to an enemy
Labor Camp. Human players, unlike steady computer opponents, will confront
you with a combination of brilliant threats, clever traps, and incredibly
bone-headed blunders.VGAP4 rewards players who do the unexpected, whose next
move cannot easily be foreseen, and who can react rapidly to opportunities
or threats that suddenly arise.

Any war game favors aggressive, offensive play over a passive defense. In
VGAP4, the player's empires are fairly robust, but the game system does
allow attacks to develop rapidly. The game system is rich enough to provide
many different ways to damage your enemy. Space battles, orbital
bombardment, and ground infantry battles are all there. So are subtler ways
to reduce your enemy's economy, happiness, income and productivity through
covert, non-combat means.  VGAP4 gives great advantage to the offensive
minded player because you can combine ships, fighters and ground troops into
a mutually supporting attack, and do this at a time when you have arranged
that your enemy's economy is in ruins his a population in revolt.

If you can get the most from your friends, deceive your enemies, seize
sudden opportunities, respond rapidly to unforeseen threats, and are
tenacious and thoughtful enough to push relentlessly once you gain an advantage, you will
do just fine here. It's as simple as that.


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