Updated 1/4/1998

Version 3.22.020.Srace.012

This release of the SRACE host updates srace to the same rules that HOST 3.22.020 uses. SRACE host does not use the LANG.PLN file

Here is a free add-on package for VGA Planets DOS 3.5 / Windows 3.5 that allows the same races to play in the same game. It makes it possible to have an all one race game.

FTP: ( 358K HOST 3.22.020.SRACE.012 and patch files ) Add these files over top of the normal host files.

FTP: hstsup32.ZIP Support files for host version 3.2x (Master, hconfig, ref, tons, sendmess. . .)

Required by SRACE HOST.

FTP: Winplan (Registered) 3.52.008
This winplan.exe corrects the VCR problem that caused the Lizards to explode at 100% damage instead of 150% and the privateers not getting their extra beam power.

SRACE Race switcher add-on for VGA Planets:

Free: add-on program for VGA Planets All programs by Tim Wisseman ( )

Terms used in this doc file:

"SRACE.EXE" = A Race switcher program for the HOST person

"HST Path" = the directory that contains the HST files.

"Main directory" = the directory were the *.EXE files are. (This is the directory where HOST.EXE is)

HOST 3.22.SRACE follows these rules:

SRACE generates two files at the path you give it. TRUEHULL.NEW and FRIDAY.HST

TRUEHULL.NEW: This is to be used by players. 3.00 players that are playing in a switched race game need to overwrite their TRUEHULL.DAT with this file.

Copy truehull.dat

***NOTE*** The file must be renamed truehull.dat before giving it to the players.

WINPLAN 3.5 users can place TRUEHULL.DAT files into the VPWORK1 - VPWORK8 directories. Which ever directory that they place the file will effect that slots game only. WINPLAN's button removes the file from the VPWORK? directory.

MASTER.EXE uses any TRUEHULL.DAT file that it finds in the main directory. You need to place the TRUEHULL.DAT of your choice in the main directory before mastering a new universe. This will make sure the 2 free ships belong to the correct player. If you choose not to give each player two free ships it will not matter which TRUEHULL.DAT is in the main directory when you run master.

To set up a switched game:

   send your players the new TRUEHULL.DAT, RACE.NM and FRIDAY.DAT

   NOTE: The special race mission 9 will be listed as the
   wrong mission in PLANETS.EXE.
   I.E.  A Lizard race that is switched to a Fed will will
   have the HISS mission listed, but it will have the fuction
   of Superrefit when used.
   Mission 1 now takes the place of mission 9. Any ship doing
   a mission 1 will do a mission 9 instead.
   MISPLAN.EXE can be used to patch the PLANETS.EXE file.

NEW Player files: (DOS Players)

VCR.EXE : This version of VCR will use the FRIDAY.DAT to allow for different player numbers than normal to play the lizards and privateers. (Beam bonus and damage bonus) If FRIDAY.DAT is found VCR will switch to the new race settings. If no FRIDAY.DAT is found VCR.EXE will function like the old VCR. If VCR.EXE finds a file in the main directory called "nobeep" the VCR sound will be disabled.

MISPLAN.EXE : This file will edit your PLANETS.EXE file. Be sure to save or zip up a copy of your old PLANETS.EXE before running this program. It will change the label on all your race missions (Mission 9) to read "--------" and rename mission 1 to read "Special !!" This special mission now takes the place of the old mission 9 mission. (Hiss, super refit, super spy, etc.)

FIXPLN.EXE : This program changes the race pictures and race symbols used by PLANETS.EXE. When you run it it looks for the data file FRIDAY.DAT. If it finds this file the race pictures will be changed to match these new settings. If no FRIDAY.DAT file is found the pictures will be changed back to the default race pictures.

PATCH.PLN : A data file used by FIXPLN.EXE

   Player files need:

   RACE.NM *
      * ( different for each scenario )

   Player installed PLANETS into a new directory just for this game
   Player unzips the above files.
   These programs are then run:


   The player is now ready to play.
   Only one scenario can be used at a time per main directory if the dos
   version of planets is being used.

***NOTE*** Dos version of PLANETS will only accept RACE.NM, TRUEHULL.DAT and FRIDAY.DAT that are in the same directory as PLANETS.EXE. PLANETS.EXE will NOT read these from the game data directory.

WINPLAN players can use a different VPWORK? directory for each "s-raced" game they are playing in. Just copy RACE.NM TRUEHULL.DAT and FRIDAY.DAT into the VPWORK? directory of your choice.

***NOTE*** Do not get these files mixed up with normal game files.

Players: Install the players files to a new directory before using these files.

Hosts: make a new host directory (Unzip a fresh copy of the latest host 3.2 into a clean directory before adding these files)

***DANGER*** If you get TRUEHULL.DAT files made by this set of files gets mixed up with normal game's TRUEHULL.DAT you will produce RED ERRORS

Be sure the host and all players are using the same TRUEHULL.DAT and FRIDAY.DAT files.

Make sure your FRIDAY.DAT is the same as FRIDAY.HST