Patches Fixes and Updates

Host.exe and Winplan.exe



July 29, 1999
If you are having problems with the pictures not being displayed and you have a Creative Labs Blaster video card or a Diamond Viper VooDoo video card you need to download the latest video drivers for your card. The problem is not in winplan, the problem is in the video driver.

HOST 3.22 Updates

Host version 3.22.043 (Released: Jan 4th, 2002)

Winplan 3.52.025: Update

Released Aug 5th, 2001

Download Patch file for registered WINPLAN users: WINPLAN 3.52.025 Update

Winplan 3.52.025

Fixed: When one player in a local game exits their race their ship contact data bleeds through to the next player that opens their RST.

Winplan 3.52.024

New: Able to read RST Format 37
This means that if you are using host version 3.22.037 or better in a game this version of winplan will be able to read the new file format it produces and display and the ships of your FF Allies and your will be able to see their enemy contacts as well. This is all done is a completely safe mannor that will not cause RED ERRORS in your TRN files.

Winplan 3.52.023

New: You are now allowed enter the ID number of a ship you can not see but want to intercept. It might work or it might not work, it all depends on the host version, host config settings and how far away the object is.

New: You have the OPTION in the OPTION window to turn off the transporter safety. With the safety off you are allows to do double transports, like a transport from your ship to an enemy ship and then reload the ship with cargo from the planet's surface or another ship that you own. If you do this you will risk having cargo lost in space if the target ship can not hold the incoming cargo. This can trigger red errors and may have some yet to be discovered bad side effects.

Winplan 3.52.021

Fixed: Error that could cause red error in host.

Winplan 3.52.018

All the map coloring data has been moved out of the NOTES??.DAT file to a new file named COLOR??.DAT. This should put an end to the map colors freaking out.

The how winplan accesses PREF??.DAT file has been tweeked, it should do a better job saving all your screen size settings now..


Fixed error: "Video error in the starbase map sub line 87."


Winplan 3.52.016

Fixed error: High ID ship was not showing up.


Winplan 3.52.015

More data filters added to remove bad data from incoming RST files that have been crashing winplan in the past.

Fixed a ship ghosting problem, ships appearing with 0 mass and an unknown race at (0 ,0). These ships did not really exist.


Winplan 3.52.014

Starting in November 1998 a very odd series of bug reports have been appearing. Including:

1. Strangely formated RST files crashing WINPLAN just after the user types in their password.
2. Odd colors on the starbase and planet map screens.
3. Winplan crashing with an "illegal function call error".

The causes of the crashes range from just plain bad data to very fast CPU's to new video card and DLL files
that no longer support 16 bit API video calls in favor of only supporting 32 bit API calls and DirectX calls. I even found
one error that was caused by code that unloaded its unload code before it was finished unloading, a problem that
only happens on systems running Windows 98 with Visual Studio 6 service pack 1 installed..

A great deal of debug and error trapping code has been added to this version of winplan that will catch most errors.
If an error is encountered winplan should report the error and continue to run. With perhaps a few display errors.

This patch fixes or adds a work around for all known problems.

To use this file simple just PKUNZIP this file into your Winplan directory overwritting your old WINPLAN.EXE file.

If you are not a registered WINPLAN user DO NOT download this file.

Winplan 3.52.007: Update

Released Nov 27, 1997

Winplan 3.52.007 supports all Dan and Dave Addons.
Winplan supports the ShipSoul addon.

The following is a patch file for registered WINPLAN users: FTP: WINPLAN 3.52.007 Update

To use this file simple just PKUNZIP this file into your Winplan directory overwritting your old WINPLAN.EXE file.

If you are not a registered WINPLAN user DO NOT download this file.

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